Feathers & Trends

Saturday is always errand day for me.

I  hit the bank

Then the grocery store

Stocked up on some sale peaches, plums, and white nectarines

I’m already mourning the loss of summer fruit

Watermelon, I will miss you too.  Did you see my How to Pick a Good One post?

And I hit up the beauty supply store

I could live here.  Really, I’d like to move in.

I replenished my Enjoy.

Enjoy has been my #1 go-to shampoo for the past few months.  See here.

And then I saw these adorable feather barrettes.

I really wanted one but they were $33.  Each.

I’m thinking that a pair of $70 barettes after tax isn’t the smartest idea and maybe a trip to Michael’s may be.

Feathers are are all the rage here.

From long feathered earrings that sort of look like they’re woven in with hair

To feathered barrettes that you can clip on on top of your hair or more underneath by the nape of your neck so the feathers are hanging down with your hair and all  mixed up with your hair and resting on your neck and shoulders

It’s Feather Time here

Considering I have a bird phobia, you wouldn’t think I want to jump on this craze, but I do!

Edited to add: The store employees told me these are all synthetic feathers.   I’m already getting some ruffled feathers in the comments.

And after errands, it was time for cream with a little coffee coffee

And a run outside.

It turned out to be a beautiful day!

Thanks for your lovely comments on my previous tribute post to the late Mikey, Peanut Butter Heals


1. What have you been up to on Saturday? Best thing you’ve eaten or done so far this weekend?

2. Do you like beauty supply stores or any fave healthy and beauty, haircare, makeup products you’ve been loving lately or can’t live without?

I did a big haircare & beauty products review post with all my faves, sulfate-free shampoos, detanglers, and more.

3. Feathers?  Or any other trends or crazes you’ve tried lately or spotted on others? Jumping on board with any of them?  Or not?

I am digging the feathers.

And I have been contemplating another tattoo.  Not sure what yet, and who knows if I will actually get one, but I feel the need for more ink.   I am going to sit it out and wait (well I have been waiting) and see if this, too, shall pass.

Trends in clothing?  I usually rock my own look from Neiman Marcus meets thrift store, to Anthropologie meets 10 year old workout clothes.  I never know what I’m going to put on.

Art.  Creating.  Tattoos.  Makeup.  Photography.  Recipes.  Cooking.  Hair.  Fashion.  Feathers.  Marching to your own beat.  It’s all good.

P.S. Keep the $150 Anderson Seafoods Giveaway entries coming.  Giveaway ends Monday.

37 comments on “Feathers & Trends”

  1. I love feathers! My sister had a hair piece for her wedding that had lace and white feathers. It was so pretty :-)

  2. The feather trend seems hot in my area, too. Although I like the look *somewhat*, I’m not so sure I could pull it off! ;)

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  4. My sister has a hair feather! I can do without them, I wouldn’t mind another tattoo though!

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