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I recently received a copy of The Natural Vegan Kitchen by Christine Waltermeyer from Book Pubco.

The book infuses macrobiotic cooking principles with vegan cooking.

A few things I noticed about the book right away: Lots of savory dishes, lots of salad and soup ideas; some very basic recipes, some more creative and more complicated recipes, too.

I also observed the lack of an extensive dessert section.   Most raw/vegan cookbooks feature an abundance of desserts, but not this book.

The recipes in this book range from simple, yes I can see myself making this, to no, probably not, based on time/energy/effort required.  But that’s all cookbooks.  Different strokes for different folks in terms of what recipes will appeal to certain people.  I love the natural foods, natural focus, in The Natural Vegan Kitchen.

The few color pictures that were included in the book and that caught my eye were the Tempeh Mock Tuna Salad

I have a recipe for Sweet & Nutty Un-Chicken Salad

And a recipe for Sweet & Tangy Chicken-less Salad

I will have to give her mock tuna salad recipe a try.

And the Navy Bean Soup looked hearty and warming.

I have a recipe for Spicy Vegetable Corn & Bean Soup that is fast, easy, and hits the spot if you need an easy vegan soup recipe.


I recently reviewed The 4 Ingredient Vegan as well as Vegan Bodybuilding, both from Book Pubco, here

And included in that post was a massive cookbook review compilation post with my thoughts on dozens and dozens of cookbooks.  Be sure to check out that post if you’re in the market for cookbooks.

Because I have just a few books and cookbooks in my collection.

And that’s just the tip of the book iceberg.


Starting March 1, Book Pubco is holding free book drawings in a campaign called “Live Delicious, Eat Vegan.”

Even if you’re not vegan, if your goal is scoring free cookbooks because free stuff rocks incorporating more plant-based recipes in your repertoire, click here for the details and to enter.  Because winning any of these books would be awesome, right!

From my last post on Watching Movies, it was fun to hear what your favorite movies are.  And whether you watch many movies or not, and if you watched the Oscars what you thought of them.  Glad you liked the fact that I was in a movie.

Dessert: Let’s stick with a natural, raw, vegan theme today.

Raw Vegan Cheesecake

This dessert is so easy.  It comes together in 15 minutes.  Enjoy!


1. When you look for a cookbook what things are selling points for you or things that interest you?

I look for:

ease of recipes

time/effort required

being able to find the ingredients the recipes call for easily and inexpensively

I don’t have time, energy, or the desire to be a slave in the kitchen making elaborate recipes these days.  Nor do I have the budget for raw cacao powder and organic goji berries.  The recipes have to be practical and user-friendly for me to really click with a book.

Then again, there are some cookbooks that I view as art and inspiration.  I get inspired by the books, even if I will never make the recipe.

2. What’s the last recipe you’ve made from a cookbook?

This is hard because I never follow anyone’s recipe in entirety!   I ad-lib, tweak, combine ideas I’ve seen, and add in my own twists.  I am the worst at recipe-following to the letter of the law.  I am such a wing-it cook.

3. What’s the last recipe you’ve made from a blog?

The last recipe I made from a blog that I did not mess with or tweak at all, was Jessica’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge, Here.   It was easy and wonderful.



34 comments on “Cookbook Review & Free Cookbooks”

  1. I look for ingredients that aren’t expensive/”too exotic”, high-ish protein, balanced meals, DELICIOUS looking, and easy enough!

  2. “scoring free cookbooks because free stuff rocks” Guilty as charged! ;)

    The last thing I made from a blog was Ashley’s (Edible Perspective) buckwheat breakfast bake… it was damn good!

  3. hi,
    i made today spring rolls with your peanut sauce recipe and it was soooooo good. i am wondering though if maybe you have an idea how i can try to lower the calories in it? i didn’t calculate it, but i have a feeling although the spring rolls give the feeling of eating a very low cal food, eating it with the sauce (which is a must!) makes it a whole different story… would love any advice if i can substitute some ingredients maybe. thank you!!!

  4. I typically look for pictures and ingredients I have at least heard …

    I have waaaaaay to many cookbooks, but I can’t stop buying!

  5. I am looking for foods and snacks that have easy recipe and price friendly

  6. cook books are very helpful especially to my WIFE.. THANKS

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