Aruba Vacation Highlights

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been back from our vacation for about 10 days.  It already feels like these posts were so long ago!

I wanted to capture all the posts that I wrote from our vacation in one Master Post and this is it.  I have included links to all the posts I wrote when I was in Aruba.  It’s as much for me as it is for everyone else.  That way if I am ever having a meh day I can just pull up this post, relive our vacation, and smile.

The most recent entry is at the top, and the first entry I wrote from our vacation is at the bottom of this post.


Comforts of Home – Back in San Diego

Rock the Boat – Skylar’s first boat ride

Blogging 103 – Discussed buying your own domain name and self-hosted vs. free WordPress which proved to be very popular with readers and other bloggers.

Braids – The most pictures I think I’ve ever put in one post.  And it was so much fun!

I had ulterior motives why I included so many different images.

Efficiency & New Technology – A new computer is on the horizon! (that post was apparently foreshadowing because as soon as we got back to San Diego, my existing computer died and I got a new iMac)

Healthifying Desserts & Beans in Desserts – Would you eat beans in desserts or do you try to make desserts “healthy”?

The most comments I’ve received on a non-contest/non-giveaway post in ages.  The thoughts, comments, and opinions kept pouring in.  Great reader feedback and comments; thanks!

Wild Animals, Wild Child

Playlist & Workout Safety – I discussed violent crime in my past and why I don’t work out with an iPod or music 99% of the time.  Thanks for the wonderful and supportive comments!

Off the Beach in Aruba local island sights and pictures

Vanilla Avocado Banana Ice Cream (Vegan & No ice cream maker required)

Trips, Workshops, & Conferences – My thoughts on attending blogging workshops, conferences and trips I have planned

Kites & Cats

Angel Food Cake & Berries

Blogging 102 – A continuation of Blogging 101, and in Blogging 102 I shared more blogging do’s and don’ts such as comment replies and finding your own voice.

Savoring Aruba Photos

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Blogging 101– Blogging Do’s & Don’ts: Thou Shall Not Steal, Proper Linking Back of Others’ Recipes, and five important points of mine about blogging if you have a blog or are thinking of starting a blog.

Great reader comments and feedback, too!

Imagination, Thoughts & Local Finds

White Chocolate Recipes

Peach Banana Colada Smoothie

Local Aruba Sights

Career Fantasy & Doing What You Want – I defined some of the elements of what my ideal career includes and encourage everyone to make changes in your own life so that you are doing what you want.

Some of you are doing what you want, some of you aren’t, and it was great to hear about what your fantasy is, and how that’s meshing with your current reality. I hope you have time to read over some of the great comments on the post.

Monday, Funday

Desserts & Healthy Living – My thoughts on how desserts (or whatever your go-to “comfort” food is) fit into an overall healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Moderation is key.  Great reader comments and personal stories, too.

Beach Day in Aruba

Apple Glazed Vegetable & Edamame Stir Fry

Spam City – How to combat spam on your blog

Weekend Mornings & Less Sensitive – Becoming less sensitive to gluten

Blogger Meetup In Aruba

Dates and Recipes using Dates

Quizical – Some fun facts about me

Taste of the Tropics Smoothie

Moon & Beach

Home Redecorating in Aruba – I bought some new furniture for my house in Aruba

Open For Bids – A cookie dough ball auction for charity.

Eating When Traveling – How much do you stick to your “normal” diet vs. sampling the local fare.  Great reader comments.

Sliding Down

Cheesy Taco Casserole

In Aruba & Magazine Feature – I was featured in Women’s Health Magazine!

10 Year Anniversary – Celebrating our 10 year anniversary and I recounted how we met, our Las Vegas wedding, and 10 years later what I’ve learned about marriage and long term partnership.  Amazing reader comments and support.  Truly, the best ever.

Contributing & Superstitious – I am now contributing recipes to Marcus Samuelsson’s website (he won Top Chef Masters and has cooked for President Obama)

And that concludes this trip recap post.

It will be fun for me to compare this post with the Aruba, Christmas 2010 vacation highlights master post.  Skylar grew up so much in just 6 months!

From my last post, it was fun hearing what health and beauty items you’ve been loving lately.

And there are some serious Mac makeup fans, too, it sounds like!


1. Best trip or vacation you’ve ever taken?

Each vacation that we’ve taken with Skylar gets better than the last one so it’s like a new “personal best” with each trip which is wonderful.  Experiencing the vacation through a child’s eyes is priceless and wonderful and brings me so much joy.  It’s similar to the Christmas principle; reliving the magic of the holiday season with your child and through their eyes and for me, that’s what being a parent is all about.

2. Any cherished memories or stories from any past trips or vacations?

Skylar’s braids, the boat ride, time at the beach were all highlights from this past trip.

And Scott and I have taken some really fun trips together in our past life.  Napa and Sonoma come to mind.   Vineyard hopping, drinking wine, staying in bed and breakfasts, getting massages, going to fabulous dinners, and drinking more wine.  Yep, fun memories.

Have a great weekend!

34 comments on “Aruba Vacation Highlights”

  1. This looks like an amazing time in Aruba. Absolutely stunning. I won’t lie, those pictures of the desserts look too much to handle- I’m craving white chocolate now. Aruba is a great little island, when it’s time for a holiday trip, Aruba Vacations are ultimately what I want to go on.

  2. It looks like you had an amazing vacation in Aruba.

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  6. My very first big vacation was to Hawaii for two weeks, and it really stands out in my memory. I can still smell the pineapple and mango in the air, and remember how my hair felt when I stepped out into the humid open-air airport.

  7. Best thing I did this weekend: stand back and watch my trainee fly solo at the paintball field. He only had 2 questions all day! Next weekend might be my last working both days at the paintball field. ~Gasp~

    Haven’t tried Nutella. Big fan of peanut butter, and chocolate – and both together. Yum!!

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