French Press Coffee, Posts with Tips

I can’t believe it’s already Hump Day.  Wow, this week is flying by for me.  How about for you?

I have workmen coming over to fix the hole in my ceiling today.  Hammer, hammer, bang, bang, drywall and sawdust to clean up later on.  Fun.

I won Janetha’s Give Away for single-use cups of French Press coffee.  Me and 99 other people.  There were 100 winners.  Thanks for coordinating that give away, Janetha!

Thanks My Smart Cup and  Janetha!  I love coffee so this is perfect for me.

Skylar “won” something.  A new book.  Every month she gets a free book in the mail.  If you know any Jewish children, even half-and-half like Skylar is, check out this post for info on free kids books.

The weather has been chilly here.  Nothing like the cold and snowstorms that some of you have going on, but it made me want something warm and hearty so I made a pot of Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos & Veggies
It’s a one-pot meal that comes together in 15 minutes and makes tons of leftovers which is great.  Cook once, eat twice.  That’s the name of the game for me.

Caribbean Coconut Rice with Garbanzos & Veggies 

Thanks for commenting on my post yesterday about time with friends.  I had a great time with my friend yesterday and it was interesting to find out how often, or not, you see you real life friends.

And my question about oatmeal cookies, cakes, and bars.  Tough call which one was everyone’s favorite.  But I think you said you prefer cookies over cake, but it was a close call.  Glad you liked the recipes I posted. 

Tip:  My Case of Coconut Water Give Away for 3 Winners!

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1. Do you ever make French Press coffee?
I was scared to make it until I got my French Press

I did a step-by-step tutorial on how to make French Press Coffee 
It’s not rocket science, but many people are scared or confused about how to do it (and I used to be) so I said what the heck and posted about it
2. Do you like posts that have “Tips”? i.e. how to make French Press Coffee, how to Clean and Core a whole Pineapple, how to get free books for your kids, etc.
I felt a bit silly posting about how to clean and core a pineapple, and my tips about how to tell if a pineapple is ripe just by looking at it, but dozens of people wrote telling me that was helpful, so I’m glad I posted it.  I never know what’s going to be helpful and what’s too basic.
Here are a few more Tips Posts:
Tips for Saving Money on Grocery Budget
Food Allergies & Going Gluten Free 
Favorite Kitchen Appliances & Items  (and why you probably don’t need that dehydrator) 
5 Random Tips Here for Lifestyle/Cooking/Etc.  
Do you learn things from Tips types of posts and enjoy them?  

Any type of Tips Posts you’d like to see me write?  Tips on _______.
Of course that I have expertise on!  I can’t write Tips on How to Change your Car Oil.
3. What’s on your To-Do List Today?
I have a couple appointments, the workmen and ensuing cleanup, working out, parenting, and working.  Nothing like a quiet day.
See you later with a Recipe Post!

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