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My Thursday involved lots of B’s:


Pink silicone spatula with broken handle

I’ve had this spatula since my pregnancy.  I remember standing in my kitchen making homemade vegan gluten-free granola and scraping down the pot with it.  I had a rough pregnancy and I was very morning sick all-day sick for much of my pregnancy, but I loved granola and will always remember standing in my kitchen with that pink spatula knowing that I had a pink bun in my own oven while I was making granola.  That was 5+ years ago now.

Time flies.  And breaks happen.

The handle got caught in my utensils drawer the wrong way and when I opened the drawer, snap, crackle, pop.  I’m sad to see it go but it’s a full moon and things have a tendency to break on full moons.

Pink silicone spatula with broken handle

Busy parking lot and busy stores.  I wanted to get some grocery shopping done before the (holiday) weekend.  Apparently so did the rest of San Diego.  What a zoo!

Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone.  I admit, this holiday snuck up on me until I was informed Skylar didn’t have school Friday.

Trader Joe's storefront with palm trees and blue skies

Bike.  I went bike shopping for the little princess.

Pink bicycle with white basket and pink and white streamers

Her grandma and grandpa are considering getting her a bike for Christmas and they requested that I check out bike stores in the area in the hopes of finding something suitable.

I think she’d love it.

Pink bicycle with white basket and pink and white streamers, white training wheelsIt’s not a done deal, not yet.  But it’s a strong contender.

Baking happened

Cabinet with mixing bowls on top and pans on the bottom

Bowls of chocolate happened

Chocolate melted in red mixing bowl

Then these bad boys happened

Donuts baking in baking pan

If you’re really craving a donut, try these buns on for size.  You can make them as muffins rather than donuts if you don’t have a donut pan.

Baked Cinnamon Bun Donuts with Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze

Baked Cinnamon Bun Donuts with Vanilla Cream Cheese Glaze


1. Do you have Veterean’s Day off?  Weekend plans?

2. Broken anything recently that you wish you hadn’t or that has some memories attached?

Something as silly as a spatula has some nostalgic memories for me.

Same with a favorite curling iron that bit the dust as well as a pair of sunglasses.  They reminded me of all the events I got ready for, all the times I did my hair obsessing over whether it looked okay or not and what my life was like when I bought that curling iron 10+ years ago!

And certain sunglasses that have broken over the years remind me of times spent on certain and favorite vacations, or what car I was driving when I had a certain pair of shades.

Have a great weekend and thanks for the Natural Protein & Energy Drink Giveaway entries!


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  1. I had last Friday off as my boss is away this Friday and needed me to swap. But it’s okay, it wasn’t like I felt like celebrating anyway as it’s Remembrance Day – not really a ‘holiday’ to enjoy! But I sure did enjoy last Friday off – got to go over the border and do some good ol’ Target shopping :)

  2. Cute bike, looks perfect for her! Nope, I didn’t get Friday off and I have to work overtime today. :-( Oh well, extra $$$ for Christmas is good. And I broke one of my favorite coffee mugs which was a bummer.

  3. Awww, that’s as sad as me breaking my mom’s electric mixer she’d had since she got married 25 years ago! It made it through 3 kids and a divorce but couldn’t handle my oreo balls.

  4. Cutest bike ever! The streamers are totally the best part. I unfortunately get super attached to things like kitchen utensils so I feel your pain on the spatula.
    The first “grown up” jewelry ever bought for myself was a 14k gold ring with a 1ct peridot (my birth stone). I wore it for 6 years every single day. One day it came off when I was washing dishes and I didn’t realize it till I turned on the disposal and the ring came flying out of the sink, completely chewed up. I still have it tucked away in my jewelry box. The stone is fine, so one day I may get it reset but it’s nice to know that it’s still around!

  5. That bike is truly adorable! I haven’t broken anything lately, but I’ll bite my tongue :) This weekend I’m hosting a ‘Sweatsgiving’ party with some friends. We are doing pot luck Thanksgiving, but the catch is that everyone has to be extremely comfortable in sweats! I wish this were true on actual Thanksgiving …

  6. Every time you make/show doughnuts, you push me thismuch closer to finally buying a doughnut pan… ;)

    I get really attached to objects sometimes – even though I know it’s silly, I’ll stubbornly use the same thing until it breaks or dies. I had one cigarette lighter all through high school (back in my smoking days – bad me!), and I even used ONE pencil eraser (the big pink kind) from first grade until I got to college. No joke, those things last forever!

    1. girl they’re like 8 bucks…cheap thrills baby. I think you’d love it considering how much you cook and how much you know your way around the kitchen.

      cute eraser story!

  7. What a cute bike! I wish my husband had Veteran’s Day off, but no such luck. We really could have used a 3-day weekend together!

    Thankfully I haven’t broken anything in a good long while. Because I have no desire to deal with that today.

  8. I went to the mall with my daughter last Saturday and swore it had to be Black Friday. I think everyone is trying not to rush the gift buying this year by rushing early. ;)

    Cute bike.

  9. unfourrrrrrrtunatly i do not have this day off! very dissapointing as in everyone i know has off haha except me! enjoy your weekend lady and have a break-free time!

  10. yes! i have veteran’s day off and am spending it in the kitchen baking cupcakes… a perfect friday :)

    my keurig is officially broken :( i thought it was fixable, just acting up, but no. it’s done. makes me so sad — it was one of the first things matt and i got when we moved in together and i will always remember making us each a cup of coffee in the morning those first few days of marriage.

    1. sorry about your keurig. But now you get to pick out something new :)

      have fun baking cupcakes…perfect!

  11. YES to a day off! well, kinda. I have one meeting this morning, and Jason is flying home (plane JUST landed, diverted to the big PDX airport because of fog!) and going to work for a bit, I’m picking him up around noon and we’re meeting friends for lunch :D then the rest of the day off to PLAY!

    (with everyone talking about “11 11 11” I’m remembering it is Veterans Day… trying to remind people of that without sounding lame, you know?) :D

    hope you have a great weekend Averie!

  12. I’m so sorry about your spatula. I may not seem like much to some, but I understand what it stands for. ;)

    I am currently enjoying a day off from classes for Veteran’s Day. Happy Friday!

  13. You remember how I mentioned that I like using Trader Joe’s coffee cans to put stuff in? They’re perfect for putting in stuff like spatulas and wooden spoons so they don’t get thrashed in the drawers. If they’re too light and fall over, put some old rice or beans in the bottom to weigh them down.

    (Sorry about your sentimental spatula, but now you have an excuse to look at kitchen stuff again.)

    Not because of Veteran’s Day but just because of the way my schedule worked out, I don’t have to work for the next four days in a row, wheee! I haven’t had that much time off since I started working at the Y at the beginning of this year.

    1. Ok I need to re-purpose a can like that. I also have a zillion glass jars from all their condiments. If you have ideas for those, I’m all ears!

  14. I have broken so many spatulas due to hard core whipping of batter :-). True Story! hah
    And skylar would LOVE that bike! It seems suitable for a princess :-)

  15. What an adorable bike for Skylar, I’m sure she’ll be crazy for that! Is it tough to get in bike riding being downtown in a big city or are the side walks good and safe?
    Weekend plans for me- traveling with my skating team for our first competition!
    P.S. meant to write on your last post about the lens- as you know I have the 35 f/2. There’s really not much I don’t like about it at all. It’s awesome for low light and the wide aperture is awesome. With that being said, I have no experience with really really high quality lenses, so I don’t have much to compare it to. I would definetely get in there and try both out and see if you notice a huge difference. I’m surprised at that price gap between the f/2 and f/1.4!

    1. safe but there are also lots of parks and open spaces, too.

      yes the price gap between the two is huge. Same with 50mm’s the 1.2 is and 1.4 are about a grand apart! Good info about your lens..thank you for lmk you love it, everything about it!

  16. SHUT UP. What are those donuts? I have some in the oven RIGHT NOW, and I think they might be the same as what you’ve got there….

    You can’t go wrong with a bike that has streamers and a plastic flower basket. I had one just like that. I also had those fluorescent colored beads on the spokes. You should get those too. Or put playing cards in the spokes so that they make noise. Remember that? :)

  17. I can totally relate to having memories connected to baking implements- I inherited a bunch of (awesome! She was a serious cook!) baking stuff from my grandmother, and I think about her every time I bake.

  18. not off work today. Sure would be nice though. I had my battery break yesterday – no attachment there other than annoyance though. Got a new one and that sucker better last. I get a little sad when I break one of the glasses that Jason and I bought when we first moved in together. There are only 3 left now.

    1. sorry about your battery…you’re the third person in two days who’s told me about a breaking battery in my comments field…how’s that for interesting?!

  19. I have to comment on every full moon reference – yesterday one of the Husband’s trucks that his employees use just went kaput. Seriously, the battery died for no reason at all. He had to go get a new battery. It was so strange. Other than that, I think that might be why I was so stressed out earlier this week!

    Love the pink bike – too cute.

    1. another reader told me in my last post that the past 4 full moons, something major of hers has broken, computer, direct tv/cable, etc.

      when i was posting this, i actually thought of you!!! b/c I know you too have had some bad full moon luck the past few. sorry about your hubs’ truck battery. ugh!

  20. I would be so sad if my favorite spatula broke, too. I have some red ones that I’ve become rather attached to :)

    Gorgeous photos, by the way! And those doughnuts…oh my YUM!

    And nope, not off today…or tomorrow. GRRR!! TGIF, and happy 11-11-11, however!!

  21. skylar would LOVE that bike, i am sure. streamers are where it’s at when you’re 4-5!
    the store i work at only opens at noon today in honour of remembrance day. i think that’s a really wonderful gesture on the part of management.
    yes – it’s funny – when we break or lose something, it’s often a “little thing” that was a part of our routines/got used daily. sorry about the spatula! i keep breaking ipods, lately!