Don’t Touch It

Tuesday evening I took over one last carload of things to our new pad before the movers get here early Wednesday morning.

I don’t want them touching things like:

My computer

Or difficult to deal with items like hanging clothes and clothes organizers

Can’t wait to fill up the closet!

And I definitely do not want them touching my cameras and lenses!

This is what My Beast of choice looks like

Being that I am using my iPhone for photos the past few days, you may understand why the iPhone has been handy after looking at the size of my normal camera body + lens

It’s quite a bit of camera, ykwim?   Go big or go home.  But it served me well in Mexico as well as in general.

We are only moving 1 mile.

Same zip code, same neighborhood, but whether you’re moving 1, 10, 100, or 1000 miles it really doesn’t matter too much.

Moving sucks.  Yes, longer distance moves are worse like many of our cross-country moves or our move back from Phoenix, I grant that.  But moving in general is not fun. 

It was interesting from my last post to hear when the last time many of you moved was and it seems like many of you are moving, soon.  <–Good luck!

Skylar’s been having fun with it all, though.

She comes along, like a trooper, and “helps” me. Up and down the elevator 17 times.  Push the buttons, run up and down the hallway, take down empty boxes, bring up heavy/full ones.  Repeat.

Any mother will tell you she’s likely not as productive with the kind of “help” that comes in the 4-year-old variety and I could be much more efficient without said help, but hey, I have a helper.  At least she’s smiling!

I artsy’ed this image up in Lightroom with a preset called Color Creative – Bleach Bypass

From my last post, it was fun to hear what you’re been refueling with lately.

I think I’d like to refuel with some Butterscotch Rice Krispie Treats with Vegan Chocolate Frosting

I don’t have any on hand though.

Darn.  They are nobake and fast to whip up, though.


1. How far did you move in your last move?

A mile, a continent, somewhere in between?  Ours was from Phoenix to San Diego but as I mentioned, I’ve moved at least 25 times or more!

2. How protective or possessive of your things/possessions are you?

I admit, I hate it when people touch my stuff!

I really have to breathe.deeply to even watch movers manhandle my things.

Their grimy hands getting my clean things dirty.

Their brute force strength that is all power with no finesse and little attention to detail.

They don’t know, or care, that a certain item was really expensive and to please be extra careful with it.  Even if it’s not fragile, just humor me and show it some extra TLC.  But they don’t.

It’s not just movers that annoy me with touching my stuff.  Growing up, if my sister went into my room and touched my dolls, my toys, the way I had things organized, I absolutely hated it!

She’s more messy and disorganized and okay with clutter and things not in their place, which is opposite from me and so to have my possessions messed with, well, not a fan of that.

The present day equivalent of that would be someone else going in my kitchen and messing it up or not putting things back. 

Just in general though if it’s mine, don’t touch it.  You can use it, you can have it, I will give it to you, but just give it back to me so I can put it back the way I had it, the way I want it, and I’ll clean in.   There, how’s that for brutal honesty.

So now, I am going to get some sleep and take lots of deep breaths as I watch the movers hopefully not damage anything!  (In my defense, part of this is quirkiness, but part of this is rooted in actual property damage that I have encountered time and time again in my many moves and you get pennies back on the dollar if you file a claim.  Not even worth it.)

P.S. Keep the $25 Giveaway entries coming!

50 comments on “Don’t Touch It”

  1. My last move was from Iowa to Florida. Culture shock much? and about 1400 miles….

  2. Ugh I just moved this weekend due to a break-up (therefore no planning). SUPER stressful trying to figure out where to go, how fast to get out, and how I am going to seperate what was mine, his, and ours. I hate moving to begin with…then adding it to a relationship ending (though mutual and we are still friends) made it a bajillion times worse. I still have crap in my SUV, living out of boxes, and am now relying on the kindness of my family to take me in for a while.

  3. Glad to hear the move is going well! And wonderful that Skylar is such a trooper through it all! Our last move was from MD to SC. It was an adventure for sure. I’m very glad to be settled….and hope to not move again any time soon. Those treats do look yummy! And no bake is so perfect for this time of year!

  4. Could not agree with you more!!! All important items, like cameras, computers, documents, etc. go in the car with us. I don’t trust anyone not to break or lose something important to me. :)

    Hope your move is going smoothly!

  5. The last time we moved we went down a flight of steps and about 10 meters to the left! :) We just moved sideways within the same building! So glad we found another place here as the views are fantastic and we have friends in the block. I’m definitely the same with pricey things but also a bit funny about people manhandling my stuff in general. For now while we don’t have family sized amounts of stuff I prefer to do it myself. I’m sure this will change in a few years! ;)

  6. It’s just stuff. Really. Stuff. As in material objects. Keep on breathing those deep breaths. Wishing you serenity during the rest of your move!

  7. I’m sitting at the bank as I read this post, waiting to sign paperwork for my first house I’m buying! I live on the north side of my city now, but moving to the south side. Only 30 away, but not looking forward to the actual moving process. Just cat wait to have a backyard for my 2 yr old to play in!

  8. Oh wow, what I wouldn’t give to “refuel” with rice krispy treats….

    Alas, it’s a busy day of setting things up for my beau’s move, right around the corner (read: next month) and so the only fuel I’ll be getting is whatever I scrounge for dinner. Nothing quite like moving season to get you outta whack, body and mind!

  9. Ugh I have moved SO much over the past 6 years. I am now living back in Boston but have Arizona and Maine plates in the trunk of my car! I have a moving routine down pat haha and have been able to get rid of SOOOOO much stuff I never use! It feels good to pass along clothes and other items that aren’t being used to family members and friends that will use them! When I moved back to Boston, I drove from Tucson, AZ. That was a super long move!! And full of lots of ups and downs but was certainly a pretty awesome adventure! Everything that is near and dear to me I like to deal with myself. If it breaks it’s MY fault. I am protective over my electronics (computer/camera/ipod), and certain clothes, jewelry and special pieces of pottery and art work made for me by VERY dear friends from Maine.

  10. Ugh you are not lying! Moving sucks, no matter where it is. Especially when you don’t have hired help so good job on getting one!!!

  11. Moving really is the worst. I think chocolate, caffeine and a little bit of alcohol ALWAYS helps. Good luck!

  12. I’m totally possessive over particular things too! Especially my MacBook Pro, if someone touches the screen I freak out. And my camera too, I cringe even when my husband uses it to take pictures! HA!

    Good luck with the move! It’s almost done and you’ll be in your new home! :)

  13. Last move was about 4 years ago and only about 15 miles from my old place. I totally agree with you whether you are moving 1 mile or 1000 it just sucks.
    I am a total control freak when it comes to my stuff. I like to be the one dealing with it, that way I know how its handled.

  14. I don’t like people touching my stuff either!! Especially my camera. It’s worth a lot to me ;)

  15. Yep – 1 mile or 1,000 miles, it’s still all gotta be moved out and all gotta be moved in!

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  17. We moved into our current house almost 7 years ago, which was a move of 65 miles; previous 2 houses were about the same distance apart.
    For the last 3 months I have been staying in a temporary home almost 900 miles from my house. Not much in it. :) 9 months left here.

    We’ve done all our moving ourselves. Not always fun!

    Enjoy your new home. It looks beautiful and it is nice that you are only a mile from your previous home!


  18. My last move was not to far – about a 3 minute drive from where I am now.

    I am the same way with some of my possessions – some people just aren’t careful with others’ things.

  19. Just bought that same computer 2 days ago. My first ever mac. Precious! And no I would not feel comfortable either having movers touch my baby ;)

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