Chia Seeds GiveAway for 2 Winners!

Since my Zevia GiveAway was such a hit, I thought I’d keep the party goin’ with a Chia Seeds GiveAway!

The kind folks at Chia Seeds Direct (go check ’em out) are going to supply a 3 Pound Bag of Chia Seeds to Two Separate Readers!

Here’s a little bit about Chia Seeds Direct & Chia Seeds:

*Our Chia Seed is organically grown and free of any pesticides or heavy metals. We sell tons (literally!) of chia seed so we always have a fresh supply at most affordable prices.

*All prices include fast and free U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail shipping (domestic orders only).

*Chia Seeds are a powerhouse nutritional superfood and extremely rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Each One of the Two Winners Will Receive a 3 Pound Bag of Chia Seeds!!!!!

How To Enter
For each thing you do, please leave a separate comment on my blog with words like “This is my Entry #1 because I just left this comment.”

For the next thing you do, leave another comment and say something like “This is my Entry #2 because I posted this contest on my blog and here is the link…”

5 Ways to Enter–Each Way Gets You One Entry (Remember, leave a separate comment on my blog for each entry you want.  If applicable, please leave the link to your Facebook/Twitter/Blog in the comment you leave me.)
1. Leave a Comment Here telling me why you’d like to win and try Chia Seeds

2. Become a Follower of my Blog (Choose Follow Publicly).  Please note this is different than following me in your googlereader. The Follow Button is right beneath the About Me section on the right hand column of my bloggie.

3. Link this contest back to your Blog

4. Post this contest on your Facebook or Twitter

5. Add my Blog to your Blogroll

(If some of you have already done some of these things for my other contests, that’s ok.  Go ahead and just take credit again and make your appropriate number of entries for this contest, too.  What’s can I say, I’m easy-going)

***The contest ends at 12 noon (pacific time) on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 ***

I will post the winners on my blog so please check back to see if you won.  If you win, you have to Get in Touch with Me!!! Chia Seeds Direct will ship your chia seeds directly to you. 

Please Note: This contest is open only to US and Canadian readers.

Have fun everyone!  Thanks Chia Seeds Direct!


14 comments on “Chia Seeds GiveAway for 2 Winners!”

  1. HOLY FOOD PORN look at that dessert – wowza.

    My homemade salad dressing is just EVOO and flax oil – I know, so original/exciting ;)

    Happy Friday, my friend!!

  2. Mmm, raisins in a green salad sounds good, that had never occured to me! My go to salad dressing right now is flax oil, lime juice, agave and toooonnes of cumin. I think there is a similar recipe in Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan. It's soso good, I've been eating it on everything! I really need to try making some of that chia pudding – I have some chia seeds that I've sort of been ignoring, but that pudding looks really tasty.

  3. dannnnnng thought I'm over 17 I definitely feel like that dessert requires parental guidance ;)

    I love the feeling of binds.. my body just feels so tight and compact and snug :)

  4. awesome !seriously i could not stop looking at that chia pudding!! i need to get on that ASAP!

  5. I have only one dressing of choice because I haven't ventured into dressing-dom yet…. sooon… I have recipes…just not done it yet…but here's my fav..
    my SIL makes this and now so do I

    balsalmic vinegar, any mustard ( I like dijon honey of any sort) and EVOO

    maybe some pepper.

    whisk whisk…
    it's a hint of sweetness I like.

    so good.

  6. ohh homemade dressing…sounds lovely, but have not yet ventured there.
    mmmm x-rated dessert

  7. favorite salad dressing? balsamic vinegar, straight up. haha. super simple and every restaurant has it when i am out and about!

    LOVE the soft serve chia goodness.. and wishing i had a TJs :(

  8. VG-Yep pornographic NC17 over here. EVOO & Flax, basic but full of good fats.

    Eve-I have ED & BV and I have Michael K's everyday raw, and I have Sarma/Michael's Raw Food Real World and I keep scouring those books thinking I missed something…

    Yours sounds really good. Oil + agave + cumin. That's totally up my alley!!! Thank you!!!

    Jenny-Thx for entering the contests, you greedy blogger :) And binds make me feel tight and tiny and at peace with things. Ahh. Love them.

    Devan-Hi and yep, just like a trainwreck or a trannie on crack on the streetcorner, you just can't stop looking :)

    Cindy-I used to make one with raw ACV, dry mustard seed powder, and agave. I OD'ed on it though, but yours reminds me of that gem. Thanks :)

    RunToFinish-Hope your move and all your chaos works out for you guys! Homemade salad dressings are so much cheaper and easier, really, you just gotta get creative which sometimes that runs out a smidge…

    Janetha-Balsalmic alone is too much for me, I need to cut it w/ something, ya know. I also love sweet dressings so everything of mine practically has agave in it LOL TJs is great…where do you live again that you dont have one?

    Thanks ladies and I know there are some lurkers who wrote me who are reading this who said they were curious and what kinds 'o flava combos get posted!

  9. I need to go to the store to get some cauliflower and make that OJ dressing!! Diana of SoapandChocolate did a raw cauliflower thing in the food processor that looks delicious. The soft serve chia pudding is making me drool – why is it that I'm always salivating over yours and some of the other blogger's pages? :)

    I'm still working on your yoga pose from yesterday – I cannot get my leg over my shoulder!

    As for dressings, I love Gena's "peanut noodle" dressing in the vitamix. My FAVORITE!!!

  10. Gosh, fave dressing Evoo and Red wine vinegar, shallots, garlic (can you have those?) Yes all else is droolable- your pudding and soft serve!

    Watch that Hayley- she's just one yogic step behind you ! :-) Ha the newbie out performs the oldie (me)!! :-D But I DID hold crow for a good solid 5 seconds today (very very long for me!!)

  11. Aww I want a Vita soo bad!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment earlier :D Love your blog and I can't wait to read more! I gotta go enter that giveaway- never tried Chia's!

  12. Nice x-rated dessert. I'm going to start combining my banana-based n'ice cream with chia pudding, too.

    I have a ton of dressing recipes, but my favorite is just a simple oil and vinegar, or perhaps just a little lemon juice. When I'm really in a hurry, I just drizzle on some balsamic vinegar and nothing else.

  13. My dressing is super boring – flax seed and apple cider vinegar with Italian herbs. It's the avocado or hummus that I add to the salad that really makes it go Ka-ching!

  14. Yummy, yummy! Aren't you glad you moved to another town that has Trader Joe's? Love that place!

    My current dressing favorite:
    5 Tbs. agave
    5 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
    6 Tbsp. hemp oil (or olive)
    1/2 tsp. black pepper
    2 tsp. sea salt


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