Big Week

I had one of the biggest weeks, both life in general and for blog-related, that I’ve had in recent memory.

In case you missed my very full week, here are the highlights:

Saturday I guest posted on Angela of Oh She Glows blog

Chocolate Coconut Cashew Butter

On Monday I Flew to Boulder for Food & Light

Early Morning Boulder Run Tuesday

Food & Light: Photography Tips from Jen Yu & Matt Wright on Tuesday morning

Food & Light: Photography Tips from Diane Cu later on Tuesday.  <— Read those tips!!

Food & Light: Photographing Challenging Food & Personal Assignments was Tuesday afternoon

Food & Light: Restaurant Photography Tips was Wednesday morning <–Glad you enjoyed these tips, too

And I was San Diego Bound & Back Home Wednesday afternoon and evening

One Very Big Day on Thursday:

1. I was featured on Pooja’s Way as their Spotlight Blogger

2. I Guest Posted on Gabriela of Une Vie Saine’s blog

Raw Pasta Salad with Creamy Lemon & Herb Dressing

3. I had Blogger Meetups Galore Thursday night!

4. I had a dinner with Lori and other bloggers

5. I left dinner and had a meetup with Kath and other bloggers

And prayed for Some Calm on Friday!

I guess I have to go to the side of a mountain to get some peace, eh?

Thanks for letting  me know your thoughts on Restaurant Photography, if you use your camera in restaurants, if you’re shy about it, think it’s weird, don’t care, and so forth.  I loved hearing your opinions on breaking out your camera in restaurants and your overall approach and thoughts.

And I’m glad you found the restaurant photography tips helpful, too.


1. What was the highlight of your week?

Food and Light was such an amazing experience.  I learned about photography but I believe traveling, in general, challenges us, stretches us, and helps us grow.  So although the photography information and learning that took place was wonderful, the personal growth aspect was fantastic, too.

Guest posting on two different blogs and being featured as a spotlight blogger…also three huge honors.

And then meeting so many bloggers with the blogger meetups that I had was fantastic!

So all of these things were highlights.  Hard to pick!  When it rains it pours

2. What’s been the highlight of your weekend, so far?

I spent time in the kitchen baking!

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

26 comments on “Big Week”

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  3. All the business, and you still seem to thrive. I’m in awe. I think I would be pulling my hair out and I would lock myself in a closet for the next week, not talking to anyone. One of the perks of being a single non-mom, I guess. :)

  4. The highlight of my weekend so far has been sitting on a blanket in the park taking in the music of the folk festival.

  5. Sounds like an awesomely busy week! My favorite was going out for drinks last night, just me and my man. We NEVER do that, and so it was a huge change of pace. Although, I think I do regret that last drink… ;)

  6. awesome week! bet that didn’t feel like a whole week passed, crazy whirlwind! however, look at all the amazing opportunities you’ve had! glad you are able to balance it all, here’s to some relaxing family time! :)

  7. What a week!!! Awesome! I admire you for your attitude, for following your dreams and passions, and how you live your life to the fullest… well and for all the delicious concoctions you think up of course :-)
    I really love the photo of the zucchini pasta- so pretty! I actually tried raw zucchini pasta for the first time a few days ago, it’s so easy and delicious. I really want a spiralizer now. I want it badly ;-)

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  9. Oh, your week sounds like so much fun!! My week was all work, and so has my weekend been. But I have also been out with friends and wine both friday and saturday! Two nights in a row- I never do that :OO But I really did have fun:)
    Enjoy your Sunday :**

  10. wow busy busy week huh. hope you get some downtime soon. but i bet you had a great time with your busy week! i just got back from a wedding tonight, one of my college buds from college. danced my booty off! it.was.awesome. and jenn looked great!! so so fun!

  11. Way to go girl! You should be so proud of all your accomplishments!

  12. LOVE how busy your week was. Love your energy girl!!

  13. good lord woman! GO Averie GO! Great job on ALL of it. :)

  14. You have so much positive energy and drive Averie. You are truly an inspiration. Your daughter is a very lucky girl to have a Mom like you! Such a great, positive role model. Glad youre having a blast through all the craziness! You’re awesome girl!

  15. Sounds like you’ve had a busyyy but fun week. When one is living their passion – that’s the best!

  16. i love the mix of stuff that you enjoyed this week, averie! travel, learning more about photography, socializing, baking…what diversity!
    we had a fantastically fun party on toronto island today for my niece’s 2nd birthday. so. much. fun. and it was hot and sunny – the icing on the cake, haha!

  17. What an exciting week for you, and it was all amazing and fun stuff too! Gald you got some baking time after all that, I’m sure your calm and happy in the kitchen… until the mess needs to be cleaned!

  18. You did have a crazy week! Yikes!

    Best part of my week: spending all afternoon with Jason yesterday — no plans, just him and me.

  19. You’ve definitely lived it up! So far, lounging in the pool with my hubby was the highlight for me. Just nice, relaxing, no worries time.

  20. Wow Averie, I don’t know how you do it all. Impressive! Nice recap of the Food and Light workshop too! Take good care, Chris

  21. LOVE how you are embracing life and engaging your passions Averie. Such an inspiration! Truly. I hope you know what a positive impact you have on your readers by doing what you love, following your dreams, and maintaining a positive attitude. I always always feel better/uplifted after reading your posts :-)

  22. AWESOME week you’ve had! You rock, Averie :)

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