Beach Day in Aruba

I had an amazing day today in Aruba!

It involved lots of this

The view from my chair:

I wasn’t a total blob on my chair.  I did help make lots of sandcastles.

Skylar made sand “tea” for me to try out from her “tea kettle”.


Scott attempted to use my DSLR and took our picture.

It was hot and bright and someone wanted to play with sand more than she wanted to pose for pictures.  Don’t blame her.

All in all, it was a perfect day!

I hope the weather is just as nice tomorrow because you know where I’ll be.

Thanks for letting me know you liked the Apple Glazed Vegetable & Edamame Stir Fry from earlier today.

If you know someone who “doesn’t like vegetables”, the sauce does make the meal, as sauces tend to do.  Many of you mentioned that you agreed.

If you know someone who needs dessert tonight, cough cough that would be me, try some Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge

No bake & fast!

Or there’s always Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter with Strawberries or just dip a spoon in it and go to town spread it on just about anything.

No bake & fast, too.


1. Best thing you ate or did over the weekend?

You’re looking at it!

2. Have you been to the beach recently or do you have any travel plans coming up that may take you to the beach?

Have a great week and I’ll see you in the morning with a post I’ve been planning for awhile.

P.S. If you’re just catching up on posts from the weekend, here are mine since Friday:


47 comments on “Beach Day in Aruba”

  1. Ooooo fudge! I’ll have to make some of that.

    Haven’t been to the beach since March, and I won’t be back until December. But, I am getting lots of sun during weekends at the paintball field. Hurrah!

  2. Are you sure you didn’t get snatched up in the rapture, because it looks like you are in paradise!!!!


  3. oh gosh wish i was sitting on the beach….looked like the perfect day

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  5. WOW! Looks like a day in Heaven to me!

  6. Im just going to daydream about Aruba all day : )

    you guys deserve a wonderful vacation! So glad the trip is going great! LOVE the photos! U look amazing and gosh Skylar is just growing up so fast! How sweet she is! I bet she is having a blast!!!

    Love ya Averie!!!


  7. Living so close to the coast we go to the beach every year. Too bad it’s the Oregon coast and FREEZING. Definitely not going to be laying out, but playing in the sand is still fun, even if you’re wearing leggings, jeans, two shirts, and a hoodie ;)

  8. ah! You make me want to get on a plane and go somewhere hot RIGHT NOW!

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  10. What a beautiful day! Unfortunately, I have zero beach plans in my future. Maybe next year!

  11. How fun! I love that pic of Skylar and her tea. Too cute! The best thing I did this weekend was go boating. It was great being in the sun, and it’s making me look forward to CA later this week. Vacation time! I hope I get a little beach time while I’m there!

  12. I could literally sit on the beach ALL day long and just watch the ocean. In fact, that’s what I plan on doing all of next week!

  13. The best thing I did this weekend was going out with my colleagues! We had such a great time!
    TODAY, the best thing was that I fianlly tried to eat peanut butter again :D Its my fear food, and I havent eaten it in years. I used to binge on it, but now I was ready to try it again! And i didnt binge :D Yey me ;)
    Spo now Im totally ready for your peanut fudge! And your peanut tofy that I have been wanting to try for sooo long! Cant wait :)

  14. Those pictures are GORGEOUS!! I haven’t been to a tropical island in two years, and man- I’d love to be there right now. No beach vacations planned for the near future, save the usual trips to the Jersey shore this summer. Better than nothing, right?

  15. As an Australia, I’m embarrassed to admit I can’t even remember the last time I went to the beach! What I wouldn’t give for some of your warmth though :)

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