Guest Post: VeggieGirl

Greetings Friends!  Well, I’ve spent the better part of the last 24 hours traveling and on an airplane or in an airport so it’s a good thing I have a fabulous guest post lined up!  But first, I just want to Thank Everyone who wrote in to tell me that you were Voting For Me in the Best of Raw Awards!


Sexiest Raw Vegan?  Fave Raw Blog of 2009?  Fave Raw Vegan Website?  Wow, I’m sooo flattered to have been nominated and want to thank everyone who’s already voted for me!  You all are awesome and congrats to my friends who have also been nominated, good stuff!!!!!!!

Today I am honored to have VeggieGirl share her story here on my blog.  This post, Back to My Roots, is one I hope you enjoy!

Now from VeggieGirl

While flipping through some old family albums, I stumbled upon the following photo (potential blackmail):

Circa 1990; from left to right: My grandfather, VeggieDad, VeggieMom, VeggieGirl (yes, that is me!), and my grandmother (may she rest in peace).

I have never been one to plaster a smile on my face “just to do it.” I never sugarcoat anything, nor do I hide who I am or what I am feeling.

This photo proves that fact about me – I am a no-nonsense girl.

And apparently I was not thrilled with the photographer or with the idea of posing for a photo ;)

In addition to reminiscing about life, myself, and getting in touch with my family roots, I have been enjoying another type of “root” lately:

My current “snack obsession”: a baked sweet potato with cinnamon & coconut butter (I highly recommend the Artisana brand of coconut butter).

My raw foods counselor Gena (from the “Choosing Raw” blog/website) introduced me to the combination since I am now incorporating more cooked root vegetables into my diet, in preparation for the colder months ahead. It is incredibly nourishing, satisfying, and “holy yum”-worthy.

Even as my life continues to get busier and a little stressful with schoolwork, exams, and other activities (hence less blogging and commenting), I am learning to incorporate enough “me time” into my daily routine and to take more time to appreciate who I am and what lies ahead in the future.

I encourage all of you to take more “me time” and to explore your own roots – both your “life roots” and “edible roots.”

If you’d like to check out this post or any other’s, please visit Veggie Girls’ Blog!


Stay Tuned for Averie’s Vacation Pics & Fun Stuff and Tons More Guest Posts……..

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