Crazy Baking

We’re all familiar with the expression Crazy Making.

This is Crazy Baking.

A few of the ingredients that went into this dough included coffee grounds, potato chips, butterscotch chips, and I threw in some Cap’n Crunch for good measure.

I followed a recipe from Christina Tosi (95% of the way) for this baking project so don’t cry any potato-chips-in-your-cookies tears to me.

It wasn’t my idea; it was hers.

I’ve actually been wanting to make cookies with potato chips in them for ages and didn’t realize how “trendy” they were until I started seeing them pop up on Pinterest and if you google potato chip cookies, there’s plenty of recipes. That guy you may have heard who has many books and cooking shows has done it and so has she.

However, they didn’t pair coffee grounds with their potato chip-infused dough.

The recipe just kept getting weirder. And that’s okay. The results proved successful.

Stay tuned for the recipe and full review.

I made these in the red KitchenAid 7-Quart Stand Mixer I’m giving away

I also made a batch of more “normal” cookies. No potato chips, but plenty of peanut butter.

Puffy Vanilla and Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

Have you ever put anything “crazy” into a recipe or made anything “weird”?

We all have different definitions of “crazy” and “weird”. For example, I can eat hot pepper jelly by the spoonful and it’s very hot hot pepper jelly; hot enough to make even me sweat and most people would be calling the fire department. But to me, hot pepper jelly is so good, not crazy.

Most people “love” garlic and onions; that is crazy to me because I hate them.

Adding a couple tablespoons of brewed coffee to brownie batter intensifies the chocolate and doesn’t make brownies taste like coffee; it just makes them taste richer, deeper, better, and not at all weird.

I’ve heard many people make chili with molasses or a pinch of cocoa powder with excellent results.

I turned sweet potatoes into Sweet Potato Graham Cracker “French Toast” Sticks. For all you sweet potato fans, this one’s for you. Tubers turned into candy. Weird? No. Delicious.

And I’ve turned beans into pseudo honey roasted “peanuts” in Carmelized Cinnamon Sugar Roasted Chickpea “Peanuts”. I have to stop myself from eating a tray fresh from the oven all at once they’re so good because I don’t need quite that much fiber in my diet.

Chocolate Mousse – (Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free) An amazing, decadent mousse, and made with a secret ingredient, which no one ever guesses.

Nutritional yeast on popcorn with cocoa or protein powder is another good one that some people may find a bit weird, but I love it.

Certain items for one person may seem crazy or weird, and for another, it’s their normal. Eating animals, or certain parts of an animal (liver, brain, intestines), eating certain vegetables and fruits, combining ingredients that aren’t typically paired; depending on what part of the world you’re from, what cookbooks or Pinterest boards or blogs you tend to read, one person’s weird and crazy is another person’s I’ll have seconds, please. How bout those potato chips.

Have you tried any “crazy” ingredients, combinations, or “weird” recipes? What were they and did you like it? What or whom inspired you to make it?

There’s only so many times one can pair chocolate and peanut butter butter before it’s time to pair chocolate with avocado or chocolate kale chips. I take that back, one can indefinitely pair chocolate with peanut butter.

The winner of the Tofu Xpress Tofu Press Giveaway is JulieD

Thanks for the continued KitchenAid 7-Quart Stand Mixer Giveaway entries

Have a great weekend!

71 comments on “Crazy Baking”

  1. That is pretty crazy! I have been seeing baked goods getting insane lately. It seems fusion baking is the newest trend. Just throw in the everything and the kitchen sink and it’s bound to be tasty if it’s sweet and/or salty. :)

    Potato chips + chocolate already appeals to me; sweet and salty is SO GOOD!

  2. I meant to add a drop of almond extract to my protein shake and accidentally added lemon extract. Brilliant. So good. I never would have thought that would be and I am not sure if lemon juice would be good with chocolate but lemon extract almond added something sweet yet refreshing…

  3. I’m so freakin’ excited!!! Thank you so much! I actually just posted a tofu recipe. :D Happy Friday to you!!

  4. Glad I found your blog. I love your thinking behind all of your recipe ideas, hey if it dosen’t work then no biggie right? Just try, try again and as food bloggers we don’t need to be asked twice to bake something :)
    Take care…

  5. I’m going to have to get in on that chocolate mousse. Chocolate has been my stress reducer this week, but it’s been waaay too much in the form of leftover Easter candy.
    When I first started baking vegan, I thought it was totally weird to add vinegar in the recipe – I thought it would taste horrible! But now I know it’s an important part of the chemistry of vegan baking :)

  6. That chocolate mousse made me want to dip a spoon right into my screen!! Yum.

    I would say the oddest combination I’ve used is black beans in brownies rather than flour. They come out nicely and you can’t taste the beany flavour. I’m definitely curious about the potato chip thing now!

  7. I’m all about crazy ingredient combos! Especially at breakfast (see: breakfast salads). These all look genius to me.

  8. it may be crazy but i bet it tastes crazy good!! love the potato chip butterscotch addition!!

  9. I don’t really do ‘weird’ (well I do loooove onions and garlic so weird to you! ;) ) but this combo has me intrigued. Except the coffee, neither of us would touch them with that in there…I know, THAT is weird!

  10. That is crazy fun! You are unreal what all you can do

  11. Someone baked potato chip cookies for one of my classes in high school a few years ago, they are surprisingly delicious and play off that whole sweet/salty thing. And the coffee and brownie trick is awesome, my mom had been doing that for a while and it makes the brownies taste so much better. But I love coffee, so I think it makes everything taste better!

    My family thinks all the things I cook are weird. I like eating baked sweet potatoes with peanut butter and cocoa powder, which sounds weird but is very delicious, but my family tells me it looks like cat barf.

  12. I love trying unique/”weird” combinations in baking and cooking. Most of the time I have the attitude that even though some ingredients don’t seem to “fit” together, the combo intrigues me so I just HAVE to try it. A couple of firsts for me include the choc avocado mousse and the addition of a little nooch in the filling of homemade PB cups (can’t thank you enough for that one–it really does add the perfect subtle flavor to the PB )!

  13. So fun, I love experimenting with unique flavor combos for unexpected surprises, like pairing spicy with dark chocolate or fruit in a savory stir fry. One of my faves is curry and banana together.

    • Curry & banana…that sounds like it could become the base of an Indian dessert with so many options to go in from coconut rice, banana & curry pudding to a bread or naan with those flavors…see, my brain is always going :)

  14. My mom made potato chip cookies for years! I looked online for a similar recipe but couldn’t find one. It basically was a buttery sugar cookie (a sugary butter cookie?) dough, shaped into a log, rolled in crushed potato chips and sliced into cookies. I’ll have to search her old cookbooks to see if I can find the recipe!

    Ever since I was little I enjoyed dipping potato chips in vanilla ice cream! Don’t know why, but it just WORKS! yummm.

    • Omg that sounds FABULOUS! If you ever find the recipe, lmk but I can imagine it well and could doctor up a logged-sugar cookie recipe. Roll ‘n dip in the chips crumbs. YUM! She was onto something before it became “trendy” :)

  15. Throw some bacon in there, and you’ll have added all the trendy crazy baking ingredients into a single cookie. I’m not really into potato chips, so I’m not sure how I’d feel about these, but I’m all about wacky ingredients.

    Curry and banana are agreat combo, too (read the comment above). I used to make a sauce for stir fry with that. I’ve also made curry ketchup = delicious! I know you aren’t a huge curry fan though.

  16. Hahaha…damn. I kind of wish I were still pregnant so that I’d have an excuse to eat about a dozen of these :-)

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog– we’re working through the feeding issues, but it’s nice to feel the support from the blog world :-)

    • Girl I understand and have been there. It’s HARD. Just take it a day at a time and don’t ever quit cold turkey in the middle of the night at 3am. It will be better in the morning and it DOES get easier with each passing day. There’s a group on yahoogroups called pumpmoms. Join it. It was invaluable to me!!!!

  17. Ohh how I would have loved to be in the kitchen while you were making those, I would have been your number one taste tester! :)

  18. I love trying out crazy ingredients!! My favorite recipe that I’ve done is the avocado pudding. I love that stuff, but when I first heard of it I was skeptical. Trying the crazy stuff is often how you find the BEST recipes!

  19. I love a sweet and salty combination, and have a potato chip cookie I’ve been wanting to make for a bit – my best friend’s mom made them all the time when we were kids, and I LOVED them!

  20. That is some crazy baking!!!
    I like all the ingredients though.. I bet it turned out great :D

    I like to put Natto (Japanese fermented soybeans) into things like curry, on a toast, etc… It’s definitely an acquired taste, my husband tried it once and just said “interesting” lol

  21. The “weirdest” thing I’ve eaten is sweet pickle and peanut butter sandwiches. Everyone I know says that it sounds disgusting. But, sweet jelly with peanut butter is fine? C’mon, it’s good! The worst I ever saw was my brother who used to eat his chocolate ice cream by scooping it up with nacho cheese Doritos. Blech.

  22. This is hilarious! But when I lived in HI, Phil’s daughter and her husband would always buy this chocolate with mac nuts and potato chips in it when they came to visit–I replicated it for them a couple Christmases ago and they adored it. Full of ingredients I would _never_ eat, but I had a bite and even I had to admit it was addictive, that sweet/salty combination…

    I have the weirdest combinations–like my recent brownie bites based on carrot pulp, peas in my smoothies, grated apple and thawed green beans for lunch… Someone just gave Phil some chocolate covered sunflower seeds, and that sounds absolutely repulsive to me–sunflowers are savory! When people put cheese on sweet things like fruit, I think it’s pretty disgusting too…

    • chocolate with mac nuts and potato chips = trader joes had choc-covered potato chips for awhile and they also sell chocolate covered sunflower seeds and there are a couple bloggers who’s cookies that use those are re-pinned and on the foodie sites and very well loved. Most people seem to love them! I am take it or leave it with most seeds and nuts, in general but choc-covered anything is always a win for me.

  23. How fun! I always like trying recipes that are outside my usual “box”. I had a crazy kitchen day today PERIOD. I baked 4 dozen cookies and made 10 lbs of meatballs. We’re having a ball themed party tomorrow :)

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