Baked Peach and Nectarine Donuts with White Chocolate

 Before leaving for Aruba, I did what any normal person would do.

I made donuts.

I had a countertop full of ripe peaches and nectarines and although I thought about making jam with them, that was even a bit much for me.

So I did the next best thing with them.

Make donuts, of course.

And they were looking a little naked so I splattered them jazzed them up with creamy melted white chocolate. Peaches and cream go together, after all.

And no baking project would be complete without spilling a jar of sprinkles.

In this case, I managed to get them on the donuts. Most of them, anyway.

They turned out light, airy, and delicate.

If love density in my brownies and banana bread, but in homemade donuts, I prefer them lighter. Unless it’s a Krispy Kreme but that’s a whole different animal and one cannot compare baked to fried donuts.

I made them using a pineapple upside-down-cake approach. I diced one peach and one nectarine into small cubes (didn’t even bother peeling them), sprayed the wells of the donut pan very well, placed cubes in the bottom of the wells and prayed that when the time came for the donuts to release, that they would.

I poured batter over the top of the fruit and baked while I waited with fingers crossed, hoping that the fruit underneath the batter wasn’t going to stick, burn, or prevent the donuts from setting up.

I had just a little bit of extra batter, too much to throw out but not enough for another donut, so I took a big pinch of diced fruit, placed it in a muffin liner, and poured the batter over it and baked one lone little muffin-ish thingy.

It had Skylar’s name written all over it.

After they came out of the oven, I let the donuts cool for about 15 minutes in the donut pan, I loosed them with a spatula rather than a knife so I wouldn’t scratch up my pan, and they popped right out. Whew.

I melted some white chocolate, got the sprinkles out, and went to town.

Scott loved these, and he’s not that into peaches, so that’s saying something. He kept raving about the texture. I was just happy to use up some spare fruit before the trip.


Baked Peach and Nectarine Donuts with White Chocolate Drizzle and Sprinkles (Inspired by Baked Vanilla Donuts with Vanilla Glaze and Baked Orange Banana Coconut Donuts)

Makes 6 to 7 donuts in this Wilton doughtnut pan or 6 donuts + 1 small muffin

3/4 cup fresh peaches or nectarines, diced (I used half of one peach and half of one nectarine, each with the skin kept on)

3/4 cup all-purpose flour

1/4 cup granulated sugar

2 tablespoons light brown sugar, packed

1 teaspoon baking powder

pinch salt, optional

1 tablespoon butter, melted

1 egg

1/4 cup cream and 1 tablespoon cream or milk, plus additional if necessary

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/3 cup white chocolate chips, for drizzle

1 tablespoon vegetable shortening, optional

1/4 cup sprinkles, for garnishing

Preheat oven to 325F degrees, spray a 6-count donut pan very well with cooking spray; set aside.

Dice the peaches and/or nectarines into small cubes and evenly distribute and place the fruit in the bottom of each donut cavity.

In a large bowl, add flour, sugars, baking powder, salt, and stir to combine; set aside.

In a small microwave-safe bowl, melt the butter on high power, about 1 minute. Wait for the butter to cool for 1 minute (so you don’t scramble the egg). Add the egg, cream, vanilla, and whisk to combine. Pour wet mixture over dry, folding until just combined; do not overmix or donuts will be tough. Batter should be thick, but not as thick as cookie dough. Add a splash of cream or milk if necessary to thin batter slightly.

Fill each donut pan cavities with batter, divided evenly; fill each about 3/4 of the way full. If there is a small amount of excess batter, either discard it or make 1 muffin, or make 1 additional donut in another pan.

Bake for 10 to 13 minutes, or until doughnuts have risen, the tops have turned slightly golden, and are springy when touched. A toothpick inserted in the center should come out clean. Allow donuts to cool in the pan for at least 10 minutes before removing them. If they are a bit stuck, rather than using a knife and scratching your pan, use a spatula to gently dislodge them.

Combine the white chocolate and shortening in a small microwave-safe bowl and heat on high power in 20 to 30 second bursts to melt, stopping after each burst to stir until chocolate can be stirred smooth. White chocolate can be stubborn to melt and it scorches easily; using shortening helps it to become and stay smoother. Drizzle melted chocolate over each donut, divided equally. Before chocolate sets up, garnish each donut with sprinkles, divided evenly.

To make gluten-free, use your favorite gluten free flour blend. To make vegan, use a flax egg, melted margarine, and use a confectioners’ sugar-based glaze rather than the white chocolate glaze.



Related Recipes:

Ironically, in the two days before we went to Aruba the last time, right before Christmas 2011, I made Baked Eggnog Donuts with Vanilla Rum Glaze with leftover eggnog I had. From eggnog to peaches, crazy how I put my leftovers and extras to use in the form of donuts, two trips in a row.

Baked Vanilla Donuts with Vanilla Glaze – If you fried these, they would taste just like a Krispy Kreme. As it stands, they’re baked and pretty darn close.

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Have you ever made donuts?

Feel free to link up your favorite recipes.

I never knew how easy donuts were to make until I tried about a year and a half ago.  Quicker than muffins and just as easy.

For ten bucks, pick up a donut pan and get creative. Between the donuts themselves, and frostings and glazes, there are infinite possibilities. Sort of like cupcakes or muffins, the flavors and combinations are endless.

92 comments on “Baked Peach and Nectarine Donuts with White Chocolate”

  1. Absolutely divine! I LOVE the idea of peach and nectarine donuts! :)

  2. These are lovely! And I’m soooo jealous of your Aruba trip!! As if you got to go AGAIN!!!

  3. I’ve never made donuts–but I have BB&B coupons so might consider adding a donut pan to my baking gear. Peach-nectarine donuts have summer written all over them–and drizzled with white chocolate (perfection!)

  4. I love home made donuts, and I love that you put peaches and nectarines in yours. Such a perfect summer treat!

  5. Peach donuts?! Holy fazoli….like a peaches and cream in portable form! I like it :D

    And no, I have yet to make any donuts! sigh…..

  6. Haven’t jumped on the donut bandwagon yet but i love how they look in pictures and would probably have a field day coming up with flavors and styling them for a photoshoot!

  7. We can’t be having naked cupcakes now, can we? So glad you found a solution for that!
    These flavors… brilliant!

  8. These look so good! We have a mini donut pan, and I’d love to make some of these with my daughter. We’ve only made chocolate and plain wholewheat, and haven’t tackled any glazes or frostings yet.

  9. Oh my goodness. These look INCREDIBLE. Amazing flavor combination too! I have to try this out when I have some time, preferably before peaches & nectarines go out of season!

  10. you have me drooling Averie! these are gorgeous!

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  12. These look sooooo good! I could live on peaches and nectarines!! ;)

  13. We’re on the same peach wavelength today. They’re sooooo good right now I can’t get enough!

  14. Ahhhh, nectarines are my FAVORITE summer fruit!!!! These look awesome!

  15. omg these look amazing! Hope you had a fabulous trip

  16. I’m drooling, Averie! These are gorgeous. Love me some nectarines!

  17. Ooh I love these Averie! You sure have made some yummy looking donuts in the past too. I think it’s time to get me a donut pan!!

  18. girl those are gorgeous!
    like works of art!
    so so pretty!!
    “almost” too pretty to eat. lol

  19. These look fantastic & so pretty with the sprinkles!

  20. Making donuts… should be the answer to all of life’s problems, no? Although a nectarine/peach jam would be outstanding, I don’t think you went wrong with donuts including some of my favorites. Those sprinkles? GORGEOUS. They make everything pretty. :)

    I like this donut recipe! It’s a new one for you… less flour and including brown sugar… which, if my memory serves me correctly, you didn’t add to the vanilla donuts. I can just *see* how moist these are.

    And lucky Skylar! That chopped fruit/batter ratio is how I prefer things. I like a ton of fruit chunks in my muffins.. more than the normal person, actually! I’m thinking peaches would be a yummy addition to the cinnamon bun donuts. With white chocolate frosting and sprinkles of course ;)

    • I used brown sugar b/c I didn’t use buttermilk and since buttermilk adds moisture and heaviness to the batter, I thought maybe brown sugar would do that, in a way, too…and also b/c you know I just love it.

      And donuts tend to get dry unless they’re fried so I figured the extra moisture from the brown sugar couldn’t hurt. Plus it just went with that whole peaches ‘n cream/cobbler in a donut vibe I was trying to create. I thought of you when I was shooting these b/c of the white choc & sprinkles!

  21. A peach and nectarine donut with sprinkles on top!!?? What else can scream more summer, beach and Aruba than these amazing flavors together!! Please ship me one to NJ, I will refund you the shipping cost!

  22. These donuts are so happy, I just love them!

  23. oh my gosh those look delish!! i love the combo of peach and nectarines! two of my fav summer fruits!

  24. These look delicious, and what a great way to use peaches. I’m up to my eyeballs in them and we’re tired of peach crisp!

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