I love thrift stores and thrift shopping especially for cute little dishes and one-of-a-kind kitchen items. Once you can get past the visual overload and hodge-podge, there are usually some gems to be found.

Thrift store shelves of kitchenware

Case in point, these turquoise gems.

I found this set of two little flat plates or saucers, two compartment plates, and two little cups for $5 dollars.

Teal plates and bowls

One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure.

Not sure why anyone would have parted with this set, but that’s where the old, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” analogy comes in.

Teal plates and bowls

I have a recipe coming up in using these. They were begging to be put to use, immediately.

Teal plates and bowls

Some other favorite five dollar finds include:

This cream

I started using it when Skylar was a baby for her dry skin but realized it’s extremely thick (almost too thick for a baby), it’s made with lavender and chamomile, and it does an amazing job of keeping my body soft and my hands from drying out after doing dishes, which is a seemingly non-stop job some most days.

Gentle Naturals baby eczema cream box

A bag of cashews and rice is less than five bucks…

Bag of medium grain rice and raw whole cashews

for making homemade horchata, which is a new staple for us.

homemade horchata in three jars

Birthday Cake Oreos. Get ’em while the gettins’ good.

Bag of birthday cake oreos

If you don’t happen to eat them as-is…

birthday cake oreos

You can make Oreo-Stuffed Brownies with them.

Oreo-stuffed birthday cake brownies

Happy first day of spring today!

Red-pink flowers

It’s finally sunny again in San Diego after a really rainy and nasty cold snap we’ve had for the past half week, but it’s picture perfect today.

Blue sky

Have you found anything great for $5 dollars lately?

I recently did a post on some $1.99 finds, too.

Here’s my Drugstore Top Ten post. All products are under $5 bucks.

Are you enjoying any springtime weather today?

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