Credentials & Making Things

Yesterday I opened the mail to find my new Yoga Alliance registration card for 2011.

I completed my original 200 hour training back in 20o2

And in 2009-2010 topped it off by completing my 500 hour trainingDoing my 500 hours along with coffee meetups with Madeline kept me sane while living in Phoenix.

Although I am not actively teaching yoga at the moment, I believe it’s a smart move to keep my credentials active and good standing so if I do want to start teaching again, I could right away.  Not to mention, I worked ten years to accrue those 500 hours, both on and off the mat, and I am proud of them and want to keep “them” active.

Two questions I know I will get asked:

Why am I not teaching right now?

Yoga is a beautiful thing but it doesn’t pay the bills to the extent that is right for my financial situation or for Southern California and the cost of living here.  Therefore, I work in another field.

Do you have any information about yoga, hot yoga, teaching yoga, new to yoga and need advice, yoga clothes, yoga dvd recommendations, etc?

Yes, I have a massive, extremely comprehensive post in my Yoga Tab called Yoga FAQs

And another post called Yoga in the House

Moving On to the things I made yesterday…

I made Skylar’s bed after changing the sheets

I made some Homemade Trail Mix for lunches and on-the-go snacks

And I made Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls for the Winner of the Bake Sale!

I put them in a container to be mailed and also have a few more goodies I am enclosing, too.

For the kind of dough the winner spent ($200), she deserves more than just raw dough.

From my last post about Organic Cheaper than Conventional, it was good to hear what organic items you’ve found that are cheaper.

And most of us wish grocery stores would incorporate the organic food with the conventional food rather than having it walled off in its own little section.

1. Do you have any credentials and do you have to maintain them?

Let’s see, I have plenty but not all are maintained…

B.A. in Psychology

Graduate work in Psychology

RYT-500 Yoga Teacher.  Active.

California Real Estate License.  Currently inactive but easily re-instate-able.

Certified Lactation Educator & Counselor.  Active but not insured so I’d have to get insurance if I wanted to practice.

CPR & First Aid Training. Lapsed.

And a few more professional licenses and certifications, too.

I have pursued so many different goals and passions and have dabbled in many things.  In the process, I have amassed various credentials but keeping up with the continuing education units (CEUs) on many of them in terms of time and expense is not worth it, at this time, for most of my credentials.

Plus, I got some things “for me” and never intended to work in the field.  It was to enhance my own personal knowledge base.

2. What have you made recently? A bed, a meal, a dessert, a quilt, a blog post, a make-out session? What have you been making?

I’m also making something in the oven and don’t want to burn it…See you later!

TGIF and enjoy your weekend!

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  2. No credentials that need maintaining.

    I’ve been making: Nut butter protein bars, mango chia pudding, a mess in the garage (while sorting and reorganising), plans for next weekend, frozen freezer fudge, and salads for lunches this week.

  3. Seriously though. The cost of living here?! Out of control. But having your credentials up to date is very smart. I’m working on my 200 hour certification now. I have my BA in Human Ecology with an emphasis in nutrition and I will have my massage license in August, but massage therapists don’t make jack squat here either haha.

  4. Congrats for your new card!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you Averie! :)

  5. I have a two certificates for office related things. But they don’t actually do anything for me. I went to college, got an associate’s in office management as well, and every time I interviewed somewhere they glazed over what I learned and just tell me that since I didn’t have 5+ years of experience they were going with someone else. Bleh.

    Haven’t been making much lately, although I have a whole list of ideas to try out!

  6. Credentials:

    B.A. Honours Psychology
    MEd in Ed. Psych. (currently working on)

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  8. Those raw balls look SO yummy! I’m in the mood for a snack right now, and I think those would be just perfect.

    I love Skylar’s sheets by the way! They are so cute. :-)

    I think it is VERY smart for you to keep up your yoga credentials. You put so much effort into it, why would you let them lapse? And like you said, you could start again at any time. Very good thinking.

    My credentials…BA in political science, about to have a Masters in Political Science, and after that I’m hoping to start on my PhD track, fingers crossed. I have qualifications to teach English as a second language, British Horse Society qualifications to train horses and give riding lessons, and from way back when I am certified as a pool lifeguard and in CPR. Whew!

  9. bedding, target last fall back to college season. bed in a bag set.

  10. Skylar’s bed looks amazing and comfy!!!

    I’m off to Buenos Aires tomorrow!! :)) I will be back in about 10 dayss! xx

    As far as credentials:
    I have B.S. in biology, master’s in public health, and an M.D.
    also certified phlebotomist and EKG technician


  11. Whoa, you have a lot of credentials! I have a grand total of 0 :) I’m not even CPR certified anymore, haha! You are so inspiring- you seem so motivated! I admire your drive :)

  12. I agree. I did the 200 hr Yoga training, but I don’t teach. I did and still do feel badly about it…especially given the cost of the course. I wonder why I did it, if it was a waste of time/money, etc. But then I realize we can’t explain everything. Maybe one day there will hold a purpose for it in my life.

    I didn’t know you had a B.A! That’s fantastic! What do you do your work now?! Besides blog :) (don’t answer if you don’t want to!)

  13. Credentials….I have a couple here and there. :) Currently working on a big one. And I today, the big thing I made were the edits on my presentation! 10 days from now I’m going to be giving the biggest presentation of my life (so far) to a room FULL of people. Now, I have 10 days to practice it!

    I’m also hoping to make some fun stuff in the kitchen tomorrow and I have a couple sewing projects up in the air. I finally have a little time to breathe, so I plan on taking full advantage. And since it is supposed to SNOW all day….

  14. just have to say – way to go on pursuing all of your passions and on being on smart mama!

  15. I absolutely LOVE the bedspread on Skylars bed! Its just gorgeous! Lucky little thing!! :D
    Hmmm what have i been making recently?
    I made an almond and apple cake. YUM!
    Which, in turn, MAKES a MESS in my kitchen :D

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