Five Fun Friday Facts

A couple days ago I opened the mail to find a pair of chocolates waiting for me from Intemperantia

Does that backdrop look familiar to you?  It may because t’s part of the scarf collection I posted about a couple days ago that I bought to enhance and prettify my blog photos.

The chocolate didn’t need any enhancing.  Chocolate truffles in the mail always make for a great day.  They were wonderful!

But since man cannot live on chocolate alone, I decided to make some other food.  However, I am pretty sure woman could live on chocolate alone.

I made a batch of Cinnamon Sugar & Ginger Roasted Potato Sticks

And some muffins.  Cinnamon Raisin Banana Oatmeal Muffins

I was on a Cinnamon + Sugar kick which worked out just fine for both the taters and the muffins.

From my last post about Little Thrills, I am glad you liked my new Marshall’s finds.  Yes, I was pretty stoked about them, too.

And thanks for the compliments on my Tastespotting feature.  It was fun to read about your little thrills, too.

Also, doesn’t sound like most of you are that into practical jokes or April Fool’s Day jokes.  But a few of you have played some doosies on unwilling recipients.  Glad I had you going with my little “announcement”.  For 1 second at least.

Dessert is no joking matter.  I would never joke about chocolate.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

One bowl + spoon.  Freezer-friendly.  Vegan, GF.  Fast. Easy. Chocolate.  Say no more.


1. Do you like truffles?

I do!  What’s not to love about a rich chocolate treat?

2. Time for Five Fun Friday Facts:

I can keep a smile plastered on my face for a really long time even when mentally I am not “smiling”. 

I used to be a figure model for drawing classes.  Get paid to lay like a statue and not move a muscle and drink wine.  It was a perfect job.

I haven’t had a professional pedicure in over a year.  I used to get two a month.  Now, I just do my own nails.

I feel uncomfortable when people have heated arguments in front of me.

I would rather have wrinkles and go in the sun that be wrinkle-free and stay indoors.  I love being outside!  It’s in the low 80s and sunny here today.  Time to get my workout in!

I know I just posted a tidbits and trivia post with two awards, but it’s Friday.  Let’s keep it light. Hope you enjoyed my facts and have a great weekend!

What are your Five Fun Friday Facts?


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  2. I knew you’d be a model!

    Oh man…my landlords live right next to me – I’m like in their “Granny suite” off of the main house. They were in a HUGE argument today. Well…I’m walking out (quietly trying to escape through the main door) – and the husband opened the door at the same time….I don’t know who was more embarrassed!!

    Their yelling was annoying – but everybody fights! Whatever – I’m not that sensitive! But he seemed so embarrassed which made me feel bad…it’s a cycle ;)

  3. I wear my heart on my sleeve, I have zero ability to look happy when I’m not. I really wish I was better at that!! Oh and that job sounds like pure torture to me. Having to sit still? I can certainly zone out watching a movie, but just knowing that I can’t move drives me crazy! And I also can’t stand confrontation, even just witnessing it.

    Some random facts: My hair has been pretty much every color you can dye it, except for green. My mom and I agreed when I was a kid that no one needs “booger-colored” hair. When my niece wanted streaks in her hair she wanted blue. I told her that was cool, but let her in on the green hair warning just in case she changed her mind, lol.

    And, I am one of the pickiest eaters in the entire world and yet my favorite vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts which most people hate!

  4. How could you NOT like truffles?! I even named my ferret after them :)

  5. I agree about the heated arguments. My good friend and her boyfriend used to come over to my house for dinner, and he was such a jerk that he would always get mad at my friend for something and start a fight. It was SO awkward for the hubby and I!!

  6. Here are my Friday facts:
    1- I only like ketchup on French fries. Nothing else, not even on potatoes in other forms.
    2- I was born in southern California and even though I’ve lived in Utah for most of my life, I still hate cold and winter and feel like a California girl at heart.
    3- I’ve never died my hair or had a professional mani or pedi.
    4- My favorite TV shows are still the ones I watched as a kid: The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock.
    5- I used to have a dog named Hershey and a cat named Nestle. I think now I would name them Lindt and Endangered Species…

  7. Gosh, you always have the most delicious sounding recipes!

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  9. I could definitely live on chocolate alone. I will say, though, that the potato sticks look amazing!

  10. Love the scarf use in your photos, very pretty. :-) The chocolate sounds wonderful, so do the Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs.

    1. Yes, my hubby is a bigger fan, so I never get that many. :-)
    2. Fun facts. I really need a pedicure, but have been waiting for a bad nail to grow out from my first half marathon. I’m a sucker for stupid comedy movies. And I can’t think of anymore facts because it’s Friday and I’m burned out. :-)

  11. Interesting of you to mention pedicures. I just got one. As in, right this moment I just got back…I have sunny yellow nails now :)

    Was it hard to pose so still for the modelling? I’ve drawn from life drawing classes but never modeled.

  12. great post! wow! a figure model, you are brave! my 5 facts are: i love hostess cupcakes, i love tabloid mags, i love people but need my alone time, i’m a wannabe morning person, & ate mostly jelly bellies today for food consumption (not a usual thing). NICE photos!

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