Give Away: Nutridel Cookies!

The kind folks at Nutridel (go check ’em out) are going to help hook up One Lucky Reader!

For The Winner… 

One Sampler Pack which includes 2 packages per flavor (oatmeal, pecan, flaxseed, almond) for a total of 8 packages of cookies!

10 Ways to Enter–Each Way Gets You One Entry  (something for everyone, even if you don’t have a blog!)
Remember, leave a separate comment on my blog for each entry you want.  If applicable, please leave the link to your Facebook/Twitter/Blog in the comment you leave me.

1. Leave a Comment Here telling me what you’d buy & why you’d like to win the Nutridel Sampler Pack

2. Become a Follower of my Blog (Choose Follow Publicly)

3. If you use GoogleReader, put my blog in it.

4. Link this contest back on a Blog Post of yours

5. Follow Me on Twitter

6. Post this contest on your Facebook or Twitter.  For Twitter users, please use this:
“Cookies! @LoveVeggiesYoga is Giving Away Nutridel Cookies!”

7. Go check out Nutridel’s Website and leave a Comment here telling me something you learned.

8. Add my Blog to your Blogroll 

9. Go Check Out my Recent Post on Nutridel Cookies.  Leave a comment there telling me something you learned.  Make sure you leave a comment back here too telling me you did that.

10. Check out my Raw Desserts Label and find a recipe you love.  Leave a comment on any Raw Dessert Recipe telling me something that catches your eye.  Make sure you leave a comment back here too telling me you did that.

***The contest ends on Friday, December 25, 2009 (Christmas Day)***

Winner will be randomly selected.

Please remember to check back to see if you won and I will get you in touch with my contact who will be shipping your products directly to you.

Have fun everyone!  Thanks Nutridel!

0 comments on “Give Away: Nutridel Cookies!”

  1. Skylar's face is priceless in all of these pictures! How precious. Oh man…Espirit shirts – how can I forget those?!

    I definitely voted for you :D Holy lots of raw websites! I never knew! Best of luck to you, sweetie!

    Merry Christmas

  2. Such cute photos of Skylar! And the food, as always.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy the relaxation time. I did some yoga today and thought of your one-legged full wheel pose while I was in wheel (on two feet, because I am not the amazing yogi-ette you are!)

  3. Great post as always, you super-human-woman you!!!!
    Skylar looked SO CUTE opening her presents! So sweet of you to share with us!!!
    I already voted. Crossing my fingers for you!!!

  4. I can't imagine you saying that you'd never have kids. You are a wonderful mom. Those pics are so cute :-)

  5. Merry Christmas, my love!!!!

  6. Looks like Skylar had a great Christmas!! :)

  7. what a great christmas! my nieces have american dolls and love them. skylar is SO DANG CUTE!! and i love cumin+ginger. yum.

  8. Yummy, yummy, vegan stir fry! I keep saying I'm going to switch to all vegan, high-raw but I can't bring myself to eat cooked food yet. I think my OCD is taking charge.

    It looks like Skylar is having a wonderful time in Aruba! A child's delight is better than gifts on Christmas : ) I love the pictures of you two!

    That toast looks so yummy! My favorite food when I was vegan was sourdough or vegan raisin bread with Earth Balance, yum!

    (Yes, I have re-gifted) ; )


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