Friday Faves


In no particular order, here’s a list of a few Friday Faves

1. I love my white iphone case because it’s plastic and pretty indestructible

And I can really see it from the depths of my purses, work bag, gym bag and it just stands out so I can find my phone better, but the wood cases are pretty cool!

2. Epiphanie Camera Bags that double as a purse

I really don’t need any more bags

I have this camera bag


And this one

But I kinda want another one anyway.

You can never have too many bags

Or too many tubes of lipgloss, right?

3. These roses that I captured make the list of Friday Faves

If you look closely you can see the bee tucked deep inside the center of the rose below

Just like I have no fear of cemeteries, I have no fear of bees.  Come pose for the camera my buzzy little friend.

4. I am due for a thrifting session

I wonder what things I’ll find?  My budget is about $10 bucks

But usually I score for under $10Love that.  That’s a fave.

5. These are a Friday Fave

Snickers Bar Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Or an any day fave

Day of the week does not matter when it comes to candy bars stuffed inside cookies.  Mmm-kay?  Thought so.

From my last post, One Day Ahead & Reusable Mugs, thanks for sharing a few of your fave reusable mug brands.  Always good to hear about new ones.



1. What are your Friday Faves?  Or This Week Faves?

Some ideas…

Fill in the blanks

I would like to have _____________ .

(I would love to have any of these lenses)

I came across this great ____________ .

( I came across this great website that sells presets for Lightroom so I can geek out even more with photo editing.  And yes, I bought some.  Used them in this post to add a little moodiness and broodiness to the photos.  And if you want Free Lightroom presets, I linked to some free presets in my last post)

2. Weekend Plans?

I’m working and have been putting off cleaning my floors and scrubbing my toilets so joy, oh joy, I will be tackling some cleaning projects as well as laundry.

And in between working and my chores, I plan to enjoy some fresh air and summery weather

And enjoy time with Skylar

P.S. Thanks for the entries on the Sweet Treats Giveaway.  Keep the sugar rush entries coming!

38 comments on “Friday Faves”

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  2. Love it and want it all now. Especially that wooden camera case. How hip is that!!

  3. I have an Epiphanie bag and used it twice before calling it quits. Function over fashion for me and that bag is just NOT functional. It’s the Lola and I had to take my purse off my shoulder every time I wanted to snag my camera. I like the sling bags much more! Haha not that you asked, but that is my 2 cents.

    Anyone wanna buy my bag? ;) jokes

  4. Love the iPhone case, I’d consider it – but would probably destroy it in a week. :-) Think I’m due for a thrifting session too.

    1. I’m eyeing a new fall/winter vegan purse on Etsy.
    2. Relaxing I hope, but also visiting my grandma more and catching up on chores – not too exciting.

  5. Just came across your blog and I love it. I may have to fill in the blank on a Friday Faves. Thanks so much for the ideas. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  6. Wow!! Love all the furniture!!! SO glad I don’t have such cool stores here OR I would be screwed!!!!

  7. I want those iPhone cases in the worst way! They were some of the first ones I looked at. I didn’t end up getting one though — not sure how indestructible they are. I went with an otter box. Sigh — functionality usually wins over beauty.

    I would love to have a big cushy papasan chair! I might be getting a super cheap one tomorrow — fingers crossed! I’m overdue for some major yard sailing, some swimming and farmer’s market perusing this weekend!

  8. I would like to have a Vita! Or at least a food processor. I need homemade nut butters and hummus!

    Weekend plans: braving the hurricane to visit the bf.

  9. WAIT WHOA! I check in on your blog from time to time…and I love looking back on posts (ie: why this is a late comment) BUT IS THAT SHOPPING CENTER IN HILLCREST?! Do you live in San Diego? I JUUUUST moved here and that shopping center looks really familiar!!

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