Blondie Vegan Macaroon GiveAway-WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

Hi Bloggies, how are you today?  I’m doing great, just got back from meeting up with a friend and some errand running.

Thanks for the shoutouts on my chia oats & shopping dilema post and yes, please stay tuned for the chocolate donut holes that I promised.

In the meantime, I’d like to announce the winners of my Blondie Vegan Macaroon GiveAway.
Yes, I said winners because I couldn’t just choose one person.

Elise buttered me up warmed my heart with these comments and I just couldn’t resist choosing her.  Not to mention, this girl got herself a Twitter account just to tweet the contest.  Just for some macaroons.  I have to hook her up!

elise said…

why i want to win: i dont own a dehydrator and you make me jealous with your vegan treats on a daily basis.why you rock: tattoos, amazingly original legal name, and oh yeah, muscles i would die for, and you are a MOM!reason you should pick me: can i entice you with a vineyard tour?

elise said…

ps you KNOW im not tech savvy enough for those other ways to enter, hence my own original entry list attempts ;)hey i live outside the box, i AM a hippie after all…

And because Ellie hasn’t eaten anything she doesn’t know the nutritional stats on in years AND because she doesn’t live in the U.S. but is here visiting and I may not have a chance to hook her up in the future, she’s getting a few honorary goodies. 

insideiamdancing said…

oh, shoot…you KNOW how much I drool over your photos. I want to win because I haven’t eaten anything I didn’t know the nutritional information for for…years. But I trust you to make these with your usual fab and groovy loving self :) PLUS, 1) I’ve never had a macaroon, 2) I love anything blondie-ish and 3) I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE. Heh. Or I might just have to fly over and raid your kitchen… Oh, and I am only in the US for another 17 days!

insideiamdancing said…

tweeted :D (eatsleeplaugh)

Send me your addresses, sweet ladies :)  I think you’ve both got my email addy.

To everyone else, thank you sooooo much for entering, promoting, tweeting, and wanting to get in on the action!!!!  I am constantly whipping up good stuff and in the very near future I will be donating more home un-baked goodies.  So stay tuned!!!!

I love all you guys!!!!!

p.s. My new Twitter account is

2 comments on “Blondie Vegan Macaroon GiveAway-WINNERS ANNOUNCED!”

  1. I so need to give kale chips a try…it was 102 here today…so could make these outside!
    (I actually did sun dried tomatoes like that)

    HAVE FUN with your SIS! I love sissy visits! They don't happen often enough!

    WE ARE totally chill at home and catch our breath on Friday kinda people!

    JJ is up later, I 've nixed the job and we even got a veggie pizza. PERFECTO

    and I had a macaroon for dessert!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. I loved this post, like always you are so creative and have the most wonderful spirit, it just shines through in everything you do!

    And please…please no more pictures of delicious, amazing, gorgeous kale….please! We can't get it at all in Saudi Arabia and it is one of my favorite things ever….every time I see a picture I start to drool!

  3. hey! Girl have fun with your sis! Sister time is special.
    I so hope to have time to make the kale chips this weekend. It would help me so much. I miss munchin on crispy things. It ismy down fall when we're out at parties. I end up with a chip in my mouth at some point…Don't tell anyone my dirty little secret.

    By friday night I am so tried out from the week that we try to chill out or just do something in the neighborhood but thats not as easy anymore since everyone thinks we're wierd cause we don't want to drink beer and get drunk. I just don't get it…I am still the same person I just don't eat or drink shit… We had a gathering last night so I am a little raw about this morning. People I thought we're my friends hardly even speak to me any more….oh well, sorry for the rant! Just needed to get that out!

    But most of the time we get Blaine a movie, eat at the coffee table and chill to togther. Now that its getting cold here :-( no more beach weather, we'll go to Crossfit,the gym. Daddy does the Work of the Day, then they have a c
    kids class and mommy has an olyimpic wieghtlifting class and hopefully run a couple of miles. Meet up with some of the gym folk outside of the gym for food and good times.

    Sunday is my cooking and cleaning day. Planning on trying out 3 of your recipes – kale chips, macaroons and some of the dressing you've been making.

    Now that I've written a book to ya probably should get ready for the day… Love the weekends! It's 7:15 am and I at home and don't have to leave for 4 more hours!

    Thanks for you fab site!

    PS got a glimps of those beatiful natural nails holding that kale chip… And I wish my belly had been that small with Blaine… Ended up with emergany c section…gaint baby boy…22in and 9.7 lbs…glad I was at the hospital…

    Love ya Rach

  4. Have fun with your sister! I miss mine :(

  5. I was just at the Raw Twins site and saw they were making kale chips again, too. Funny :-)


  7. What a creative way to make kale chips! Looks way better than just salt.

    My local store was out of dates!!! Crumble some day :(

  8. wow tropical oats & delicious kale chips!! you sure do eat very yummy food my dear :)

  9. Those kale chips look really good and easy! I made some once, but they were pretty plain. I loved them though! I will have to give yours a try.

    Hope you have an awesome day with your sister:)

  10. Thanks for the shout out Averie! I absolutely adore those kale chips, yum!! Mine never make it into a container except my mouth : )

    Look at all of those goodies! They all look so yummy! Those cacao nibs w/macadamias would be awesome in some macaroons! I would love to try that Prana bar and Xagave. I'll put it on my list : )

  11. What pretty kale chips! I have so much kale in the fridge right now… literally filling up the entire veggie drawer. Now all I need is one of those magic boxes…

    Have so much fun with your sister! Enjoy the warm weather… I wore my parka this morning when I went out to walk the pooch!

    I have a couple friend dates and need to get my tush to the gym for some strength training…

  12. Just found your blog the other day and love it (I'm a vegetarian & excercise enthusiast). Pretty chilly out there here in Boston today! On my way to gear up for the cold outdoors at Sports Authority…need new running gloves, hat etc. Cold weather really snuck up on us fast here. That shopping trip will be followed by a nice warm…ummm HOT…Bikram class. I love all types of yoga but really love my Bikram! Thanks for writing an awesome blog!

  13. Just found your blog through HEAB. Love it! Great pics. I just started my own – and lots to learn – but I love to write and wish I could do it for a living. I also love food! Are you a Yoga teacher? I'm actually starting a Hatha Teacher Training course next weekend! It's every 2nd weekend over 8 months…I am scared to death and not sure if I made a mistake :( …I've been practicing less than a year, have no clue, can't tackle 'harder' poses, and am definitely not advanced…so why am I taking it??? Basically because…well – good question – more for personal discovery @ this time in my life…I have no idea what I want out of life and am not happy with my current job/life etc. … also have periods of anxiety and definitely a worrier…i don't know!

    Anyways, got side-tracked there! – saturday plans? it's a weird day – I feel like I want to get out and do something, but I also just feel like catching up on blogs, baking, etc..weird day like I said. Friday night was (too much) ice cream night!!! (hey, it was 'all-natural' -don't judge :)
    Look forward to keeping up on your blog and check mine out if you have time – i'll be posting lots about yoga , running, food …and lots of questions, yikes!

  14. I just found your blog, and I LOVE it!!

  15. a haaaaaa, so YOUR the lucky lady who won Naomi's giveaway. Not gonna lie, kind of bitter ;)

    p.s. thanks for the tips on my flu shot my sweet nurse — just got it done and bought some stonyfield probiotic yogurt :)

    no exciting plans over here.. Just watched my brother get all spiffied up for the homecoming dance and wishing I was going. Oh god, I feel like I'm having a midlife crisis at the age of 19.

    lots of love! xo

  16. Do you think this can be done without a dehydrator? I am dying to try these kale chips and I have everything I need…except the machinery.

    My saturday was pretty busy. Taught dance all morning which kept me moving and laughing (kids are truly hysterical) and the ran around doing errands. Juts got into my sweats and ready to veg.

    Have a great time with your sister!

  17. Your kale chips look delish! I gotta try 'em this way!

  18. Aww, enjoy the time with your sis! I miss mine and I can't wait to move back. I adore kale. Yum yum yum :)

  19. Those kale chips look delicious! I've made em in the oven before, but I bet they're even better and crispier in the dehydrator. Yum!

  20. thanks girl…woohoo kale chips!!! I have a great time with the sis!!!!

  21. so I just bought some kale and wanted to make chips…but I don't have a dehydrator or a blender good enough for cashews, so I better start looking for something else do do with my kale

  22. thanks for the shout out averie!! I am so happy you love the products and I am sure your daughter will LOVE the bunnie treats too!!

    the kale chips look AMAZING! I love them so much, they dont even taste like you are eating a vegetable!

    have fun with your sister!!

  23. Hi Averie!!
    Thank you for all your warm and thoughtful comments on my blog!! I am so sorry that I haven’t had the chance to comment yet, but I am definitely reading all your posts! I will be entering the chia seed giveaway for sure.

    WOW Skylar eats like an adult!! You should be so proud of yourself for getting her to eat healthy “grown up” food! I don’t know how you do it….actually…I do. It’s probably all the yummy treats you make! The kale chips look absolutely fantastic. I bookmarked the recipe so I can make it when I buy me some kale! Thank you for such an inspirational blog Averie!!

    P.s. You have fabulous taste in furniture! I’m loving everything delivered so far! Hehe

  24. OMFG. I made the kale chips (with only 1/2 cup cashews though, and lime instead of lemon.) and….


    I'm in love. I love you, more specifically. Haha

    Very, VERY good. I gave just a litttle to my mom (so I'd have the rest to myself, obvie) and she said they were DELISH and tasted Cheesy!!

    Seriously, EVERYONE MAKE THIS. I must go by more kale now. And maybe try it with spinach?

  25. I made a dumbed-down non-raw version of these chips tonight, and they were so delicious. My cashew sauce was extra chunky but then the chunks were their own yummy snack (needed a little more salt and nooch). Yummy!

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