Drive a Hard Bargain

On Sunday afternoon I went to the mall.  I needed to replenish my body sprays and face cleanser.

If you ‘re a fan of Butterfly Flower, Cucumber Melon, Moonlight Path, and a half dozen others, a Bath & Body Works employee told me those are all being discontinued in early summer, so stock up.  I will miss Butterfly Flower!

And I needed to pick up a new pair of running shoes and socks.  I replace my running shoes every 500 miles, max.

I don’t love the color but the other choice was black with lime green.   Eww.  I am forced to buy men’s shoes because of my big feet.  Ugh.

I know by the time I get home from Aruba I will need new shoes and these will be waiting for me so I don’t have to chase out to the mall first thing after getting home from a long trip.

I am super brand loyal to Nike Air Vomeros (Here or Here).  Lightweight, cushioned, small about of stability/control that works well for me.  Plus, they fit my huge feet better than other brands.

This happened to be the last pair in my size and it was a display pair.

The saleswoman asked me if I was okay with a display pair and I said, “Well would you take any money off because it’s the display pair?”

She said, “Sure, 10%.”

I said, “How about 20%?”

She checked with a manager and came back and said that was fine.

So, that was a nice savings of about $26 bucks off, plus the tax savings!  Almost paid for a bottle of the Lancome face cleanser that seems to be going up in price every time I buy it!

I have spent a small fortune on Nikes for the past quarter century, so I guess that was good shoe karma coming back at me.

After the mall, I ran some more errands, came home and ate green food.

With Vegan Slaw Dressing

Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks

And snacked on some  Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

From my last post about Retreats and Growth, I loved hearing about the retreats or special vacations you’ve been on and how you grew.

And lots of you have some incredible wish-list destinations, trips, and retreats you want to take in the future.  Just stay focused to make all those awesome retreats a reality. And I’ll do the same for mine.


1.  Do you ever ask for money off or discounts on things?

I never used to ask for discounts on things but life changes and I am the breadwinner supporting my family and so if I can save $30 bucks on shoes by simply asking, I will!   It took 15 seconds and the worst that she could have said was no.

Had she said no, I would have still bought the shoes because I needed them.  Shhh, don’t tell her that though!

I am not one of those people that “hammers” someone for a deal though.  I ask once, if they say no, that’s fine.  I either buy it at the price they’re asking or I don’t, but I don’t haggle, badger, or drive too hard of a bargain.

As an aside, I used to sell timeshare and the worst part was just grinding people after they said no they didn’t want to buy any timeshare.  We had to have them say no a minimum of 12 times before we turned them over to a manager who badgered them more!

Moral of that story: If you want a free 3 day/2 night trip somewhere, buy your own!  Don’t come to a timeshare office because yes, you will get your “free” trip, but you better be prepared to do it 25 times and have salespeople all over you!

So no, I don’t drive a hard bargain with people in my personal life, but am also not afraid to ask for a deal (once, and respectfully), either.

I also hate low-ballers.  The people who offer you 40% below asking price on real estate or 10 grand under asking price on a car.  Insulting!

Are you a bargainer?  Would you ask for money off on anything?

2. What’s the last thing that you feel you got a really good deal on?

I always feel everything I buy from iHerb is a great deal, including my recent order.

I got a good deal on my Macbook by buying it extremely gently used, too.  Saved me hundreds of dollars and it works perfectly.  And I just discovered it has the entire Photoshop CS5 loaded on it!  I am just finally getting comfortable and faster with Lightroom 3, though!

3. Any fave body sprays or shoes that you’re loving lately?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. i just bartered $10/month off my rent in madison. doesn’t sound like a lot, and it’s not, but it’s $120 a year…..quite a few whole foods vegan chocolate puddings :)

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