On Monday I am flying to Denver and then driving to Boulder because I am attending Food and Light!

What is Food and Light?

It’s a food photography workshop covering the fundamentals of photography including: exposure, manual controls, and lighting. Additionally, we will discuss composition, styling, and more advanced topics based on what participants want addressed. Lecture will only be a quarter of the workshop as we feel hands-on shooting and open discussion with instructors and fellow participants is an effective and enjoyable way to learn. The venue for the second day is in a restaurant setting, challenging attendees to work with variable light conditions and the dynamic environment.

It’s being held in gorgeous Boulder, Colorado and I can’t wait to meet the other 25 attendees who will be there!

I also can’t wait to meet the instructors

Todd & Diane of White on Rice Couple

Jen Yu of Use Real Butter

Matt Wright of Wrightfood

Last year my dear friend Marla (who I just saw for coffee last week) attended F & L and raved about it.  I am so excited!  I wish Marla was going again this year but I’ve read the attendee list for F & L and am so pumped to meet so many amazing bloggers and photographers who are going.

Ironically, I just got back from my Mexico City Photography tour with Penny de los Santos two and a half weeks ago and would have never chosen to take two such amazing trips back to back, but that’s the way things just work out sometimes.

Sometimes you just have to jump on the opportunities that present themselves, as they come, and worry about timing later.

Image from this post.  It was a meaty discussion, indeed.

Prior to Mexico City, I had been to the Real Food Styling & Photography Workshop that Matt and Adam held a earlier this year.

It was at that workshop that my life changed.

Similar to how yoga is just something I wanted to pursue, to practice, and something I just had to do and have in my life about 12 years ago when I first became a yoga teacher, at Matt and Adam’s photography workshop I realized the same thing about photography.

I realized that photography is something I want to pursue, to practice, to do.  It actually called and spoke to me me, I didn’t call it.  I didn’t even know how to use a DSLR until this year!  It was all about the Point and Shoot.

But once I got my DSLR, started reading everything I could about photography, food photography, food styling, and just practicing, practicing, practicing by taking as many photos every single day that I possible can, I realized photography is a calling and a passion I must pursue.

I wrote about a post about Goals, dreams, hopes, aspirations:  Career Fantasy & Doing What You Want

That’s why I am so incredibly pumped for F & L!   Being around others, whoa are likely as passionate as I am about photography, food photography and passionate about learning, growing, and challenging themselves to improve is so exciting!

Now I just have to pack.

I  know I will be bringing a camera.  And lipgloss.

I’m glad you enjoyed my Girly Mall trip post and all that MAC!


1. Have you ever been really excited for a class, event, or trip?  What was it?

When I was in school, classes were things I “had to” take.  I didn’t enjoy many of them.  Some were okay, but most were simply tolerated and endured.

Fast forward to now and I am so excited to take this class!

And, going to Denver and seeing Boulder and Denver are exciting as I’ve never been there and have heard they are stunning.  Not that I have extra time to just bee-bop around and sightsee but am looking forward to all the natural beauty!

2. Fun weekend plans, activities, or good food?

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I need some Vanilla Iced Coffee

and Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

P.S. Thanks for the entries on the Summertime Cooldown Giveaway!

P.P.S. All of my photography related posts are linked in my Photography Section.  Everything from cameras, lenses, editing software, gear, classes, books, and my thoughts about why you don’t “need” a DSLR.  You need to practice and learn about composition, lighting, and so forth more than you “need” a fancy camera.  It’s all linked in that section.


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