Funky Town

I mentioned that Friday afternoon after I parted company from my meetup with Amber, I had an hour of leisurely shopping and browsing

I was walking around North Park

Funky, fun, a little more hipster than my neighborhood, Hillcrest, but they’re very similar

I saw this cute store

With lots of cacti out front

Colorful ones

And what I call fuzzy ones

Fuzzy like razor blades

And check out this hanging garden wall piece inside the store

It’s really alive and growing.

And it’s really enormous!

I dug the hanging glass balls with plant-life growing in them.  Sort of modern and whimsical.

But I think I may tend to “not notice” they were hanging and hit my head on them if I were to mount something like that in my house.

From candles and books and cactus and cool glassware and kitchen items on expensive teak tables I could have had a field day.

And that’s just one store, on one block, in one neighborhood.

Stores similar to this are repeated hundreds and hundreds of times over.

I wish I had all day to shop.  Professional shopper sounds awesome.

So does professional photographer,though, too.

 What’s a girl to do after all that browsing?

Go home and have a snack

No Bake Coconut & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

From my last post, Happily Sitting It Out, I enjoyed your recounts of conferences you’ve attended, conferences you want to attend, and I’m glad to know that my post was reassuring for those of you who said you needed that little reminder on it being okay to sit things out sometimes.


1. How’s your weekend going? Best thing you’ve ate or done so far?

Mine’s whizzing by.  I can’t believe it!  It’s been a blur of errands, work, and a little bit of time with the fam and a couple quickie workouts.  I’ve spent more time working than I would have wished but duty calls.

2. Do you feel like you live in a funky town or neighborhood?  Or if you’re in the ‘burbs or in more of a remote area, do you ever go to the hip, trendy, funky, eclectic, offbeat part of town?

I love it as I’ve posted about.

Even with the cost of living, San Diego is 100% my forever home.

And my home in Aruba, too, will be my other forever place and home.  Yes, I own in Aruba, rent in San Diego.  Go figure.

I could never imagine living anywhere other than urban.  I have tried the ‘burbs thing.  It just wasn’t for me.  At all. 

I tried leaving San Diego for 9 months and hated it and moved back.  Sorry Phoenix, wasn’t a fan.

After moving here in 2004 after living in MN, IL, NC, SC, and AZ this is and will be my forever home.  I just know it.

For more about our moves and places we’ve lived, see this post.

I crave the diversity, pace, vibe, and eclectic nature of where I live.  Sure, there’s noise, traffic, I don’t even have a grill because there’s no where to put it.  Parking space is at a premium, storage space is at an even bigger premium, but all the trade-offs are worth it to me.

In just the past few weeks, these events have all taken place are all walking distance from my front door:

San Diego Cityfest

San Diego Pride Parade

Taste of Adams Avenue

Greek Festival

Farmers Market every weekend

 I couldn’t imagine life any other way!

And the beach is 10 minutes by car the other direction.  5 minutes to the airport.  And in an hour on a Southwest flight, I can be so many places if I ever get sick of urban or SoCal. 

But I just said I was done traveling for awhile.  Okay, maybe I amend that.

Do you like where you live?  What do you like or not like about your area? 

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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  1. My sister totally got our apartment some of those air plants in the glass orbs! They are so cute! I love where I live too! I am happy that you love your home. I live in Vancouver Canada, a REALLY hippster place to live! The next time I move, it will be to New Zealand, which I think is my real real home.

  2. I love all the funky plants…although in my home, I need them contained better than on a wall—the dirt issue would drive me nuts!
    I don’t live in a funky area (old place or new place) — but will be near a lake and some interesting things. I miss my Boston days…always something funky to see there! I’m 5 hours from NYC, but that takes a little planning to visit. I love San Diego too–there’s just everything where you are!

  3. great photos, averie! love that teak table – very nice!
    i wouldn’t say my ‘hood is “funky,” but is is filled with independently owned shops, some quite unique. i live right in the heart of the city and agree with you – i could never go back to the ‘burbs. i love being able to walk anywhere. esp handy for getting to the many festivals we have (buskers is huge one next weekend).
    you’re in a great location in SD – i can see why you’d never leave!

  4. What was the name of that store with all the cacti and plants in globes? Looks pretty cool.

    I love my outskirts-of-downtown neighborhood, really close to lots of places I want or need to go. I started out biking to the Junior College, where I attended a killer bootcamp on the track. Later, I walked to a bike/music festival at the City Hall, and continued on to Old Railroad Square, which has lots of little funky businesses, including two of my favorite thrift stores. Today I’ll be walking to The Y twice: This morning to do my workout, and then a few hours later to go to work.

  5. I didn’t know cacti came in colors!

  6. Very cool cactus store. Funky shopping areas are fun to browse, I love checking out areas like that in Sacramento.

    1. Much better, had a great day shopping with hubby and eating out.
    2. Yes for the Sac area and we’re near a lot of diverse areas that are fun to visit for shopping like Davis, Nevada City, and Apple Hill.

  7. Averie,
    First of all, I wanted to let you know how much I admire you. I’m new to your blog, but, honestly, I’m blown away by all that you do. I have no idea how you get everything accomplished that you do, but I think it’s fantastic. Your daughter, by the way, is so adorable!

    My reason for writing, though, is I’m considering becoming a vegan. I’m currently a vegetarian, but I’m wondering how hard the transition would be. Also, do you have any simple, quick vegan recipes that you love? I’m in grad school and working at the moment, so my time and budget are limited. Do you have any suggestions for a) making the transition and b) keeping it simple? Thanks!


  8. I live in Connecticut in the suburbs, and your neighborhoods look fascinating! How cool to walk out your door and have all those shops right there or nearby! I love blogs like yours because you get a window into other parts of the country. Your photographs are fabulous!!

    • This part
      “I love blogs like yours because you get a window into other parts of the country. Your photographs are fabulous!!”

      Thanks on both accounts. It’s my goal to give ppl a glimpse into my life and I too love blogs that do that. thanks for LMK I have succeeded in my personal little goal there :)

  9. Wow, you always make San Diego seem so alive! It’s leaps and bounds more fun it appears than Raleigh, NC. I’m planning on moving in the next year and was gonna keep it Southeast, but now I’m wondering if San Diego should be on the list. I’ve been there once and remembered that it was the most amazing 2 weeks of my life.

  10. What a cool shop! I want a cactus now :) Sounds like you’ve had a productive weekend! Ours has been good as well. Just took the Frankers for a walk with the baby in the bjorn, cleaned a bit more and now am hoping to squeeze in a mini workout (if she’ll let me ;)).

  11. My town is extremely funky. Being the biggest city in vermont attracts some characters… lots of hippie dippies, and I love it all! And next week the county fair is in town, should be quite the place for people watching (and for some awesome photography, can’t wait!).

  12. I’ve been having a great weekend with my husband. Sort of like a staycation. Except I can’t figure out how to summon free housekeeping for my stay. lol So we keep going back and forth between real life and vacation life.

    Living right outside of Portland, OR I feel like I get a pretty good mix of eclectic crazy city and very calm suburbs. I would love to live closer so I could walk to so many cool places. But I would never actually want to live in Portland because of the things like storage space and parking.

  13. The suburbs of NJ are not exactly my ideal place, but I LOVE that I have such close access to NYC! And in the city, I prefer to stick to the less-touristy, offbeat areas like the West Village… that’s my scene.
    I love those hanging plant orbs by the way! They remind me of an Anthro store display :)

  14. I’ve lived in NE DC for a little over a year now and I love it! It’s a great, quiet neighborhood (rare in the city) and just a short metro ride away from everything else.

  15. I love the display of succulents in the front of the store! I have a (minor) obsession with succulents.

    The best thing I’ve eaten so far was the sandwich that I just made – tempeh bacon, sliced avocado and butter lettuce on oat bread! Yum!

  16. I live in Albuquerque, NM. Ever been?
    I love that we have 4 seasons, mountains, desert, and we have the BEST sunsets! (in my opinion! ha ha)
    Would be nice to not be landlocked and have a beach close by though! (:

  17. that growing plant is soooo cool!! never seen anything like it!! i have so many fams in the san diego. they all love it there! this weekend has been pretty chill…best thing i’ve eaten so far: french toast i made this morning! :)

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  19. Those cacti are soooo pretty! I’ve never seen anything like them. I feel like I live in a funky town (Harvard Square/Cambridge, MA) :)

  20. What a cool store! I love succulents, and I’m only 5’3″, so maybe I’ll make some of those plant orbs.

    My town is lame. No infrastructure, terrible vibe. I miss my undergrad town!! It’s a bummer feeling unsettled, since I’ll be here for another 5 years.

  21. When I was little, every Sunday my mom used to take me to the Farmers’ Market and I would pick up a mini cactus plant. We had a HUGE collection, this made me remember that and smile. So cute!

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