I just got back from a blogger meetup, here in Aruba!

I still need to get the pictures uploaded and the post written so in the meantime, let’s talk dates.

Recently I won Marla’s giveaway for Bard Valley Medjool Dates and they arrived in San Diego the day before I got on the plane to Aruba.

Although I love plain dates, the Almond Date Roll & Coconut Date Roll scream Omg Amazing-ness.

How good do those look!

Dates: rolled and processed with coconut and almonds.  Oh yes please!  Moist, sweet, chewy.  Nature’s Candy!

I can’t wait to put the Bard Valley Medjool Dates to use.

Maybe I will make some:

Raw Vegan Dark Chocolate Cherry Balls

Or Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Vanilla Balls (or use Almond Butter or Sunflower Seed Butter)

Or No-Bake Oatmeal Raisin Carrot Cake Bites

Or one of my personal favorite uses of dates in Raw Vegan Caramels.  3 ingredients.  Make these.

And yes, use all 3 ingredient and don’t go el cheapo trying to save money on the pine nuts. It’s a very small amount needed and worth it!   I always get a few emails about that every time post this recipe that “pine nuts are so expensive”. Maybe so, but you don’t need many.

And if you want to take it one step further, make Nut Butter Filled Carmel Bites

They are so good. 

You will never guess you are eating some no-bake, and naturally vegan and GF.  Natural “candy”.

I have a compilation Dessert Bites & Balls Post with about 25 recipes so if you need way to use dates, check that one out.

From my last post about Taking Care of Business, thanks for the comments and filling me in on what kind of bill payer you are.


1. Do you like dates?

I grew up thinking dates were gross.  I have no idea why? I saw my mother and grandmother eating them and figured I wouldn’t like them.

And, truthfully, as a kid I thought they were the same as prunes!  I know now that they’re not the same.

Plus they are not really that pretty.  Ugly food and ugly food pictures, I’ve got plenty.

It wasn’t until the past five years or so that I realized what I had been missing out on, and now, I love dates!

2. How do you like to use dates?

As I mentioned, many of my dessert bites and balls use dates in the recipes.

I use them as sweeteners and thickeners in smoothies.

You could add some to the Taste of the Tropics Smoothie

And I love to just eat them plain.

Or with Sunflower Seed Butter (or peanut butter) smeared in the middle + chocolate chips.

I call these ants on a log.

Way better than the celery version of ants on a log!

This combo is better than any candy bar, it’s sweeter, and it’s more satisfying.  And you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner.

3. Have you been on any dates lately?

No.  I’ve been married 10 years.  I wish I could say I was one of those people who “goes out on a date with my husband”.  But we  don’t.

But we’re in Aruba together and I guess that’s a “date” of sorts, right?  And now I am off to spend some time with him and Skylar.

P.S. Last chance to enter the $50 Giveaway.  Winner announced on the next post.

59 comments on “Dates”

  1. ahhh, dates! I love them. My favorite is plain old pitted, covered with peanut butter and sprinkled with dark chocolate chips and/or shredded coconut :]
    my co-op carries date rolls that look to be a similar product as those you show – I’ve never tried them, though. Whenever I see them I think “bahhh, I can make them myself…or I’ll just shove some nuts in a whole date…” but I really ought to give them a chance!
    I will have to try out more of your date-based recipes, though! I love your raw brownies, I know that.

  2. I love dates! I only ate them in date-nut bread or date bars until about a year ago. Now I eat them most days. I buy the date coconut rolls at a store in my area, or I eat dates before running, in smoothies, etc. Yum!

  3. i’m trying to play “where is that?” with the photo that goes along with your comment about your aruba meet-up. i think i know. :)
    “I grew up thinking dates were gross.” – – > this is still me. :/ the only thing i DO like with dates is my mom’s homemade date squares (because it has an apple crisp type topping).
    have a wonderful eve!!!

  4. What a great giveaway you won! I was just eating some dates & PB though I picked up deglet dates this time and like medjools much better!

  5. I am loving’ those medjool dates I won from Marla’s giveaway! They are so sweet and fluffy. Dead on with nature’s candy!

    I wasn’t much of a fruit eater as a kid, but yeah, dates, prunes, and figs were all in the same old people chow to me. Now I’m the “oldie.” I was so silly, lol.

  6. i have never dabbled int he date department but reading raw recipes they seem to pop up all over the place !I think I need to get some and try making some of your delicious lil treats! :)
    dates?!?! SIGN ME UP! :) hehe

  7. Ooh, how lucky you were to win that giveaway!

    I’m finally over my fruit-phobia and getting ready to go back to my happy place, which was always high fruit. Being half-Israeli, I was raised on dates. My childhood comfort food was mashed bananas with chopped dates–haven’t had that for about three years now, but before that it was often my dinner! Sounds so good right now…

    Your suggestions are awesome too.

  8. oh I gosh I love dates, maybe way too much. When I tried to give up sugar, dates were one thing I could not give up.

  9. Gosh, I love dates so much. They are the perfect fuel

  10. yum! I love dates! I agree, so nature’s candy! I have yet to eat them with peanut butter, ants on a log style, but will have to try soon!! :)

  11. I love dates! I didn’t used to – I think because they look sort of like roaches…but I’ve gotten over that. I actually had some for breakfast with raw almond butter, I used them one as a sweetener in a cake and I used one today in a smoothie for the first time. I always mean to make larabars of sorts or raw desserts – but I eat them before I can!

  12. Funny timing as I have spent the past 2 hours searching for a new date wholesaler – ha… Sadly, I’m still searching. Obvi, I use them in my cookies the most, but also use them as a replacement for most liquid sweeteners (soak, blend, and place in fridge) – Always have date syrup on hand! And clearly, I haven’t been on any dates lately – given that most people who probably date, don’t spend hours searching for dates :) Just a theory…

  13. oh i LOVE your version of ants on a log! had 2 this afternoon and can’t believe i’ve never thought of trying that before! will definitely be having those from now on when i’m in need of a quick pick me up! and will be trying your oatmeal raisin carrot cake bites soon too…. they look amazing. and will be on the lookout for date rolls, or make my own :)

    aruba looks beautiful, don’t really know anything about that place so it’s nice to learn a bit about that area.

  14. Over in Indio is where like 90% of the country’s date come from and they had samples at the PS farmer’s market- OMG they totally MELTED in our mouths. NEver had that before. I like dates fine, but if I’m honest, I’d rather have chocolate :-)

    Looking forward to seeing your meetup date pics!@

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  16. I have never used dates in anything!! Can you believe it!!? I do like them though, but haven’t bought them.

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  19. Those dates look so good! My favorite way to eat them is with a slice of frozen banana and a piece of dark chocolate. I think I’m going to make the caramels this weekend if I have time!!

    (I haven’t been on a date in a long time. I needed to heal from my last relationship. Starting to get ready! Mom and daughter dates are really a nice treat. I go on a date with my Dad for lunch almost every week too.) :)

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  21. We’ve been married almost 15 years, and we don’t go on dates either. I think we are going to start swapping babysitting with friends again. We did that for awhile, but then they all had 2nd babies and we didn’t. Now that their younger kids are 3+, it’s easier.

    I love dates, and I just like to snack on them with nuts or cheese.

  22. 1. I used think dates were gross too! But now I love them.
    2. I don’t really use dates at the moment .:gasp:. but hopefully that will change soon.
    3. I love to go on dates! My boyfriend of three years and I take turns taking each other out. It’s so fun to me to get dolled up and have a nice dinner out (or other fun datey activity)

  23. I love dates, although I had actually never even tried them until I started making raw desserts. Your caramels are delicious! I absolutely love pine nuts. Yum!!

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  25. Great date score!
    I tried similar date rolls/balls while on the road a while back. Super yummy.

    I am a fan of dates, but not as much as 5-6 years ago when I was eating dates all the time. Natures candy!

    Enjoy your family dates & play time.

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