I was really excited on Friday when these new boots came!

Purple colored boots on floorBackside of purple colored boots

They are Whooga ugg Boots

Label of Whooga Ugg Boots

Points of clarification on the boots I received:

Whooga is the brand.

And the word ‘ugg’ simply means the style of sheepskin boots.

There are other brands of ugg boots, such as UGG Australia and many others.

But I chose these lovely purple fuzzy numbers from Whooga.

Boots being worn with hand folding down topInside boots with purple fur

They are so soft, so fuzzy, and I can see these being my new best friends.  

Feet wearing bootsYes, I am one of those Southern California girls who walks around with shorts and ugg boots on when it’s 72F and sunny out.

Legs crossed with purple boots onI have a few pairs that I’ve bought over the years, but nothing as cute or soft and plush on the inside as these purple ones!  Just having them on was like a treat on my skin.  So soft and fuzzy!

Other than getting excited about my purple boots, I was excited about some plants.

Green salad with vegetables and Vegan Slaw Dressing

Dressed with Vegan Slaw Dressing

Jar of Vegan Slaw Dressing

And Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

Juicy grapes are simple but exciting when you find that perfect, crunchy grape.

Bag of grapes

I also crunched on some homemade crackers.  Vegan, GF, Nut-Free, and Cinnamon-Sugary.  You could also go savory with them.

Cut up homemade crackers on cutting board

Bake in the oven or dehydrate them.  Either way, you’ll like them.

Close up of Homemade CrackersI posted my cracker recipe nearly one year ago when I got sick of paying for Mary’s Crackers and wanted a sweet, gluten-free, seed-based cracker.  I have always loved cinnamon & sugar crackers.  I used to love cinnamon and sugar graham crackers as a kid.

From my last post balancing it all, and whether or not you feel balanced in your life, thanks for chiming in on what makes you stressed and whether or not you live your life feeling mostly balanced, or mostly out of balance.

And because I was running out to an appointment, I had my post set auto-publish, but I did it wrong there was a glitch and then my Balancing It All post and my Candy Friday post got a bit mixed up for a couple hours on my site.  Not a biggie, but just letting you know in case you missed either of those.

Weekend (or anyday) Breakfast Idea: Microwave Biggie Banana Oat Cake

Microwave Biggie Banana Oat Cake on plate

3 minutes, vegan, GF.  Enjoy!

Hand holding portion of Microwave Biggie Banana Oat Cake


1. Do you like boots?

I love boots!  I own some cowboy boots, fashion boots in all heights, i.e. ankle, calf, over the knee, a few pairs of ugg-style boots.  So yes, I love boots.  So does Madeline.

Boots may not always be the most practical footwear in San Diego, and I do wear flip-flops 365 days a year at some point each day, but I also love throwing on boots.  Especially soft, fuzzy boots!

2. Have you ever worn any sheepskin ugg-style boots?

Yes, I have the UGG Australia brand in light tan and in darker brown.  And also have another ugg-style brand that’s sand colored with laces.  If your life-path does not include wearing leather or animal products, that’s cool too.

And Skylar has bright pink Target-brand ugg boots.  Scott even has some camel-colored UGG Australia boots but he’s not going to model them for you.

Young girl wearing pink and pink boots smiling in kitchenShe asks me every day, “Mommy, can I wear my boots?”  The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree.

3. Weekend plans or anything fun happening?

I am working, and possibly getting together with a friend tomorrow, but things are still tentative on that.   Either way, I will have plenty to keep myself busy with my errands, kitchen and meal prep, working out, and just handling life.  And hopefully will still feel balanced.

Enjoy your weekend!

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