I just got back from a blogger meetup, here in Aruba!

I still need to get the pictures uploaded and the post written so in the meantime, let’s talk dates.

Recently I won Marla’s giveaway for Bard Valley Medjool Dates and they arrived in San Diego the day before I got on the plane to Aruba.

Although I love plain dates, the Almond Date Roll & Coconut Date Roll scream Omg Amazing-ness.

How good do those look!

Dates: rolled and processed with coconut and almonds.  Oh yes please!  Moist, sweet, chewy.  Nature’s Candy!

I can’t wait to put the Bard Valley Medjool Dates to use.

Maybe I will make some:

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Cherry Balls

Or Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls (or use Almond Butter or Sunflower Seed Butter)

Or No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites

Or one of my personal favorite uses of dates in Raw Vegan Caramels.  3 ingredients.  Make these.

And yes, use all 3 ingredient and don’t go el cheapo trying to save money on the pine nuts. It’s a very small amount needed and worth it!   I always get a few emails about that every time post this recipe that “pine nuts are so expensive”. Maybe so, but you don’t need many.

And if you want to take it one step further, make Nut Butter Filled Carmel Bites

They are so good. 

You will never guess you are eating some no-bake, and naturally vegan and GF.  Natural “candy”.

I have a compilation Dessert Bites & Balls Post with about 25 recipes so if you need way to use dates, check that one out.

From my last post about Taking Care of Business, thanks for the comments and filling me in on what kind of bill payer you are.


1. Do you like dates?

I grew up thinking dates were gross.  I have no idea why? I saw my mother and grandmother eating them and figured I wouldn’t like them.

And, truthfully, as a kid I thought they were the same as prunes!  I know now that they’re not the same.

Plus they are not really that pretty.  Ugly food and ugly food pictures, I’ve got plenty.

It wasn’t until the past five years or so that I realized what I had been missing out on, and now, I love dates!

2. How do you like to use dates?

As I mentioned, many of my dessert bites and balls use dates in the recipes.

I use them as sweeteners and thickeners in smoothies.

You could add some to the Taste of the Tropics Smoothie

And I love to just eat them plain.

Or with Sunflower Seed Butter (or peanut butter) smeared in the middle + chocolate chips.

I call these ants on a log.

Way better than the celery version of ants on a log!

This combo is better than any candy bar, it’s sweeter, and it’s more satisfying.  And you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner.

3. Have you been on any dates lately?

No.  I’ve been married 10 years.  I wish I could say I was one of those people who “goes out on a date with my husband”.  But we  don’t.

But we’re in Aruba together and I guess that’s a “date” of sorts, right?  And now I am off to spend some time with him and Skylar.

P.S. Last chance to enter the $50 Giveaway.  Winner announced on the next post.

59 comments on “Dates”

  1. I’m not a big fan of dates but I do love prunes and all other dried fruits.

  2. I *almost* picked up some dates at the store today but ended up putting them back. After reading this post, I’m REALLY wishing I had held onto them! Next time ;)

  3. Yum! I don’t think I’ve ever had a date before. I keep seeing them in our store and think of all the amazing blogger recipes I’ve been seeing! Maybe I’ll get a few to try!

  4. Oh for the love… all of those pictures are making me drool all over my keyboard!! The coconut date rolls and those balls, yum!

    My favorite way to eat dates is stuffed with nut butter, or coconut butter and warmed in the microwave. so. freaking. delicious. Gotta love the Larabars too :)

    My hubby and I go on dates. Not very often, but we definitely go on dates when we’re on vacation.

  5. Mmm, I love dates too. So many uses for them. I love making your ants on a log. Seriously, best snack ever and it totally squashes any sugar cravings for me. Who needs a crappy chocolate bar anyways?
    Haha, not many dates for me either. We’re really not the date type either, and if we’re going out we take the kids. We never leave the kids with someone else to go out, we love spending time as a family too much to leave part of it at home. Not saying it wouldn’t be nice to, once in a while though :D

  6. i love dates! i will take on of each of those please! i adore them in my oatmeal as a staple, then i just skip the sugar. but stuffed with pb is pretty dang good too!

  7. I’ve actually only discovered Medjool dates this year! I’ve always shied away from them and now I always have a container at home. Lovelovelove how caramely it is. I have yet to bake with them (or make vegan treats) but will do soon!

  8. Those coconut date rolls look really good! And so do your raw vegan caramels! I didn’t used to like dates (partly, like you mentioned, because they were SO not appealing looking), but recently i’ve been really enjoying them. Especially stuffed with nut butter. They’re such a great pre-workout snack that gives you an extra boost of energy without an upset stomach. I like to use them to sweeten up baked goods!

  9. Yes! I felt the same way! I have always ‘thought’ I hated dates. But I dont even remember eating them. I think they look bad maybe? And I think I was always referring to the hard, dried dates found in trail mixes. haha I will need to pick up some of these… theyre the real deal! :)

  10. I love dates, one of my favorite desserts – I can eat them alone or in pretty much any raw dessert recipe. As for dating on the other hand…I live in Washington, DC: where dating comes to die. (Fashion, too, but that’s another story!)

  11. I do love dates. I have recently discovered just how wonderful medjool dates are! What a difference compared to the bulk container of “dates” from SAMS CLUB! You are a lucky girl to get those in the mail!

  12. Yes I LOVE dates. I wish they weren’t so spendy sometimes. Dates are like nature’s candy…

  13. I don’t think I even knew what dates were until a few years ago. When I found out what Larabars are, I realized dates might actually taste good considering how awesome the bars were.

    Now I use them as fuel for my long runs. I cut them up into pieces to make chewing easier, and they are perfect quick sugar during a run without any added ‘stuff’ that the goos have.

  14. LOVE dates. Both kinds.

    I haven’t bought any dates in a while, but I used to stuff them with chocolate chip cookie dough.

    Now I really want a date. Both kinds. :D

  15. Oh now those look good! I LOVE dates! In any treat or straight up…so good. Those are natures little candies!

  16. Wow, the almond date rolls sound fabulous. Great recipe inspiration, thanks.

    1. Yes and I go through a lot of them. I’ve been trying them in smoothies this week, very tasty.
    2. Smoothies, raw desserts, nut and seed milk sweeteners, or just straight up snacking on them for a quick sweet fix.
    3. Last Sunday with hubby, movie and dinner.

  17. As a child and teenager, I liked dates but never loved them. But now I actually love them.

    We have two date nights every month, one a quite dinner at a restaurant and one at home!

  18. I love dates — and my love for them started when I started reading your blog because I wanted to make all of your ball recipes!

    Now I just like them plain, but some PB and choc chips makes them even better,

    Dates — usually Jason and I try to get out once a week — either out to dinner or out for drinks — it is fun to get out of the house once in a while!

  19. I never knew I liked dates until a worker at Whole Foods gave me a sample. Now I eat them everyday! I take a few to work in my lunch everyday for my dessert. I usually just eat them plain because I hate to use them in a recipe in case I don’t like it. Can’t be wasting my wonderful (and expensive) dates!
    Hope you are having a fabulous time! It is cold, wet and depressing here in the midwest!

  20. As long as you’re spending time together that’s all that matters! I don’t think having an official date night is any better or more valuable than just having some time to be close.

  21. I love dates! My mom always made date squares at Christmas time so that’s the only time I ever had them. But now I eat them a lot more often. I love their sweet taste and chewy texture.

  22. Oh, I LOVE dates. The really good ones–like the mejdools you won-have that awesome caramel taste that I’m quite addicted to. One of my favorite ways to use dates is to remove the pit, and then dip them in melted chocolate. Maybe roll them in some coconut flakes or almond pieces. This makes a very simple, yet sophisticated and fast dessert.

  23. I need to get my hands on fresh dates sooon! I find it nearly impossible to find fresh dates in Norway, seems like we only get the dried ones. I so want to try to put nut butter and choloate in them like on your photo. That looks just yummi!
    And I love love to go on dates! I think it is just a really nice thing to do:)

  24. I love dates!!! :)) I recently just had some date coconut rolls and they were delish!! your date recipes look so good too!! I wanna make that rum date rolls.!

  25. I have recently fallen in love with dates, too! They are so awesome. i’m loving them by themselves (or with some p’nut butt-), but soon I want to try some recipes!

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