Hi Bloggie Friends, how are you today?  I am a bit sad because our trip is winding down, but as I mentioned yesterday, we’ve had an amazing time.  We’ve made tons of memories we’ve done everything from Sit on the Beautiful Beaches

Beach in Aruba with people and boats in water

To Bird Watching

Bird in cage
Two birds in cage

To Flying Like Birds

Young girl mimicking bird

To Eating Greenery & Great Fruit

Mixed salad with Vegan Slaw Dressing
Sliced Mango in cup

Pears and Muesli Bread 

Pears and Museli Bread on plate

But…I realize all good things have to come to an end sooner or later.   Sigh, but there’s always next year, right!

Thanks also for your awesome comments about the trips you’ve taken and where you want to go.  I mentioned I want to go to India and I loved hearing where you’ve been and where you wanna go!  I know where there’s a will there’s a way and I can’t wait to see the photos from those trips that I know one day you’ll take!

Today I have an awesome Guest Post from an Awesome Friend, Confidant, and an amazingly Funny & Witty Woman, Deb of Smoothie Girl EatsI mean, who could turn down a Papaya Coconut Smoothie?

Smoothie in cup
Oh, and rumor has it that Deb and Heather are friends and they went out to eat together in Phoenix.

Heather & Deb sitting in booth with plates of food in front of them

And then, Deb , Heather, Bekah, and Jenn went out for lunch and a hike that’s oh a mile or so from my front door in Phoenix.  It would be just my luck that I was out of town halfway around the world for these little awesome events, but hopefully next time girls, I’ll catch up with ya! 

Four women standing next to each other smiling

From Left to Right: Jenn, Heather, Deb our Guest Poster!, and Bekah who I snagged this pic from and who also makes amazing granola :)

So without further ado, Here’s Deb and I’ve got some more pics at the end….
Hello fine readers of Love Veggies and Yoga!  My name is Deb aka SmoothieGirl.  
 Deb in black strapless dress sitting
I know that you are fans of Averie’s or you wouldn’t be reading these words.  I am guessing that you also might be fans of yoga.  That is why I wanted to share this post with you, the devoted yoginis of the healthy living blogosphere.

OK, disclaimer up front: part of this post might offend natural blonds all over the blogosphere. For this, I am truly sorry. And it’s really not my fault…I am merely relaying a true story. Here is a fact that might surprise those of you who don’t me in person:

A very dear Brick ‘n Morter friend (someone I know in ‘real life’), who happens to be smart, funny and blond has made the determination that I, Deb am a Natural Blond! More than once. Gasp. I know, shocking, isn’t it? Apparently, sometimes I say or do things that she thinks are…uh, how shall I put this… not characteristic of a super-genius braniac.

Case in point: I have done yoga for over ten years. My mat is so well-loved that I have worn little “bald patches” where my Downward Doggin’ Feet live – about 62 times every time I practice. For every vinyasa (a series of poses in yoga that ends in a Downward Facing Dog), my little (or rather large, ahem) bare feet scrape little particles of yoga mat, which end up scattered on the mat itself. Then, when I end up face-down in Child’s pose, the little bits of mat stick to my sweaty face. Cute.

Yes, I’m the dork who pops into the market on the way home with blue yoga mat dandruff stuck to my cheek. The poor checkers never really know what to say. They shift uncomfortably, then feebly gesture with one finger toward the tiny yoga mat particles and mumble something along the lines of “Um, uh, you…uh….there’s some blue stuff on your face”. To which I reply confidently, “Oh yes, the perils of extreme yoga!” Then I wipe my face, grab my Greek yogurt and get out quickly.

Did I digress? I guess my point was that I’ve done yoga for a really long time, and until recently, I did not know how to roll my yoga mat. Don’t get me wrong, any monkey can roll.a.yoga.mat. The trick is to roll it up without getting the sweaty cooties from the studio floor back onto your mat, where your face will eventually lie.

I think about the ick-factor at the end of every class, however as soon as the mat goes into its leopard print carrying bag, I have that opioid-like serenity that makes me say ‘whatever’.

Woman in dress holding yoga bag
I lurrve my yoga bag!

So the other day, I was at my hard-core step class at the legendary Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, Ca. The instructor is a fabulous woman named Heidi. Not a yogini, but obviously a smart cookie, she provided a classic A-HA moment for me while we rolled up the borrowed yoga mats for working our abs. She taught us how to roll our mats... sans micro-organisms. So, for all of you who can use this tutorial, read further…this post might just change your life!

Yoga mat Folding 101A:

  1. Bow your head in gratitude for the practice of yoga & thank your instructor
  2. Slowly stand up- try not to pass out
  3. Do not begin to roll your mat as usual
  4. Instead, fold mat in HALF!! I will repeat this part: Fold mat in HALF!
  5. NOW roll mat as usual.
  6. Insert into Leopard Print Bag and squeal because it’s so darned cute
  7. Buy Greek yogurt with yoga-mat dandruff on your face

The theory goes like this… the part of the mat that will touch your face will only ever touch your face, and never the floor! And the yucky underside that touches the dirty, sweaty floor will always touch the floor and not your face! GENIUS!! BRILLIANT. Thanks Heidi!!

Woman with arm back flipping hair

Q: Now please tell me…Did you know the CORRECT way to fold a yoga mat? Do you practice yoga?

Averie Again:

Thank you so much Deb for crackin’ me up and for your Guest Post help!  

For Mat Rolling, I use the “flip the mat over, the roll it up from the foot end first” technique.  That way when you un-roll the mat the next time, the “curve” or bowing (that naturally happens when it’s rolled) is pointing downwards and you don’t have that annoying mat edge rolling up by your nose.  It’s downwards, and it’s by your feet.  What’s everyone’s mat rolling techniques?

And, to answer Deb’s other question…
Of course I practice yoga and Yoga Today is Sirasana (Headstand)
(I talked in this post about weight distribution with your head vs. arm & shoulder muscles.  Check it out to stay injury-free in your neck!)

Woman doing Sirasana yoga pose

But before I go a couple Aruba Pictures…
The sea was a little Rough Today

Beach in Aruba showing waves and boats in water

But I love a good swim, no matter what!  Random facts: I used to be a lifeguard in high school and college and taught swimming lessons, too.  Oh, and I’m SCUBA dive certified with PADI And have been since 2004.  I love diving!

White sandy beach in Aruba with people in water

 This is our friend Andre the Aloe Man.  Always dressed like a Pimp, barking out the words, “Aruban Aloe, great for your skin, drink it to help your bronchitis, constipation, bursitis, impotence, and your sunburn.”  Classic.

Man walking under palm tree huts on beach

And Skylar and I posed for a Couple Pics

Woman and young girl in swimsuits posing in front of ocean on beach
Woman and young girl sitting in sand on beach smiling

Tip of the Day: Karen Knowler’s Raw Food Re-Set Free 60 Minute Raw Food & Info Tele-Class

What’s the one type of sport or athletic endeavor you’d love to try but haven’t yet?  Is there anything you’re a little scared of?  I know that Allie just mentioned she Went Brazilian, (Jiu-Jitso that is) and Heather, Bekah, Deb, and Jenn all went hiking, and Shelley wrote to me to tell me she was trying out yoga! (and tons of you write me to tell me you try out yoga and think of me….ahhh, that’s awesome!!!), but if I could do more Acro-Yoga, or Scuba Dive more, I’d be in heaven!  And, I’d love to go to Circus Camp!  Trapeezes, flying, sailing through the air, Cirque du Soleil style, bring it on!  What do you want to do? 

Stay Tuned For Food, Fun, and something Awesome to Drink…


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