Bamboo & Lending a Hand

I love soft clothing.  Above all else, clothing must be soft or I won’t wear it and so I was especially excited when I received a V-neck tshirt and travel skirt from Five Bamboo and discovered they are so soft and so comfy!

The v-neck tshirt is fitted without being skin tight.

Personally, I hate how overly tight tshirts look or feel on my body and this shirt (size large) was neither.  Obviously if you prefer a tighter look or fit, size down accordingly.  I am also 5’10” and this shirt was a nice length on me, too.

The skirt is so comfy, too.

Nothing says casual, laidback, and put-me-on-today like a fold-over waist.  No buttons, snaps, or even elastic.  Gotta love it.

Five Bamboo doesn’t use pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation, harmful production practices so their garments are 100% sustainable.

Sometimes “eco-friendly” clothing isn’t really that cute but these pieces are super cute and they just hug my skin perfectly and I can see myself getting tons of use out of them.

Why do you think I live in my Be Present pants as discussed here?

Because they are soft, comfy (drawstring!), lightweight, wash wonderfully, and fold up into next to nothing for travel.

I’m wearing them here and in most every other picture you see of me I probably have a pair of Be Present pants on.

The nice thing about drawstring pants or fold-over waist pants is that you can go to town on things like Peanut Butter Banana Bread (Vegan, GF, Soy-free) and still fit into your pants!

The bananas + Peanut Butter in the recipe makes this bread extremely moist and weigh about a hundred pounds per loaf.  And it tastes so good that way!

Or even just eating a normal meal is more comfortable when you don’t have tight jeans around your waist, right?

A meal like Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

From my last post, Pay the Paper Price, it seems universal that we all feel ripped off by the high cost of blowing our noses and wiping our butts wiping up spills.


1. Have you ever tried bamboo clothing?  Or bamboo anything?

I have bamboo towels that I use daily.  They are really heavy and take forever to dry in the dryer.  Which is the opposite of sustainable (running the dryer forever) but I do like them.  I got them at Bed Bath & Beyond about 5 years ago and they’ve held up wonderfully.

I had bamboo sheets for a bed size that I no longer own.

I have these Bamboo bowls

I have this bamboo silverware drawer organizer

And I like adding bamboo shoots in a stir fry like this one.

2. Has anyone helped you with something lately or gone over and beyond the call of duty ‘just because’? Or, have you lended a helping hand to anyone lately?

Yesterday Callie from Rawxy was so sweet and was trying to help me troubleshoot a tech glitch I was having.  She went way over the call of duty in order to try to help me and it made me feel so special that she would take the time to try to help me like she did.  Thank you, Callie!  She’s just a great person and she has amazing raw goodies, too.  Yum!

Often times we are all so caught up in our own worlds and our own problems, we don’t have time to spend a few extra minutes helping someone else with their problems or doing small things that can really put a smile on someone’s face.  So, it’s always awesome when nice things and good deeds happen and I always try my best, too, to help others out.  Whether it’s dropping something in the mail for someone, holding a door for them, writing posts that help new or aspiring bloggers learn the ropes, I really try to give to others.  Not to sound cheesy, but it really is better to give than to receive.  Unless we’re talking bamboo clothing or tech glitch advice.  hah!

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38 comments on “Bamboo & Lending a Hand”

  1. I wore bamboo socks from Costco for a while, but they got holes in them VERY quickly :-(

  2. I love soft comfy clothes and live in fold over skirts like that one in the summer. It’s super cute!

  3. i haven’t tried anything bamboo… but those look like something I would never want to take off! so cozy! thanks girl!

  4. Those clothes are super cute! I LOVE it if I can find a fitted shirt that is also not clingy. Then I don’t feel like I’m wearing a giant pillowcase or a tube top.

    And I have turned all of my closest friends onto your peanut butter banana bread/cake whatever. Oh my gosh, sooo delicious!! Maybe one day I’ll tell them what’s in it. I did mention your name and blog so technically they could just do a little research… tee hee.

  5. Also, I always ‘clean’ my own pineapples…and I can definitely polish off 1/2 a pinya by myself. ;) So good!
    (I generally avoid precut fruits except sometimes when I’m away at school.)

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  7. That skirt is totally the cutest!! I love it! :)

  8. I feel like I really need a travel skirt now. All I wear are skirts and dresses, so that makes sense. I wonder how much time I have to go shopping…

  9. I’ve never tried bamboo anything! But those clothes just look comfy–I am ALL about comfy clothes :D

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