Blog Awards: Top 100 Health & Fitness Blog, Stylish Blogger

TGIF!  What’s on your agenda for the weekend?  I am working so nothing too exciting for me.

OnlineDegrees.Org recently compiled a list of the Top 100 Health and Fitness Blogs.   I was lucky enough to make the cut!

I am honored to be included in the list among so many other amazing bloggers, many of whom are friends.  Thanks, OnlineDegrees.Org for the award! 

 Check out their Top 100 List if you’re interested!

I was also tagged by QuasiChick Ashley as a Stylish Blogger.  I’ll take it.   If for nothing else than I am ready for a fun post that I don’t have to think too hard on this morning.

I’m Supposed to Share 7 Things About Myself:
1. I grew up in Minnesota and went to college there, but never wish to feel frigid temperatures like that in the winter, or mosquito bites in the summer, so I live in San Diego. 

2. I love Carmex lip balm and have tubes of it in almost every room, purse, bag, and car.

3. My ears are really sensitive to the cold (had tons of ear infections as a child making them super sensitive) and wear a hat or ear warmer even if it’s barely chilly or else I get a “Mr. Misty headache”.  Good thing I live in San Diego!  And this factoid probably makes me a very unstylish blogger.

4. I used to get 8-9 hours of sleep and thought I “needed” it, but get 5-6 hours for the past few years and seem to be doing fine.  Even though my 2011 Intentions are for at least 6 per night.

5. I used to run 5k and 10k races all the time on weekends.   At least 2-3 per month, every month, for about 5 years.  Talk about race tshirt stash.  But I haven’t run a race in 5 years, since before I got pregnant with Skylar.

6. I love spinach and artichoke dip.  I haven’t had any in years but saw some at TJ’s yesterday that looked phenomenal.

7. I had no idea I could ever love someone so much.

Christmas Morning in Aruba

I tag everyone!  
Share your facts!

From yesterday, I’m glad you enjoyed seeing my little grocery store and TJ’s stash.  I try to limit how often I go to both, but sometimes I realize I am out of lettuce, which leads me to realizing I am out of bananas which leads me to buying more condimentsNothing wrong with sauce, I tell ya.

It was especially fun hearing what other people tell you that you should pursue, and if you have pursued what they’ve suggested or not.   And I am not pursuing a book deal, but thanks to everyone who said you’d buy my cookbook.  For real?  I feel like if I’d ever write a book one day, that talking about my life would be more interesting than my recipes, but not sure that would fly off the shelves or anything.

Snack:  Vegan GF Granola
Don’t let the photo quality deter you from making this granola.  Next time I make it, I need to take fresh photos.  It’s really easy to make and you can bake it shorter for chewy granola or longer for crunchy granola.  Usually granola has either gluten-containing flours, or isn’t vegan.  So I created this recipe about 6 years ago when I had a major granola craving.  Necessity is the mother of invention.

 Vegan GF Granola

Or if Crackers are more your thing, try these Vegan GF Crackers 
Homemade Mary’s Crackers, and you can bake these in the oven.

 Vegan GF Crackers i.e. Homemade Mary’s Crackers!

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1. What are your weekend plans?  Or plans today?
I have errands to run, I need to work, hopefully will be spending some time with Scott and Skylar when I’m not working, and now, a 20 Minute At-Home Workout.

2. Share your 7 Facts!  Or a couple.  Or just a fact.   
Ready, Set, Share:  

See you later on.  If all goes well, I may have some shopping finds to show you….

6 comments on “Blog Awards: Top 100 Health & Fitness Blog, Stylish Blogger”

  1. I love your idea on these delicious treats! They look so good! I too live for yoga, not so much a veggie person but i’m working on it;) Here’s a website that I buy all my exercise equipment from, and recommend to all my friends! Good luck, and what a lovely little girl in your photos:)

  2. Girl, i want to make those treats! I also use this site to find cheap, used exercise equipment.. i would check it out!

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  4. Ditto on the artichoke dip… thanks also for the baked cracker idea…mmm

  5. Really a great blog. I appreciate it. Health issue is the most important concern for almost all the people and it is really providing lot of healthier tips to become fit. Low calorie food with less oil contents are always suggested for less fats in the body.

  6. A health aware people will like this post a lot. I am appreciating with you for sharing this.

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