Food Buzz: Arriving & Meeting New Friends, Lots of Pics

Hi Friends!  I made it to San Francisco!  What a surreal past 24 hours it’s been!   Highlights so far:

I was recognized in the San Diego airport by Lauren, who I also bumped into at the “Street Fair” that Food Buzz had set up for us from 6-9pm Friday night

 I realized on my flight that I had forgotten this critical piece of equipment

The memory stick reading device that transfers photos from my camera to my laptop.  It was just a mere $100 cab ride from the airport to Radio Shack to Best Buy to the hotel in order to procure it.  But alas, I have it.

And I have this one that will always stay with my laptop now.  And the other one will stay at home with my desktop.  Major huge PITA and can’t believe I forgot it, but hey, I knew I’d forget something.

Tonight at the reception/Street Fair, I got some great photos of friends’ blogs I read.  I’ll leave you with mostly photos



Here’s who I met (and if they appear in more than one photo, I linked their blog the first time they appeared in this post, not in each photo thereafter.  It’s gettin’ late!)

 Tiffany I received her gift in the Gift Exchange

 Thanks, Tiff: Lotion, Coffee, Noodles (that I passed on to another girl because of the gluten)

Eden received my Gift


 Mimi & Sophia

Lauren and Jackie


Me, Gina, Gabriela

Holly, Elise


Michelle, Gina, Brittany, me

Jolene & me

Sarah & Ashley

Kath & Jenna

And on the bus on the way home, Jenna was on my left, and I plopped down next to a woman, without paying much attention to who it was.  I said, hi, I’m Averie, what’s your name?   And just as soon as the words escaped my mouth, I realized it was Tina.  She said, I’m Tina.  I said, “Of course you are.  You’re pretty famous, I should have recognized you!”  I felt like a dork for not realizing who it was, but travel, wine, no real food, no real sleep, the darkness of the bus, hey, those are my excuses…haha!

We chatted on the ride how exhausted we both were.  We both flew in today.   And that we were both going to bed, asap.

And with that friends, it’s time to call Scott, make sure he and Skylar are surviving.  And hopefully he didn’t get any conditioner in her eyes

 Thanks for all the sweet comments on that post about leaving my baby for the first time, ever. 

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Dessert: I did lick the frosting off one of the mini cupcakes from this table 

 I had heard that they were vegan (unconfirmed).  Doubtfully Gluten-Free, so I didn’t eat the cupcake, just the frosting.  

These are not cupcakes, they’re muffins, but they are definitely Vegan & GF
Vegan Gluten Free Banana Nut Muffins 

Great for lunches, kid snacks, breakfast with a slather of nut butter on top, you name it, super easy and as always vegan, gluten & soy-free with no additional oil added.

The Yummy, Gooey Inside of a Muffy
Vegan Gluten Free Banana Nut Muffins 

1. Best Thing You’ve Done or Ate So far This weekend?
By far, meeting everyone in this post, as well as some people who I saw from afar but didn’t get to talk to, or didn’t get a chance to snap a picture with yet, is the highlight of my weekend!  Because the food so far was not my scene.

2. Have you ever run into someone “famous” or well known and you didn’t realize who it was?  Or realized after the fact who it was?
I have definitely walked right past certain famous Hollywood types (in Southern California there are lots of “star sightings”) and not known who they were until someone will say, oh that’s so-and-so.

And professional athletes, I am the worst.  People will say, oh that’s this or that player from the San Diego Chargers or from the Padres, and I will have no idea who that is. 

3. Do you have any requests for me from Food Buzz?  Things you want me to try to photograph or write about?  Details, info, what do you want to know?  Now’s your chance to let me know, speak up!

4. Have you ever been to San Francisco?  Would you like to go, or live here?
Scott and I used to come here lots in the past.  We have friends here and we’d come to San Fran, go to the wine country, go to Tahoe skiing, see the sights in the Bay Area, live it up.

Wine, friends, shopping, outdoor activities, the overall wonderful consciousness of the people up here, yoga, a truly first rate world class city.  I just adore it here.   

Except for the cold weather!  You’d think I’d be “tough” after growing up in MN and Chicago, but I am a wimp these days with the cold.  Well, I always did hate the cold.  The weather is the deal breaker for me here, but everything else…I love.   It’s such a great city on so many levels!  It’s been great to be back here!

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