Fast, Easy, & Healthy Snack Ideas

I’ve been playing around my new lens and trying to figure out how to get zoomed in and get good close up shots.  That’s been easier said than done because it’s not a true macro lens, plus, it doesn’t zoom. 

Standing about 12-14 inches back and trying to get as close to the food as possible and have the camera still take the picture has been my course of action.  The camera won’t “snap” the picture if I get too close.  But sometimes I want to zoom in and get more detail than this…

…and this lens is perhaps not the one for detail that.  Or I need to just practice more with it.  Which is entirely possible!  I’ve also read that sometimes people buy lenses and don’t use them much for 6 months or so, and then all of a sudden, they “discover” how much they do love that particular lens.  Learning curve stuff I surmise.

So these pictures of my edamame and tomato salad are as zoomed in as I can get. 

I didn’t pour the Vegan Slaw Dressing over the top until I knew I was done taking pictures.  Which was a mere 20 minutes later.  I took about 40 pictures of my salad and didn’t like any of them.

Here was my photography attempt with my “Baked” Pumpkin Pie Bananas snack:
Slice 1 Banana
Sprinkle with 1 Tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice & 1 Tsp of Sugar
Microwave for 30 seconds

Before Microwaving…

…After Microwaving

The banana pictures turned out better than the edamame pictures.  Day lighting (natural sunlight) vs. dinner hour lighting is my  guess.
This is Skylar’s Favorite Snack.  She’s begs for “baked” bananas.  Easy, fast, and a staple here. 

Or my Peanut Butter Banana “Crowns” are a fun snack 
Peanut Butter Banana “Crowns”

Or try Microwave Banana Oat Cakes

Microwave Banana Oat Cakes

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Protein Bars
Thanks to the dozens and dozens of you who have written me telling me these have become a staple in your house! 

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Protein Bars

If you need ripe-banana recipe ideas, I have a whole post of ideas. 

I also make Peanut Butter “Sandwiches” using zucchini, squash, or cucumber rounds

Who needs Gluten-containing bread? I like eating fresh veggies much more than gluten and bread.
Peanut Butter “Sandwiches”

If you like the looks of the Pumpkin Pie Spice “Baked” Bananas above, you’d probably also like my 1 Minute GF Vegan Apple Crumble
I have to say, my old point and shoot macro setting shots as evidenced by the below photos were pretty darn decent if I do say so.

1 Minute GF Vegan Apple Crumble

For Snacks with Added Protein in them…

Chocolate Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn
Popcorn makes a good snack if you need that crunch factor.  Plus you can get salty + sweet at the same time if that’s your thing.  Or added protein if that’s your thing.

Chocolate Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (with a High Protein Option)

You don’t even need to whip out a Vita or food processor for these.  These are a stir by hand, one bowl, and you’re done type snack.  I think these are the #2 most viewed recipe on my site.

No-Bake Vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (with a High Protein Option)

Or if you like to drink your snacks…

Iced Coffee & Chocolate Protein Shake

Iced Coffee & Chocolate Protein Shake  

Chocolate Coconut Princess Smoothie
You don’t have to have a princess cup to enjoy this one.  But everything tastes better in Princess cups I think.

Chocolate Coconut Princess Smoothie

From my post yesterday, I’m so glad you enjoyed my recipe for my Grandma D’s Special K Bars!  I hope you make them.  She would roll over in her grave with joy if she knew you did!   

And lots of you told me you’ve had similar recipes that called for Corn Flakes.  I have seen and had those too, but using Special K is how my grandma made them and I like them better than with Corn Flakes.

Special K Bars

It was fun to read about the who the cooks in your family are, and who does or doesn’t write recipes down and what your favorite childhood recipes were.  

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1. What Fast, Healthy, Easy, or kid-friendly, Snacks do you love?

2. What’s on your agenda for today?
I have a couple appointments, I’m working, and I am about to rock a 20 Minute At-Home Workout.  

See you later!

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  1. looks so tasty!
    my blog is only about lunches that i bring to work.
    be my guest lunch Box :)

  2. The special K bars definitely catch my eye the most (they just look decadent and I’ve been thinking about making them), closely followed by the popcorn (because I’ve been craving that, too) and the peanut-butter protein bars (because I have also been craving those!) Maybe today I’ll have to spend some time satisfying these cravings today. :)

  3. I love banana oat cakes!!!

  4. The cookie dough balls catch my eye the most…one of my fave recipes of yours!

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  7. I have the same problem! I am still working hard now! Hop this helps!

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