Blondie Vegan Macaroon GiveAway!

I decided to make some Blondies and I ended up with more than I need.  

Does anyone want to take a few off my hands?

I will be picking the winner randomly on Monday (10/12/09) afternoon 

Creative Comments or Entering More than One Way Score You Brownie Points in my Book.

Here’s How to Enter.  Please Leave a Separate Comment for Each Entry:
1. Comment here Why You Want To Win

2. Become a Follower & Follow Publicly.  That’s the Google Button on the right hand column of the blog right below the Averie/About Me section.

3. Facebook/Twitter this

4. Link Back on Your Bloggie

5. Add me to your Blogroll

And, if you’ve won something before from me, great!  Enter again please and don’t feel bad about being a greedy contest enter-er! 

Things today were brought to you in VeganMofo spirit.

30 comments on “Blondie Vegan Macaroon GiveAway!”

  1. I prefer chocolate in it's original form but I prefer vanilla flavoured things (like cake or ice cream) :) So I guess I'm split personality too!

    FYI: My shoulders are sore from last night!!! woohoo – lovin me some yoga :D

  2. Yay yay yay!!!!
    i can read your blog again :D

    thanks for all the help, averie! you seriously rock my world!

    Those donut holes look insanely good! I would make them.. but my room mate used to cococa powder:( boo!

    I am both a huge vanilla and chocolate girl. i have no favorites, they are both winners in my book.

  3. The only downside to making the chocolate donut holes, is that I can't stop eating them! I am a texture girl and the chewy texture of this is to die for! I store them in the freezer and they are perfectly chewy and delicious!!

  4. Hi! I just discovered your blog and couldn't be happier with the ease of most of the sweet recipes!! Many Thanks to you for being so generous with your recipes and ideas:) I went straight home and made the donut holes with flax – incredible flavor! Quick question though – i found i had to add more moisture to get them to hold together better and wondered if maybe i didn't grind my seeds long enough? do you grind yours to a very very fine powder or just enough to break up the seeds? Thank you! and oh, my husband (meat/potato man!)is actually willing to eat these!!! many extra bonus points for you haha… thanks again!

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