Yesterday fellow foodie blogger and fitness diva, Gina, asked if there are any weird foods you’re eating right now in this post. Twenty bucks to anyone who can guess what that little square-ish shaped, semi-translucent object on my pile ‘o raw veggies & broccoli is? Just kidding but I’ll give you a pat on the back :)

Fermented watermelon rind with mixed vegetables
It’s actually fermented watermelon rind. My grandmother used to make sweet-n-tangy pickles out of watermelon rinds. Those ladies sure did not waste any amount of food, not even the rind of watermelons! After not having these kind of wonderful pickles about 20 years, I recently came across Picklopolis who sells watermelon rind pickles. My verdict is that for what it is, taking a watermelon rind and making it tasty, it’s very good…but it’s not as good as Grandma’s were. But, considering Grandma is no longer with us, if I have a craving for some, I at least have my go-to hookup on my watermelon rind pickles.

Jar of The Kingdom of the Bring Picklopolis Watermelon Rind

And we all know that fermented foods are wonderful for balancing your digestion and adding happy bacteria back into your body that become depleted from stress, toxins like alcohol or environmental pollutants, right? You can read all you’d ever want to know about fermenting and pickling just about any food under the sun at Wild Fermentation. So I will continue the question, what weird food are you eating?

This morning I also made my go-to Cinnamon-Ginger-Cumin dip in the trusty V that I have mentioned in this post and this post where I mentioned the recipe. I am on a kick with this stuff, love it for carrots, broc, even tomatoes taste yum dipped in it. Get creative and tell me what you’d like to dip it on?
Cinnamon Cumin Ginger Dipping sauce in green bowl
Then I was off for my 8am solo run around the ‘hood.
Woman outside in running gear getting ready for a runAnd when I came home my little precious was waiting for me. “Mommy, I misssssseeeeddd you!” she proclaimed. I had been gone a whopping 30 minutes. Time is a skewed reality when you’re two.
Woman and little girl smiling in front of a door
This morning’s final cooking project was what I have been calling Nummies for the past few years. It’s everything Nummy I have in the fridge and should probably use up. Today’s Nummy Mix that was processed in the Vita-Mix included:
*1 apple
*1 banana
*1/2 orange
*1 cup watermelon
*10 baby carrots
* 1/4 c raisins
*Heaping handful of greens
*1/2 cucumber
*1/4 cup of tahini that I needed to use up… oh my this made the Nummies so creamy and smooth and full of good fats
*agave to taste

Here’s the finished product in a glass jar.
Blended vegetables, fruit and tahini in jar
Skylar has some Nummies twice a day, I grab a little here and there, and always feel so happy because I know we’re gettin in all our fruits, veggies, nutrients, and fiber. BTW, this is a big portion and actually will keep in the fridge for a few days. I confess, that with a toddler, I don’t necessarily have time to re-create awesome smoothie nummies on a daily basis so I normally make enough to last a couple days. That’s my Tip of the Day, too, folks. Cook in batches when you can, it will reallllly save you time in the long run. What do you like to make in batches?


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