Camera Strap & Etsy

I ordered a custom-made neck strap for my camera a couple weeks ago and it arrived!

I ordered it from SewTamz on Etsy

I am so excited to have something so soft and cushy and add some padding around my neck when wearing my big honkin’ camera + lens.

I had SewTamz add a camera lens cap pocket to my strap.

I can just tuck my lens cap right in there and the chances of misplacing the lens cap go way down.

Sometimes I am wearing pants without pockets so just having this pocket always there and built into the strap is great and not having to worry about holding the cap while taking the shot.

The strap also has quick-release buckles to release the strap from the camera body in case I don’t need it.

For anyone who has a camera with an attached strap, you know what a pain strap removal can be.  Or even just getting the strap on.

I admit, the first dslr camera strap I put on, I had to google it to figure out what I was doing!

It’s not as easy as it looks to thread all the strap material, and configure the buckles and “pulleys” properly, and feed it over one part, under another, and get it all “assembled”.  If you have ever put a dslr camera strap on, you know what I’m talking about!

My new strap has a damask print outside with an uber soft Tiffany-blue minky on the underside

The last time I bought anything minky, it happened to be from an Etsy seller, and it was minky-lined cloth diapers for this little girl’s bum, years ago.

If you think Charmin is soft, you ought to try minky-lined cloth diapers.  Nothing but the softest for her butt.

Ironically, Skylar’s bedroom set has an almost identical color pattern and theme to my neckstrap

And my blog header is also Tiffany blue + white + black

At least I’m consistent!

I love my new super soft strap.  It makes carrying around The Beast a little bit easier.

Yes, that’s the camera body + lens I use (specifics on the camera bodu + lens for the camera and photography geeks folks like me are in the first section of my photography tab)

It’s.No.Joke. And it’s very heavy!

I took all of the above photos of me with my iMac built-in camera + Photo Booth that I discovered and mentioned two days ago.  Still loving that discovery!

I also love Etsy.

It’s where I got my custom made camera bag, too.

From my last post, Going Back For It, it seems we all have those items we wished we had bought at the time, but for whatever reason, we didn’t.  Sometimes we can go back for it and the item is still there, but sometimes, it’s not. Sorry so many of you have those kick-yourself items that you wish you had bought.  We all have them, though.

Interesting to hear how many of you talk yourself out of purchases, too. 


1. Do you have a favorite color palette or color/patterns/themes that is sort of your ‘signature’ or a look you just gravitate toward?

My mother, not kidding, has a house decorated in shades of pink, dusty rose, lavender, purple, and plum.   She just loves pink and purple that much.  (I love it to wear, but not as the basis for my household decor)

For my household colors, I like creams, chocolates, browns, charcoal gray, dark wood, with a splash of accent color.   Usually teal or a Tiffany-blue.   I am 100% a West Elm girl for my household decor.

My bedroom set, bedding, and desk are all West Elm.  That’s just what I see to gravitate toward.  But I also love tons of other looks too, so it can be tricky to really define my style. <–But that’s normal, right!

2. Have you ever purchased anything from Etsy?

Blog readers, blog writers, cooks, photographers, yogis, and the like strike me as creative types and I’m pretty sure help to keep many Etsy shops in business.  Anything you just adore that’s an Etsy purchase?

I have purchased everything from to camera bags, neck straps, and cool clothing items for myself and home decor things like blankets and throw pillows.

Also cloth baby wipes, cloth diapers, and natural diaper care salves and creams back when Skylar was in diapers

From my Trip Down Memory Lane post

I could go broke browsing EstyThat, and Anthro, of course.

Are you an Etsy shopper?

P.S. Thanks for the Shaklee Giveaway entries.  Keep ’em coming to get your free clean on.

40 comments on “Camera Strap & Etsy”

  1. Hey love!!! You are TOO CUTE! I love coming over here for some Freshness in my day :) I love your new strap and the camera is Da Bomb!!

    I love Teal, Yellow and Coral! The new colors of the site we are branding for I heart!! WOOT


  2. Awesome strap!!! So cute! Isn’t it funny that our hobbies have so many “fun” things that go with it? Some of my favorite parts of a hobby is just the accessorizing of it all! :)

    I’ve just gotten into swimming and am looking at cool rainbow colored swim caps, goggles, waterproof mp3 players, etc. Even simple hobbies/sports have accessories!

  3. Oooh, I love West Elm! I have a Moroccan themed tv room with a West Elm rug and pillows. I also stick to chocolate, cream and blue for colors around the house. It’s just so soothing. Cute camara strap!

  4. I love that it matches your blog! So cute. :)

    I’ve never bought anything from Etsy but browsed once and WANTED to buy everything, lol. I don’t visit to avoid temptation.

  5. I’m in the market for a new camera strap, too! I love that one :) Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. What a cool strap, and awesome idea on the lens cap holder! I had to have my boyfriend put my strap on. Now it’s twisted because boys don’t care about these things but I’m too afraid to remove it and fix it!

    And I’m so glad you linked your photography page. Answers to everything I’m wondering about including lenses and tripods!!

    I definitely gravitate toward anything bright. I have 23 (homemade) tie dyed shirts, and I love anything with a peace sign on it including my belt and the awesome handbag my roommate made me!

    I’ve never shopped on Etsy but you’re making me want to! I’m checking it out as we speak…

  7. That camera strap is SOOOO cute. i love etsy–i’ve bought lots of hair things off of it :)

  8. Love the camera strap, it’s gorgeous! Great pocket! I like the quick release. Currently I’m using a long strap that mounts on the bottom of the camera using the tri-pod hole. I like it because it allows me to wear the camera low and cross body with the lenses pointing down and not banging around while sticking out in front of me. Plus I can hide it under a jacket easier.

    1. Green and bamboo print for now I guess. :-)
    2. Yes, a gorgeous vegan purse made in San Francisco.

  9. I love that it can hold your lens cap! You have no idea how many of those darn things I’ve lost… So awesome!
    1) PURPLE! omg purple.
    2) I’ve never shopped on Etsy. I love checking out all the stuff, but haven’t purchased anything yet.

  10. enjoy your new camera strap! that turquoise minky looks SO soft – i’d love a blanket in that!
    funny how we tend to gravitate to colour combinations, without consciously realizing it! i LOVE orange for clothing; for the household, i like sante fe-type shades. although i would happily do my home 100% in west elm (i have one glass-topped desk from there that i adore).
    my SIL got me buttons from etsy for my children’s knitting projects, and they were SO awesome. it’s fantastic to support independent entrepreneurs AND purchase unique/one of a kind stuff.
    have a great eve! go take photos!

  11. … I take that back. I’ve been searching for a nice purse for AGES and haven’t had any luck. Your post reminded me of esty, and I ended up finding a cute one RIGHT away! LOVE it! Thanks Averie :)

  12. I love how it matches the colors of your blog :-) Too cute!

  13. I’m a broke college student ;) so I usually resist from buying, but I love wistfully browsing Etsy! I love the uniqueness of everything on the site!

  14. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE your new strap! It’s very in line with my style (but then again, great minds think alike?) :-)
    My blog had my favorite colors also. I’ve always been pretty true to the blue shades. My all time favorite color is cerulean! And from the pics I post within my place, you can see I keep up with the colors. I have an accent wall that is a really beautiful teal shade, dark chocolate wood floors, almond colored walls (except the accent), and lots of other colors within.
    Decorating & colors = nice mental break from thesis writing & studying for GRE (again..BOO).

  15. Tiffany blue is such a great color, and I love the camera strap!
    For color schemes I usually stick to black and white.

  16. I must have missed the post when you purchased that honking camera lens! That’s some intense equipment and definitely worth the added protective bags and accessories.
    I purchased a pair of vintage jean levi short embellished with a little bit of floral fabric and I have worn them practically every warm day since. loveeee etsy.
    my bedroom is also lots of neutrals and some rusty reds, oranges, and golds. i love to keep it simple.

  17. that strap is awesome!! i always say i’m going to get myself something more comfortable than the ones that come with them…but i’ve still yet to do so. sweet set-up you’ve got yourself, too ;)
    this is kind of funny since i’m far from what i would consider a “pink” person, but i love black and hot pink or turquoise; when it comes to clothing, at least. maybe i like the bright colors contrasting my dark hair and eyes? If I were to choose colors for something else, though, it’d most likely be something dull and boring :P

    • I *almost* went with hot pink/fuchsia rather than tiffany blue but in the end, picked the blue. But I was so close to going w/ pink. And i think the strap in pink (or blue) would be sooo pretty on you w/ your hair and eye coloring!

  18. Absolutely in love with the tiffany blue + black + white scheme. In fact, it’s the palate for my room as well! Absolutely love. Wait..did I mention I love it? Oh I did, huh? Well, I do.

  19. I stick to a lot of neutrals, and then throw in a bit of colour. Lately I am loving bright colours for clothes, decor, etc. as well as metallics.

  20. that’s a very cool camera strap!!

    as far as colors for decor go, it just depends … for my beddings, i love cream/white/gray.
    but i also love purples/fushia/magenta as accents…
    for walls, i love neutral tones

    i love etsy!!!

  21. LOVE the camera strap. The pocket….beyond genius! I always misplace that stinking cap & it makes me nuts! Dig the follow through on the color theme too.

  22. ok – LOVE this strap. Two things make it rad – the pocket for the lens cap (literally, every time I turn around I’ve lost mine) and the attachment snaps – Brilliant. I mean, what up with those under and over things! It’s like ‘once it’s on – it’s ON.’ I think Etsy in general is pretty fab – especially, for baby gifts! I like giving really unique gifts (that reflect my personality) and Etsy never fails me – from skull bibs, to skull caps – I can find it all!

  23. I’ve never bought anything from Etsy — although I’ve been tempted to!

    The strap looks so comfy and soft! And the lens cap is such a good idea.

    As far as colors go — I tend to get really neutral colored items for our house — mostly tans, beiges, browns, with splashes of blue and green here and there.

  24. I love your daughter’s bedding!!!! Where did you get it? I have been wanting to get Karlie new bedding, and something like that will be perfect!!
    I bought a camera strap from; it’s pink,black and white…and I love it!! I was actually just looking at camera bags on Esty the other day, just narrowing down my choices :)

    • Got it at Target last fall, back to school/college season. Bed in a bag thing. For college girls! not for preschoolers, but I wasnt really too fond of barney sheets for her and thought this was much classier and timeless/ageless :)

  25. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thought putting the strap on the camera the first time was a bit confusing! I had to stare at the manual for a good 5 minutes before figuring it out!

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