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I’ve had a busy day but I was really excited to come home from my hectic day and realize that FoodBuzz featured me as their Daily Special recipe today, August 30, 2011


There I am in the bottom left corner!

They featured my Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t pretty cool to see the picture of my cookies in a widget on their site

Screenshot of the widget.  Actual widget found here

FoodBuzz has never featured anything of mine, so thousands of blog posts later, it’s a great feeling to see these cookies on their site!

I feel validated like I can actually cook or write a blog or take some decent pictures.  Finally.

I promise I won’t let the Daily Special go to my head or anything.

Life in general keeps me plenty grounded.  Disses happen.


Parenthood = The most grounding experience ever

I’ll remember that my cookies were special the next time someone tells me something I made was less than special.  Ahem.

Now it’s time for me to go enjoy a run at sunset

I’ll see the skies go from this

To this

Then come back and figure out dinner.

And I already know I am having one of these for dessert

Deep Dish Double Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars

Thanks for filling me in on what oils you use and like on my Oil post from earlier.  Lots of recipes, charts, and oil info so check that out and get your grease on.


1. What was the last special thing that happened to you?

I wouldn’t say it just “happened” to me because I made it happen but creating a new look for my blog on my own has been a special thing.

2. What was the last special thing you did for someone else?

Having a sense of gratitude and helping others is paramount.

Giving, not just getting, is where it’s at my friends.  And no, I’m not just saying that. 

What can I do, not just what can I get.

I believe in these things, big time.

See these posts to name a few:


Firecracker & Gratitude

Being Grateful & Thankful

 So the last biggger special thing I did was donate to an online auction to raise money for Susan (who ironically tipped me off I was featured as the Daily Special!)

And the last smaller special thing I did was email pictures to Scott of my time with Skylar with Skylar at the park.  He said he loved them and they made his day.

Special things don’t always have to be big things.  The small stuff is sometimes just as or even more appreciated.

What’s special in your world?

Enjoy your evening!

56 comments on “Daily Special”

  1. YAY!!! HUGE congrats! I assure you that so many of your photos and recipes deserve that kind of recognition… but it is always a good feeling once you actually get it. ;)

    For me, the big things are great, but it’s the small things that mean the most to me. I little note, a handmade anything, a surprise dinner out… whatever. Those are the most heartfelt and meaningful moments in life. :)

  2. YAY!! Congrats!! It’s so exciting to be recognized for something like this. The cookies look AHmazing! :D

  3. Congrats on being FoodBuzz’s Daily Special! That’s awesome! And I’m really loving your Deep Dish Chocolate Golden Grahams Smores Bars! I’m wondering how the bars would turn out if I used the Kellogg’s FiberPlus(R) Cinnamon Oat Crunch cereal instead? I love cereal-inspired treats.

  4. congrats averie! that picture of your daughter is stunning!!
    big things are going to continue to happen for you girl! i can feel it! :)

  5. Hurray! That is so great that your cookies were featured on Food Buzz. Woo-hoo!

    Lots of special people in my life, and that makes me feel special too.
    Your blog is something special that I look forward to reading. Thanks for bringing a ray of sunshine into my Google Reader on a daily basis :)

    Yesterday on my lunch time walk, an older lady tripped on the curb and fell on the side walk right in front of me. It really knocked the wind out of her. I talked with her, and stayed with her until she was ready to get up. A helping hand later, and she was off to her lunch date with her friend.

  6. Yay!!! Congrats :D Love their daily picks!

    Nothing really “special” happening in my world…..but sometimes ordinary is special and satisfying.

  7. WOW! Those cookies are “daily special” worthy! Great job! I can’t even imagine seeing my photo on Foodbuzz’s site/widget, that it totally amazing!

  8. Hmm…I wish I could come up with something! I haven’t really had anything special happen to me lately, but I also have not done anything special for anyone else in awhile. Coincidence? I think not.

  9. Hi Averie,
    I have few questions for you.
    I dont see you posting about your Yoga practices these days. Do you still do Yoga everyday?
    I wanted to know if one can achieve good muscle tone and lose fats by regular Yoga practice. I understand you were already in a good shape before even you started training with weights.

    • yes I post about yoga still..just not daily, about once a week. But I do have a daily yoga practice.

      Yoga is more than just a means to “looking good” on the outside, although yes, you can ‘achieve good muscle tone and lose fats by regular Yoga practice’ as you say.

  10. Yes you are absolutely right..Yoga is more than looking good. My question was triggered by the fact that you have a very good toned body. Was that due to Yoga or weight training! I am amazed how you manage such regular blogging and photography. So much to learn from you.

  11. congrats on being featured averie!! that’s so cool!

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