I hope everyone has been having a nice, relaxing, calm 4th of July Holiday Weekend!

Mine has been anything but calm and relaxing.  I’ve been working hard!  But that’s okay.

I have made time to get a couple nice runs in.

This is what happens when you shoot into the sun.  Kind of artsy though, right?

The weather has been gorgeous here all weekend.  High 70s/low 80s, sunny, low humidity.  No bugs.


No mosquitoes here in San Diego.  Just pretty flowers.

Juicy fresh fruit has been consumed.

As have a few fresh salads.

With 2 minute peanut sauce used as the salad dressing.


So Good.

Dessert has been a series of previously frozen raw dessert bites.  That’s what freezers are for.  To warehouse a smorgasbord of desserts.

Such as No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (with a High Protein Option)

These are easy.  You don’t even need to break out your food processor.  Who needs the dishes on Fourth of July.  Or ever.


Still need a quickie but fancy-tasting dessert for the 4th?

Enjoy some Red, White and Blue of your own with my Mixed Berry Clafoutis.  Takes 10 minutes to make if you need a last minute idea.

I was grateful FoodGawker liked it!

From my last post, A Few Trinkets, I enjoyed hearing what little trinkets and items you’ve picked up recently.  Lord knows I really don’t “need” any dishes, but cheap thrills are always day-brighteners.

Thanks for your continued support and well-wishes on my You Wouldn’t Believe It…Post.  Seriously, you all have just made me feel so supported and cared about!  I am fine, things are fine.  Just really crazy for the time being while I am sorting out all kinds of details and managing the chaos.  I will blog about it all soon when some things are finalized and I have more information.  Til then, thanks for the love.


1. Any 4th of July plans, parties, events going on? Or for my Canadian friends, any Canada Day festivities?

I’m working and also really busy with everything else.  So no parties for me.  Just a lot of work.  But I’m getting through it.

2. Do you have bugs in your area?  Bug spray user or hater?  Any tips to keep the bugs away?

Semi odd topic for a post but bug bites and the 4th of July just go hand-in-hand.  Ugh. Everyone loves to hate mosquitoes and bug bites.

Growing up in the midwest and then living in the Carolinas for a few years, summertime and fireworks on the 4th just meant extra mosquito bites while waiting for the fireworks to commence while sitting on cheapie plastic chairs crammed in somewhere waiting to see “the big fireworks show”.  And usually the shows were definitely not worth the bug bites!

I am grateful that California really doesn’t have many mosquitoes.  At least not in coastal San Diego.  We have ants, snakes, and all kinds of other creepies, but not having to swat away mosquitoes is a big bonus.

And bug spray.  I.Hate.It. The feeling of it on my skin, the smell, knowing the chemicals that’s in it and that our skin is our largest organ and extremely porous and those chemicals are just penetrating right into me.  Shudder.  I don’t care if it’s “natural” bug spray. I don’t want it on me!

I know there are natural remedies, potions, and tricks to keep bugs away.  Everything from Avon Skin So Soft lotion to not eating things like pineapple I’ve heard to citronella candles to those electric lights that zap the bugs, but none of them ever seem to work all that well.  I also think that some people have the bloodtype or “scent” that mosquitoes just love and they are simply more prone to bites.

I am not especially prone to bug bites but I hate it when I get them.  Reminds me of being an itchy little Girl Scout at summer camp.

Any bug tips?

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And have a wonderful holiday!


39 comments on “Bug-Free”

  1. I feel you on the bug bites. Even though I’m from San Diego as well, when I was little I was floating on the Owens River near Bishop in California and a bug bit me on my eyelid. My eyelid swelled shut and I had to take medicine for it to go down. My eye was swelled shut for a couple days, and then when my parents said it wouldn’t happen again the following year, it did! Luckily that hasn’t happened again, but I’m NOT a fan of mosquitoes.. :)

  2. You are so lucky to not have mosquitoes. I seriously think the mosquitoes here are on steroids. They are repulsive, horrific, mutants trying to suck the life out of me. I have to use spray or else I will swell up like a monster. The bites that they leave can swell up to the diameter of a hamburger! It is disgusting. They are starting to bite right through the spray too. I am worried about camping for 10 days this summer because usually the mosquitoes are bad, but this year they are INSANE. I think I am going to have to walk around with a full body net – LOL!

  3. I actually just heard of a bug repellant trick that seems to be working. Apparently, if you consume Brewer’s Yeast (aka: Nutritional Yeast) and other foods that are rich in Thiamine (supplements work too), mosquitos will stay away. According to my local Natropath, the Thiamine is excreted through the pores on the skin as sweat vapor and although we cannot smell it, mosquitos find the smell horribly unappetizing. I live in North Carolina, and so far, I’ve managed to stay bite free, even while running outside in wooded areas!

    • nutritional and brewers yeast are NOT the same thing, just fyi

      they are grown and cultured differently. just want to point that out for anyone reading that for dietary paths or whatever purposes cannot ingest or have certain things, they are two different yeasts.


  4. Yikes! Sorry for the mixup. I went into our healthfood store asking for Nutritional Yeast and came out with “Nutritional Brewer’s Yeast”. Again, I apologize.

  5. so behind on your posts because i was on vacation….
    this blog has inspired me to go out to my local thrift stores and just by random dishes–just because….no future career in food photography or recipe creations for me–i am in the planning phases of a website for a completely different industry….can live vicariously through your blogs ; )

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