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Hi Friends! I hope your week is off to a great start.  It can be a little tricky getting motivated after a long holiday weekend that I know many of you were lucky enough to have.  Me?  Nah.  I’ve been working like a dog. 15 out of the last 16 days I’ve worked and had just the actual day of Thanksgiving off, but hey, who’s counting.  Our trip is coming up so until then, duty calls.

My sister was so sweet and sent me early holiday gifts:  two books!  Matthew Kenney’s Everyday Raw Desserts and Ani’s Raw Food Desserts

I raved in this post about Ani’s latest book with my book review

I have reviewed many other cookbooks…

See This Post for a Massive Cookbook Review
 Truth be told, Ani has always been my Go-To! 

And in this post I raved about Matthew Kenney’s books

So my sister hit the nail on the head with an Ani book and a Matthew Kenney book.  So much so that I actually already owned the Ani book she sent me, but that’s ok.  I will pass it along to another friend!

My bookshelves overflow with books and recipes I hope to make one day in this lifetime.  I have more recipes than time, right now!

My sister also sent a couple books for Skylar

And the book fun continued when my sweet friend, Kristen, sent Color Me Vegan which is a new-to-me book. 

The chapters are broken into colors with nutrient facts, info, foods, and recipes according to that color.  Super cool!  I haven’t read it in detail yet, but in just thumbing through it, I am loving it!

Thanks, Kristen!  She has time to write two blogs, Kristen’s Raw and Green Mommy Blog, as well as write lots of cookbooksYou go girl!

Remember this post?  I mentioned that I ordered this book on the recommendation from a friend

It’s pretty long and not a light read, but I am excited to read this.  I plan to bring it with me on our Aruba trip as my pleasure reading. 
I also plan to bring my ACE Personal Trainer materials.  Katie, have you finished yours yet?  I need to begin.
This “project” of mine totally fell by the wayside, but I will be reading this on my Aruba trip too.  

From yesterday’s post about Fudge, Chocolate, and Holiday Baking, it was wonderful to hear about your fave fudge, chocolate, and dessert recipes.  And to hear what you plan to make and bake this holiday season.  

Chocolate Fudge
Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups
High Raw Vegan Chocolate “Turtles” 

High Raw Vegan Chocolate “Turtles”
Thanks for the compliments on my recipes yesterday and if you missed any, please check out this post because it’s chock full of chocolate and holiday baking ideas!

Need more Chocolate Desserts in your life?  I have an entire Chocolate Dessert Recipes Post

1.  In this post I asked you for your fave books and there were amazing suggestions and recommendations in the comments.

And I know that Jenna recently posted her Holiday Book List

What books are on your to-read list?  Or anything you’ve read recently, or ever, that is just so good you want to tell me about it?  Would love to hear your list!

2. Do you make time to read books?  Or magazines?  Or do any pleasure reading?

I really want to start reading more.  I mentioned it on my post on 9/10/10, almost 3 months ago, and I give myself and epic fail at making time to read more books and do pleasure reading since then.

Why? Life and work have been way too full to sit down and make time to read but that’s what vacations are for, right?

Plus, I do so much of my reading online, i.e. blogs, the internet, email that there are just not enough hours in the day to sit down with books and magazines but that just means I need to realign my priorities and unplug more, I think.  Which I plan to do on vacation!

3. In general, do you prefer to receive (or give) gift certificates or actual merchandise?
This is hard because I do love it when people take the time to select an actual gift for me, something they think I would really enjoy, and they put thought and time into it to select it.  It makes me feel so special that they took the time to pick something out for me.

But I confess, lately I feel so busy that when I am the one doing the giving, I usually just send a check or give a gift certificate.  And I figure that way the person can just pick out what she wants anyway.    I don’t always have the time or mental bandwidth to select an actual gift for someone.

Hard call!  But what do you like better? Gift certificates or actual merchandise?

I’m off to get my 20 minute at-home workout in and then I have an appointment I am rushing to get to.  Bye!

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