Beauty Then & Now

I was walking around my neighborhood and noticed these tshirts in a store window.

I saw these and immediately thought of Jessica

And then I saw this one.  I love Wonder Woman!

Growing up, I thought Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman was the end all, be all.

I loved Wonder Woman so much that once I even had Wonder Woman checks.

When Scott and I were first dating and he realized I had Wonder Woman checks I think he questioned my sanity.  But I told him the ones prior to that were Betty Boop and all of a sudden, WW checks weren’t so out there.

Growing up I also thought Catherine Bach, aka Daisy from the Dukes of Hazard, was pretty much a Goddess

Suzanne Sommers as Chrissy had a certain something about her that I loved.  Maybe it was that blond, blonde hair.  

Because Chrissy’s personality drove me a little nuts but I loved her blonde, stick straight hair.

I also thought Brady Bunch Girls, especially Marsha, were pretty.

Judgment and perspective.  How much of that do we have as kids?

But the more burning question is what helped make Wonder Woman so Wonderful?

I bet these would work: White Chocolate Blondies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting

They help me me feel a little more wonderful on those less-than-wonderful days.

From my last post, Seasonal & Must’s, I liked hearing what your must have’s no matter the season are, and also what you’re looking forward to this fall.  I can’t believe fall is around the corner.  I want it to be summer forever!


1. Who did you think was pretty or beautiful or who did you idolize when you were growing up?  Do you still think they’re attractive or do you wonder what was I thinking?

As I look back at some of these pictures I do wonder what was I thinking on some of them.

Was it just that I was a child and idolized these women like little girls do?  But I mean c’mon, you have to admit Wonder Woman and Daisy Duke did have great 70s hair.  Those long full manes which I will always love.

But the70s and 80s were an interesting looking couple decades.  Complete with lots of fashion don’ts by today’s standards.  However, I’m sure as we look back on photos from today in twenty or thirty years we’ll laugh ourselves silly.  We’ll also probably laugh about this thing called the blogosphere and blogging.

All of you who are 10 years younger than me and were little girls when Britney Spears and Hannah Montana were prancing around in their plaid skirts and little outfits and you idolized them, Yeah, I’m talking to you, what do you think of them now?   See, Chrissy Snow doesn’t look so silly after all.

Beauty and what was once considered beautiful and what wasn’t, and how that has changed over not only modern times, but over the past hundreds or thousands of years, is so fascinating to me.  If I had extra time on my hands, reading anthropological accounts of it all would be great.  But I don’t and photography is where it’s at for me in all my spare time lately.

2. What TV shows did you watch as a kid?  What was your after school TV programming lineup?

I was run ragged with sports practice, band practice, Girl Scouts, more sports practice and training, and a hardcore academic lineup from a very young age, so I didn’t have much tv time.

Yet when I think back to my childhood, some of my fondest memories are of coming home on the rare occasion from school and watching re-runs of Scooby Doo, the Brady Bunch, Three’s Company (which I still love to this day and have almost every episode memorized) or maybe a little evening lineup of the Huxstables, i.e. The Cosby Show.  And if I could do it all with and Coca-Cola on ice, a bowl of Doritos (my love of them inspired this dip) or some underbaked brownies, I was super happy. 

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51 comments on “Beauty Then & Now”

  1. I am so with you about Three’s Company. I used to watch that show 5 times a day, my Mom would make me turn it off. Now I have it on DVD :)

  2. I loved Kate Beckinsale as a kid. The red dresses, dark hair, red lipstick… I would keep the lipstick in my backpack and put it on at school. I probably looked like a fool, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Looking back, she’s classy and amazing, so I don’t regret it at all!

  3. I bought that top bacon t-shirt for my brother for his birthday a couple years ago. :D

  4. Those are on my list too! You and I would have some fun in the kitchen together!!! I would like to add that I love all your veggie recipes too, but the desserts are always more fun to talk about! Your veganaise dressing is my daughter’s new dip!

    • I love the Vegenaise dip and I pretty much eat it on everything. I even stir fry veggies with it, bake it into veggie dishes, etc. Versatile.

      And yes, desserts are more fun that veggies and we totally would have so much fun together in the kitch!

  5. I just called my mom to tell her about the betty boop checks you had prior to wonder woman! She’s had a betty boop check card for years and never understands why cashiers give her funny looks. She says just because she’s in her 50’s doesn’t mean she can’t love her boop!

  6. Hi Averie, I just recently found your blog, and wanted to say hello.

    I too was a huge Wonder Woman fan. I wanted to be her when I grew up. (But then, I also idolized Punky Brewster, so what does that say? Hmmm.) My favorite show was hands down, Little House on the Prairie, and I also loved Full House and The Cosby Show. Ah, yes, those were the days…

  7. I love this post! Wonder Woman and Daisy Duke were total BABES!!!

    1. I thought Katie Holmes was really pretty, along with Jennifer Garner when the show Alias first aired. I also thought the Victoria’s Secret models were really pretty :) especially this blonde one that was older than the others, but she doesn’t model for them anymore

    2. Oh gosh. I watched Rugrats, The Wonder Years, old Twilight Zone episodes, OH! And Scooby Doo :D


  8. I was thinking about making one of your bar recipes. What do you like best the chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed marshmellow bars or the peanut butter marshmellow squares with vegan chocolate frosting?

  9. After school tv shows – so many I remember loving! After school was always Full House, Little House on the Prarie, or the cartoon Doug. But mostly I remember loving it on weekends when I could stay up late to watch Nick at Night, because my absolute favorites included I Love Lucy, Bewitched, and the Munsters.

  10. Haha, I think all the woman you thought were beautiful were! And still are! I totally adored the Spice Girls, and all the disney princesses. I think I still think they are all beautiful, haha. Baby Spice all the way

  11. I LOVED Wonder Woman! I wanted a suit like hers…

    I actually still do.

  12. Lucy Lawless was the be all end all to me. Still love her! Also Kelly on Saved By The Bell. I wasnt much of a TV girl, more of the nerdy book girl haha not much has changed. Although I did really like Melissa Joan hart and looking back … bleh!!

  13. When I was in elementary school, I used to beg my parents to let me stay up until 10 so that I could watch Doogie Howser at 9. Oh Neil Patrick Harris…who knew that 20+ years later, I’d still love you? True story.

  14. I loved watching Saved by the Bell; I wanted to BE Kelly Kapowski. She was so pretty and I thought Zach Morris was hot, hot, hot :)

    I also watched Full House, Step by Step, and basically the whole TGIF line-up. Although I also really liked cartoons and my mom was constantly watching older shows. The TV was pretty much always on when I was a kid.

  15. I love this whimsical post. I have always loved Wonder Woman. Still think she is one of the hottest chicks ever known to walk the Earth. Used to think some of the gals from the show Dallas were hot too. Victoria Principle is the 1st one I can think of….

  16. I always thought Vivien Leigh was the most timeless beauty….even though she was much, much before my time. I used to wish I had dark hair like hers.
    Also, Keri Russel because she was so down to earth and especially Katie Holmes.. I loved Dawsons Creek haha
    This is my first time on your blog…love it!

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