Friday Favorites

I feel fall in the air.  And I don’t really like it.

I was out running errands yesterday and although it’s sunny, crisp, and what many people would consider “perfect weather” here in San Diego, i.e. 72F, sunny, ever so slight breeze, no clouds, no bugs, for me, I wish it were warmer.

It honestly never felt like summer to me this year.   I turned on the A/C one time for an hour in our other house, and other than that, haven’t needed it.

I wish I was sweating buckets here

But Fall is in the air here whether I like it or not.

I am praying for some of the hot days we usually get here in September and October, usually hotter than it was all summer.  Fingers crossed for those!

In the meantime, let’s talk Friday Favorites.

In no particular order, here are some of my Favorites:

1. Instagram.   I love it.  It’s like Twitter but with pictures.

It may be silly walking around taking pictures of what I’m up to during the day and then posting a couple of them to IG but no sillier than blog posts, Facebook updates, Tweets, or any other social media.  It’s all pretty silly, but some of it I like better than others.


You don’t even need an iPhone to play along.  Check this out.

2. I am still in lust

Thanks, Kitchen Aid, for making me *this close* to relieving myself of some cashola.  Thanks a lot.

3. Another favorite are my Nike Air Vomero shoes

I just re-buy them when I grind the heels down and rip through the toesNo one ever said running was easy on shoes.

Some color palettes I like better than others.   Not really a fan of the red/gray but I’m sure by my next pair, I’ll like the colors they have out better.

4. After a run, a favorite includes having a White Chocolate Vanilla Marshmallow Cake Bar

4 Layers of sweet gooey heaven.  And if that doesn’t put some spring in your step on the way back to the house knowing you have one of these waiting for you, what does!

5. This chutney.  A total favorite.

If you don’t want to dip your cucumbers, broccoli, or zucchini sticks in it; put it on top of salads or edamame, you could always just eat it with a spoon.   Call me crazy but I do.  That sweet heat is addicting!

Ok, make tofu with it.

Mango Ginger Maple Tofu

6. I am never without this steviaOn Fridays or any other day.  A big time fave for me.

Use (code AVE630) to save $5 off your order of stevia, supplements, nooch, or tons of other things you just “have to have”.

7. My Google Reader.  I have a love-hate relationship with it but it helps keep my 250 or so nearest and dearest friends and their blogs somewhat organized.  Without it, I’d be a total mess!  That, or have tons more time to do things away from my desk.  <– but that’s a whole other conversation.

8. Skylar smiling and dancing is always a fave

9. Frozen grapes = one of my fave snacks lately

10. Self explanatory favorite: Fudgy Nutella Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting

From my last post, Veggies & Pictures, many of you have made online photo books before it sounds like.  I want to make another one!  And thanks for filling me in on if you’re a canned, frozen, or fresh person.


1. What are your Friday Favorites?  Or anything that you’ve been loving lately?

2. Weekend plans?

I’m working, hopefully doing a little relaxing cooking or baking, maybe taking some pictures, and will be spending time with my #1 fave person: Skylar!

TGIF baby!

54 comments on “Friday Favorites”

  1. I spent the weekend (and am spending this week) camping!

  2. Hi Averie,
    I always giggle when you talk about the heat and the weather because we are so alike on that one point. I hate being cold and I love nice hot weather. I like to “thaw” out from my air conditioned office in my car for a few moments when I leave work.
    Packing and moving today, funeral tomorrow. Yeah, THAT kind of weekend. :/

  3. Loving candied ginger today!! Just had some on my oats. Can’t get enough of either. Weekend plans? NYC!!! Going in for a concert but we’ll be there tonight and tomorrow night. I’ve really never been except to pass through, so I’m excited!


  4. We’re not feeling fall here yet! But that’s okay, not sure I’m ready for months of cold. :-) So true that running toasts shoes, I’ve already worn my new pair considerably!

    1. Looking forward to the weekend, a new tasks iPhone app I’m trying, smoothies, and reggae.
    2. Maybe a Vegan Fest tomorrow and visiting my grandma in the hospital.

  5. Girl I am never without those vanilla stevia drops by my side. Love the Friday favorites! Hope you have an amazing weekend & stay warm, OK?! xo

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  7. friday favorites = dessert :D preferably in the form of chocolate. i usually don’t have it during the week– no, friday is not a weekday, it’s part of the weekend ;) — so i can have it on the weekend. as for weekend plans, i’m going on a college visit to Harvard tomorrow, then visiting Boston. i heard it’s really nice, and a city like that has GOT to have some good eats… SOMEONE’S EXCITED! :D

  8. Fall is in the air in New England as well!! And I’m with you on not really liking it. Bring on that summer time heat!! For at least another week or so. :D

  9. You can come visit me ;) We have heat…I promise! I love instagram too! And can’t be without my stand mixture. I love/hate google reader too- sometimes it makes me nuts

  10. It has been feeling like fall here in Minnesota, such a weird summer.
    I’m also not a fan of the dark mornings – it felt like winter this morning it was so dark!

  11. I wish it felt like fall here. It has felt like summer in Florida since March! 95* and humid like heck everyday. I sweat about a gallon every time I step outside (not to mention working out, where I probably sweat about a ton!)

  12. I thought MY reader was insane! 250? Good lord! How do you seriously keep up?
    I’m feeling the “fall” in the air too, it dropped about 5 degrees from the insane heat we were having and it makes such a difference now. So far, I’m liking it b/c it’s still a bit hotter than your weather but, I never wish summer away! It’s too short to begin with!

  13. Loves :-)

    Also do you have a mac? if you do, I’d check out the Reeder app ($10) – it even makes google reader more convenient (imagine that!). What I’m loving lately? my latest nut butter creation. it’s borderline crack.

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