Eating When Traveling

Some people say their eating changes when they go on vacation.

Mine?  Not so much.

Those prices are in Aruban Florins, not dollars.  There is 1.77 AFL to the dollar.  So basically, the broccoli and the snow peas were about $1.25 each.  Food is cheap here compared to California grocery stores.

Unfortunately, you never know what they’re going to have since many, or most, produce is flown in.  It’s pot luck.  Or veggie luck, so to speak.

We were in luck with cucumber and edamame, though.

And cheap cantaloupe and grapes were in stock.

And I was in luck with cheap dishes!  The last dishes I bought were from Target a few weeks ago.  I was overdue, right?

Basic but will make for a good photography plate for some kind of dessert I plan to create.  Not sure what dessert yet, though.

I love this plate and check out the price…

…2.45 AFL so about $1.25, not even.

Not even a buck!  You can’t buy anything for a buck anymore.

I’m thinking that Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls would look great on that plate.

I made these over our last trip to Aruba in December.

I’m glad you liked the photos of Skylar and I in my last post, Sliding Down.  It was fun to hear if you liked slides as a kid.  And what food has been sliding down your hatchet lately.


1. When you travel, do your eating habits change?

Some people say yes, dramatically.

Mine, no, do not really change much at all.

I still eat plenty of fresh and raw food.  Simply prepared food that doesn’t deviate far from nature’s intention.  Salads with raw veggies, a little edamame, and a basic light dressing like Orange Spice Vinaigrette.  (Gena touched on this in her post yesterday, which included her recipe for Vegan Summer Vegetable Gratin)

In fact, when it’s warm and humid out, I crave fruits and veggies even more.  They are light, full of water, and just taste great.  Frozen grapes anyone?  Although frozen Bread Pudding Raisin Cake isn’t too shabby, either.

I do enjoy partaking in local fare, but I also stay true to what I know works for me.  The locals here love fried food, heavily breaded and battered fish and vegetables, or smoked meats.

Those are things that I just won’t eat and so I enjoy some local foods like the locally made desserts.  Check out this mini Coconut Cake loaf I found.

Isn’t that just the cutest thing ever?

It tasted almost as cute as it looks.

It’s about the size of my palm, a little bigger.  Full of coconut flavor.  Dense, rich, not overly sweet but unfortunately it was super dry.  Boo!  Scott and Skylar didn’t seem to mind but dry is not worth my chew.

So no locally smoked pork ribs for me, but I’ll happily try the local desserts!

How much locally made or locally-sourced food do you eat when you travel?

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72 comments on “Eating When Traveling”

  1. Great post! There’s nothing shameful in sticking to one’s habits whilst traveling: I think this whole culture of “you can’t enjoy a travel experience unless you chow down on the local beef/pastry/goulash” is nonsense! We should eat what we like, and what we crave.

  2. I wish I were that strong… I simply eat as crazy when traveling, it’s like if all the food of the world would disappear if I don’t eat it… but, as I also love eating healthy, liked the idea of baby carrots ! lol =)

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  6. Depends on where I’m travelling. If I am going somewhere exotic, I try things that appeal to me, but I still wouldn’t try things i know I’m not going to like or that will make me sick. But, I also won’t pass on something I’ve never had but sounds intriguing.

    If it is a trip to colorado or something not exotic, I pretty much eat the same. Veggies, fruit and eggs mainly.

  7. I have never seen a coconut loaf before!!!!!! I want some!!!

    When I travel, it is just a week, and I only do it a few times a year … I eat whatever I feel like at the moment :-)

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  10. I love traveling for the sake of trying new foods. Over this past month I have been through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, all of which have excellent food. I am fairly adventurous and flexible when it comes to my eating when I travel…I try to eat as cheap and healthfully as I can…I always hunt down the best street food stands.
    My best find last night was 6 mangoes for 75 cents!!!!

  11. Lol I once went to SE Asia with my family and all of the other people hated “weird” food so half the time we ended up at KFC or McDonalds! It’s so annoying when people go on vacation but don’t want to experience any food adventures.

  12. It totally depends on my options. Going to Vegas I couldn’t pack as much food as I might have liked to. We did score a room with a mini fridge, so we went to a local grocery store. Unfortunately I went to eat my breakfast from it on the last day and it was frozen solid. I try to do a good balance of eating fresh food and trying new places. Which was the best choice ever, considering I tried the best pancakes of my entire life, which you know by now because I can’t stop talking about them, lol!

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