On Friday Skylar and I went to another bike shop.  I had previously looked at this bike on Thursday but didn’t want to buy the first thing I saw, and I’m glad we shopped around.

Bikes stacked up in bike shop

Because when Skylar laid eyes on this bike it was a done deal.

Pink bike with training wheels and white basket

It’s her Christmas present from her Grandpa & Grandma and she loves it!

Basket, bell, and white padding on the handle bars, and a pink frame had her name written all over it.  We’ll have to mack it out with some pink streamers.

Skylar riding pink bike

We got her a helmet.

Skylar in white bike helmet with pink accents and flowers

Skylar smiling in white bike helmet with pink accents and flowers

And now she’s ready to give Lance Armstrong a run for his money.

Skylar riding pink bike

We do our holiday gifts a little earlier because we’re traveling in December.  This way she’ll get to ride her bikes for a couple weeks yet before we leave.

I’m also glad I went bike shopping when I did because about twenty minutes after we walked in the door and were wrapping up our purchase, another four year old girl and her dad came in and bought the other pink and white bike they had assembled in the store.  And other stores that I called were sold out of kids bikes.  I guess there’s a a big pre-Christmas rush going on with kiddie bikes.  Who knew.

Being that it’s the weekend, it’s time for coffee.  (x2 because weekends mean extra)

Bailey's creamer in cup of coffee and next to it

And one of these Krispy Kreme donuts Baked Vanilla Donuts with Vanilla Glaze

Baked Vanilla Donuts with Vanilla Glaze


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Congrats, Savannah!


1. Do you remember getting your first bike as a child?  Riding bikes with your friends?

I do and it was a pink Schwinn, with streamers, a basket, and a long “banana” seat that was white with pink and yellow flowers on it.

The bike was from my grandma and grandpa for my fifth birthday.  Skylar is going to be five in February so it’s quite serendipitous that history is closely repeating itself with a pink bike from her grandma and grandpa.

I also remember riding my bike with my friends absolutely everywhere.  We didn’t wear helmets, we didn’t carry phones (we had a rotary phone in my house!), we rode bikes after dark and we survived and bike riding is among some of my fondest childhood memories.

We rode bikes in the neighborhood, to the local pool in the summer and then to Dairy Queen and nothing tastes so good as a Heath Bar Blizzard after a summer afternoon at the pool and then a fairly long and hot bike ride to DQ when you’re 9 years old.

My friends and I biked to each others’ houses, to school, to football games, to dentist appointments, to volleyball practice; our parents sent us off on our bikes and we figured it out and got where we needed to be

Growing up in a very small, rural Minnesota town in the 80s is a far cry from urban San Diego today.  Or probably anywhere.

As a parent, I can’t imagine just letting Skylar get on her bike and…go.  Obviously that wouldn’t happen now anyway because she’s not even five years old, but when she was older, I still can’t imagine it.  The world is a very different place these days and kids today don’t grow up the same way that my friends and I grew up, but I truly cherish my bike-riding days and carefree childhood.  Such fond memories for me

2. Exciting weekend plans?

Cooking, baking, and bike riding I’m sure will top the list over here.

Have a good one!

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