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I love being productive and efficient.  It’s my middle name. When I waste time or things are going slower than I would have hoped, I get antsy!  Except, of course, when I’m in Aruba.  Here, I expect things to take twice as long such as:

service in restaurants is not what we find in the U.S. but that’s fine.

simple banking errands take much longer than you’d expect but that’s ok when you’re on vacation.

wondering what produce will be on the store shelves or if they will have things I like is always a good question.

Thankfully I was able to make plenty of cold salads, munch on raw veggies and make an Apple Glazed Vegetable & Edamame Stir fry with what I found here.

I’s Aruba and I’ve been on vacation.

I don’t have to be going in fifth gear all the time and a little go-with-the-flow attitude is a good thing.

However, I’m heading back home to San Diego soon and when I’m at home, efficiency and productivity is mandatory.

Two things I plan to do when I get home:

1. Buy a new iMac desktop.

As I mentioned, my computer has the Pinwheel of Death that spins and spins and I just can’t take it.  Heather and I were tweeting about beach ballin’, aka Pinwheel of Death, just yesterday.

My computer freezes, wants to restart Firefox and wants to send a “crash report”.  I lose so much time just waiting for my computer to respond.

Oh yes, “Application Not Responding. Force Quit” is another favorite.  It’s to be expected with a nearly 4 year old stuffed full machine.

Running Lightroom 3 (which I adore!) is such a resource hog, too, that I just have to have a machine with the resources to handle what I need to do.

Photography is a major priority in my life and I have to have a computer that’s reliable enough to handle photo editing.

The machines I am thinking of are here: 27 inch monitors + 8 GB memory

Those choices are all “more machine” than it appears that Apple sells from their site “off the rack”.

Any thoughts or opinions on computers?

2. The iMac choices from B & H Photo all come with Parallels Software so I can run Windows Live Writer on them.

I am not interested in Ecto or any of the other “blogging software platforms”.

I need Windows Live Writer based on everything I’ve heard.

Any thoughts or opinions on using WLW?

From my last post about Healthifying Desserts & Beans in Desserts, I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only person who has been a bit skeptical about putting beans in desserts!  However, many of you told me you have successfully incorporated garbanzo beans into many desserts and have loved the outcome.

The reviews, however, about black beans in brownies were not as positive.  Many of you told me that was a kitchen fail.  Good feedback.

Also, wonderful comments about if you care about healthifying desserts or not.  Sometimes, I think that healthy desserts can be awesome and taste just as amazingly decadent as “regular” desserts.  Taste is my final goal.  Must be amazing, period. And I don’t care what it took to get to the amazing point.


1. Do you have a Mac? Talk to me about what you have, if you love it, what you’d buy next?

I have my iMac desktop

and my MacBook.  Nice, but not a power beast.

For my main at-home computer and needs I must have: speed, power, and a big screen.  And did I mention speed.  Back to that efficiency principle.

2. Do you blog with Windows Live Writer?

Tell me how much you love it and that it changed your life and the way you blog.  Go ahead because from everything I’ve heard, it did and does.

I blog from WordPress’ own platform and it’s like a step back in time to an Atari computer with how slow and cumbersome it is.

3.  Do you crave efficiency & productivity?

I sure do!

I am a yogi and yes, being mellow and going with the flow is all well and good but when it comes to some things, such as technology, I am all about efficiency!

Blogging twice a day is a time commitment; I need my machine to keep up with my needs and demands so that I am doing more living life and less sitting at my chair waiting for the Pinwheel of Death to stop!

4. Do you have any pieces of technology, tech gagdets, iPhones, etc. that you just adore?

I do love my iPhone far more than my Blackberry, that’s for sure.   Which is why even though it was stolen 3 weeks after I had it, I paid big money to replace it rather than reverting back and using my old Blackberry.

Have a great evening!

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  1. i like to think that i am a queen of organization and efficiency, so i totally get you on that. sadly, i am NOT a techie, so i cannot help at all with computer questions. i WANT to get windows live writer, but who knows when that will happen!
    does sound like you def need a new system at home…hope you get some helpful tips!
    wah, i don’t want you to leave aruba! i love these posts! :)

  2. Love my iPad!!!!

  3. I dont know too much about macs other than the fact that I need to dump my pc and get one… I love how your responses are blue how do you do that?

  4. Nothing is more frustrating then a computer that doesn’t work.. I have no patience when it comes to pictures downloading slow. or running out of memory!
    I have been thinking about getting a mac but the hubs is a total pc guy. I’m thinking we need to go hang out in the apple store for awhile to convert him.

  5. As you know, I use VMWare Fusion just for WLW. I can’t live without it, though WLW has failed me a few times. Like one time it just suddenly disappeared or froze up and crashed.
    As an Apple fan, I look down on other computer that are not Mac. hee hee. Mac is just superior! Except when it comes to blogging platforms.

  6. I use a MacBook Pro, pimped out. I have a large external monitor and wireless keyboard that makes it desktop-ish when I am at home, but otherwise its a laptop (like right now). You know I love ecto, so I won’t even go into it, but whatever you do, STOP using the WP platform. I really can’t believe you are still doing that!!!

    Efficiency is my middle name. I think it annoys a lot of people. Oh well. ;)

  7. I have a macbook. Love it but would love something a bit more powerful. OK, a lot more powerful, and I would love to blog with WLW as I hear it’s THE BEST. I currently use Ecto and it’s fine. Much quicker than blogging through WordPress since I can just drop and drag the photos.

    I hate the wheel of death. Seriously wanted to throw my computer out the window today at one point. Total Office Space moment. :)

    • the fact that you use Ecto and like it says a lot..ok, cool. I wish I liked it. It has failed me 3x and I just refuse to even try it again! haa!

      and hate to tell you but….you will find that as you run big programs like PS Elements or LR 3 or any of the photo editing software, and then add more pics to your ‘puter…that the beach ballin will just get worse and worse and worse…

      where youre at today….is the best.
      it will just.get.worse with the workhorse software now. yep. sad but true.

  8. I have a macbook pro and my hubby has my old macbook. We’re still blackberry phone users…but might make the switch to iphone once our contract is up next March! I’d love to get the desktop mac once it’s manageable for us and even an ipad. I love mac!!!

  9. I love my MacBook but noticed it was slowing down considerably and saw that I was coming very close to taking up most of the hard drive space. Once I moved a lot of my photos and videos to external hard drives, I found that helped a lot!

  10. I know what you mean…ants in my pants! It is good to Have to slow down though sometimes. Good prespective. :) I also have efficient as a middle name.

    I too need to figure out the next step with a computer…I think I will be entering the world of MAC. :)

  11. I am very good at being efficient and productive when something HAS to get done (homework, house cleaning, cooking for a party, etc), but when I have nothing that I HAVE to do … I don’t do much of anything :-)

    I have a macbook, and also a Compaq laptop, and a PC desktop. I like them all for different things, but don’t know much about any of them!

  12. I’m a MAC girl through and through. I converted about 4 years ago when I started getting more involved in graphic design in my family’s business. I love love LOVE my MAC and will never go back :) Currently I use an iMAC at work and a Macbook Pro laptop at home. I love the flexibility the laptop gives me for travel but you can’t beat the monitor size and storage space of the large iMacs.
    I’m currently taking a class online for PC software programs for business school and I HATE it because I’m so used to my MAC. lol pathetic I suppose ;)
    Light room and photoshop are my fav. programs for editing photos and blogging but I haven’t heard a lot about windows live writer… tell us more! :)

  13. Beautiful pictures! I don’t know how anyone could get bored with beach pitcures like these. I’ve just enjoyed living vicariously through your trip. Every little girl should have a hair braiding experience at the beach :)

  14. Going with the flow is key while on vacation. Especially when in the Caribbean :)

    Mac: Did you look into getting additional / upgrade memory? If you do buy a new machine (no matter if Mac or PC) make sure it has LOTS of memory. Applications these days are memory hogs.

  15. I always used Macs in school, but have always been a PC girl at home. I haven’t even touched a Mac in about 10 years! I am totally jealous of those with iPhones or other fun electronic toys. I’m still using a phone that can call and text and….that’s it. Anything better costs $$!

  16. I have an apple that is in fact, a lemon. Since I got my macbook in Sept 2007, I’ve been through THREE harddrives, and FOUR keyboards!!! The keyboard cracks and holes develop, so I have to get it replaced. My warranty ran out last September and now it’s with a hope and a prayer I turn it on everyday…even still, I do love it and will definitely buy another macbook when it’s time!

  17. I love WLW. It saves me HUGE amounts of time when I blog….which hasn’t been much lately. :( If I had the balls to install it on my work computer I would. Then I would be able to blog more. Says alot about how busy I am at work, right? ;)

  18. I see every one talking about their fancy computers/laptops when I’m still using an Acer :( but i keep it running well by deleting old temp internet files and what not. Just wanted to say I love your blog site it’s wonderful… Jill the designer signing off–http;//www.cheapguccishoes.moonfruit.com ps I will tell all my FB friends about your site :)

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