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I was thrilled last week when I opened up the mail and found a copy of The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life by Melisser Elliott.   Melisser also has a blog called The Urban Housewife.

The book is chock full of cool information on everything from Shopping Tips…

Nutrition Info

And covers topics like the ever popular “So, Where Do You Get Your Protein?” question.

“So, Where Do You Get Your Protein?”  I’ve been asked that a thousand times once or twice.

I did an entire post on Vegan Protein FAQ’s, Vegan Sources & Recipes.  I think it’s a must-have post in any vegan or plant-based blogger’s arsenal.   Or in any vegan or plant-based person’s mental repertoire so when those nosey nelly’s ask you this question out of the blue and put you on the spot, you have something (sort of) rehearsed and semi-articulate to say. 

The Book also has DIY and Crafty Tips…
The next thing I want to make as a DIY project is a light box.  I know Evan, Heather, Ashley, Ashley, and Katie all have made theirs.  Any tips for me?

And this book has a recipe section

I love Caramels
Raw Vegan Caramels
3 Ingredients.  Blend.  Done.

Raw Vegan Caramels 

And I love Popcorn
Chocolate Coconut Oil Protein Popcorn

So Caramelly Popcorn is right up my alley!

And the book features interesting vegan business women.

Like a Tattoo Shop OwnerI love Tattoos.  My Half-sleeve pictures in case you missed them.

Also featured is a cruelty-free Lingerie Company.  I love pretty lingerie! 

I have loved this book and it’s a super fun, light, easy read on everything from recipes to DIY and crafy tips to beauty tips to profiles of cool vegan business owners. 

 Thanks to Melisser Elliott, Skyhorse Publishing for a Great Book!

I recently reviewed another Skyhorse Publishing Book, The Snark Handbook: Insult Edition

My Review and Some Snarky & Snappy Comeback Discussion is HereI was also brave enough to blog from the hair salon with pictures of me with foils in my hair.

From my post yesterday about my new camera lens, thank you to everyone who contributed great insight and info about lenses!

The bottom line is (this is paraphrased from about 4 different readers who all relayed the same info in slightly different verbiage) that in order to make things appear in better focus with my new lens, I need to open the aperture which opens the depth of field which makes it easier to get a crisper focus with less dreamy type of resulting images.

And this means (paradoxically to me) that the aperture numerical value needs to increase.

Nothing like a little light, non-technical reading, huh.

In lighter matters, I’m glad you enjoyed my TJ’s food finds and it was fun hearing your latest and greatest grocery store finds.

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1.  Have you read any good books lately?  What are they?
Last week I reviewed Charlotte Andersen’s book, The Great Fitness Experiment.  Anyone who does different fitness experiments for a year and records the results and writes a book about the pros and cons to it all, is a keeper for me!  Thanks, Charlotte!

I have more books on my want-to-read list, than time lately…

What have you read lately?  Or what do you want to read?

2. When you hear technical details like the ones about my camera, or math or science in school, or on blogs when someone is discussing the nitty gritty of your resting basal metabolic rate and how that is influenced by this or that…do your eyes glaze over?

Mine do!  College was a long time ago for me, and although I do have a biology minor, my Psychology degrees are my forte.  That is my natural strong suit.  Too many numbers, math, hard sciences, I really have to force myself to concentrate on them!  If I concentrate and focus (pun intended), I do get it.  It’s just I have to, well, focus.

How are you with technical reading?  Are you naturally a math/science person?  What subjects come easy or hard for you?

3. What’s fun in your day today?
Mine is the meetup with a friend I am about to have…

See you later!

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