Bake Sale & Brownies

I mentioned that I was donating baked goods to a local blogger bake sale for a great cause, eradicating childhood hunger.  I didn’t mention what kind of items I was donating but decided on Fudgy Nutella Brownies.

I skipped the cream cheese frosting on them because I had to wrap them individually with plastic wrap which is not frosting-friendly.

Would have been a shame to have all that frosting just stuck on plastic wrap and wasted! Never waste food.  Especially frosting!

Rather than frost them, I added 3/4 c chocolate chips to the top of the brownies and kept everything else the same as in the original recipe.

The chocolate chips worked just fine along with the big Nutella swirls.

Build-a-Sign and I worked together on creating some custom labels for me which they donated.

The labels are self-adhesive and worked perfectly and helped secure the plastic wrap on all the brownies.  25 to be exact.

I had Build-A-Sign print some blank white labels in case I had time to make additional items to donate, but I ran out of time.  There’s always the next bake sale for those white labels, though.

There are about 30 local bloggers participating in the sale, each with at least 25-30 items for sale and some of the ladies are going gangbusters and baking multiple things, i.e. 25 muffins, 25 cookies, and 25 cupcakes.  So there will be a ton of goodies.

If you have a sweet tooth, or simply want to donate to a great cause, and are going to be in San Diego on Saturday, May 14 in the afternoon, check out the sale!   Event details are here.

I dropped off the brownies this morning with a fellow baker who is bringing them to the sale for me because I am not going to be able to attend the sale.  Darn!

But I have a good excuse: We’ll be in Aruba!

From my last post about Mystery Plants and Green Thumbs, it was fun hearing if you’re into gardening and plants or not.   Glad you liked the pictures of the lemons on the tree and my stevia plant.

A few years ago, I would have never been so into taking pictures of plants, but now, I am and love it .  Life, and interests, always changing.

I like photography far more than gardening but nature makes for great pictures.

I liked hearing if you have a Green Thumb, or not, and what plants you can manage to keep alive.  For awhile.  I’m in that boat.


1. Have you ever participated in a bake sale?  What did you make?

I participated in Katie’s Bake Sale for Japan.

And my High Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls fetched $200 dollars!

2. Have you ever bought anything from bake sales?

Growing up in a Catholic, small, Minnesota town, church bake sales to raise money for everything from new playground equipment at the school to raising money for someone’s medical bills was extremely common.

I grew up eating tons and tons of bake sale goodies.  Bake sales and buying what the ladies in the community baked was so common that I could actually tell you the difference between Judy’s Seven Layer Bars and Susan’s Seven Layer Bars.  <— How’s that for Minnesota (bars!).

My current favorite bar is White Chocolate Blondies with Peanut Butter Chocolate Frosting

Have a great day!

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  3. Hi Averie! I bought one of your brownies at the bake sale today and I can happily report that it was quite delicious. Sorry you weren’t able to make it to our bake sale today but hopefully we’ll meet at the next blogger event. Hope you’re having a great time on vacation!

    • are you serious??!! WOW, thank you!!

      I was a little worried about them b/c I made them a few days in advance and they didn’t have frosting (which for me..I just have to have…hah!) so thanks for telling me they were ok and thanks for supporting the bake sale!

  4. Thanks for posting this nice article!

  5. I LOVE BAKE SALES! I want some of those brownies !!! Yummy :)

  6. I’ve participated in many bake sales over the years. Most recently to raise funds for a young girl with a head injury. I made dozens and dozens of cookies: chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip, sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, and shortbread cookies with a jam centre.

    Used to buy from bake sales all the time, but not once since going gluten free.

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