Blogger Meetup in Aruba

On Thursday I met up with Morgan of Beantown Momma and her adorable 7 month old son, Aaron.

She read on my blog a few weeks ago that I was going to be in Aruba and realized her travel dates and mine were going to coincide for part of the time, and a few emails later, we hashed out where we were going to meet.

We met at the pool of the Marriott Aruba

We saw this ugly reptile iguana walking by

I do have a fear of reptiles but also am not a fan of the local iguanas here.  They climb the sides of the house and walk on the tile roof of my house and have caused property damage.  We had to replace part of our roof when we were here in December because of them!

It’s much prettier to look at the local flowers that bordered the pool…

…And the waterfall…

…And this beautiful sight:

It feels like just yesterday Skylar was that tiny!

It was wonderful meeting Morgan and Aaron

Morgan is so easy to talk to but her little guy was getting tired and needed some sleep and I had Skylar waiting for me back at our pool.  So we said our goodbyes and I came home and hung out with Skylar.

I wonder if Morgan and I are the very first food bloggers, or bloggers in general, to ever meetup in Aruba?  Cathy you and I should meet up next, here!

I did meet a reader in the Aruba airport when I was leaving the island after our December 2010 trip.  She recognized me in the Aruba airport.

Some of my other blogger meetups include:

All my Coffee Dates with Marla (Here or Here for a couple recent coffee dates)

And all the many, many meetups Madeline and I used to have.

I miss our weekly dates, Madeline!

And I met so many bloggers at FoodBuzz, too.  Meeting other bloggers is so much fun!

From my last post about Dates, it sounds like most of you are big fans of dates.  Me too! Both kinds.


1. Have you ever met up with another blogger?   Who did you meet and what did you do?

2. Any meetups planned with anyone other bloggers or bloggers you’d love to meet?

After two years of blogging and talking to certain ladies every single day on email (or close to it), I’d love to meet them in person!  And one day I know we will meet.

I met tons of people at Foodbuzz but it was a whirlwind and I’d love more one-on-one time and future meetups with everyone I met there.

To me, blogging has opened so many doors, including meeting so many wonderful people, both in real life, and virtually.  And I consider my “virtual” friends just as real as anyone I’ve met in person.  Sometimes even more so because we share so much and have so much in common.

3. Any weekend plans?

Me = this

Have a great weekend!

54 comments on “Blogger Meetup in Aruba”

  1. Super meet up with super photos to go along with it – even the photo of the iguana.

  2. I would love to have a meetup someday! there’s so many I want to meet of course! haha famous Lulu and Gigi are on top of the list. :P

  3. Averie, how awesome that you all got to spend the day together!! Looks like a fun time, Morgan has a wonderful blog too :)

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  5. How cool that you go to Aruba of all places and get to have a blogger meetup?! Looks fun:D

  6. I miss our meet ups too! Of course, it would be way more fun to be sitting poolside in a bikini drinking a cocktail… Maybe for our next one?

  7. What a fun meetup, great pics! Wish I was sitting by that pool now!

    1. Only at the Foodbuzz fest in San Francisco.
    2. None planned at the moment, but there are so many bloggers I’d love to meet.
    3. Moving furniture and working on my office project at home.

  8. How nice for you guys! The baby is adorable!

    Yes, one day for shersz.

    Right now I don’t have any official meetups planned but I might see Tamzin when next in England if our paths happen to cross and I see Eden more than I see my relatives :-) That’s always fantastic.

    Keep enjoying!

  9. That’s such a unique place for a blogger meetup! It looks so gorgeous there. I am volunteering at our high school’s ACS Relay For Life event for a few hours, then hitting the books :P

  10. Yay, now I can proudly say that I met a blogger in real life too. I met Anastasia over coffee and it was so much fun to know her in person.

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  12. It’s only a matter of time, Averie!!!! I’m holding us both to it.

    BTW, I met Marla at the Dole Summit and thought she was dynamite. I always like reading about your coffee dates :)

  13. I have enjoyed a few blogger meet ups. One girl doesn’t blog anymore, but I live close to Angela @ Oh She Glows and I’ve hung out with Erin @ Hi Pies when she was in T.O. last year. I’d love to meet more bloggers. though!!

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  16. hello, Im trying to plan a trip (girls getaway) in Oct? has anyone Been in Aruba that time of year.

    Has anyone stayed at the Radisson Aruba resort ,casion,spa.

    Or bucuti &Tara beach resort? any input on anything i would be grateful for. its either their Aruba or T/C. Which is a beautiful Island too.. not looking ofr a BIG resort. but must be on the beach. and not too many kids if i can help it.:))

    thank you

  17. Thank you for gettig back to me so fast.:) enjoy your night

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