Hair Salon Blogging, Snarky & Snappy Comebacks

Hi Friends!  How’s it going for you today?  I am at the hair salon and my hair is processing.  If these pictures of me with foils in my hair don’t tell you that I keep it real on my blog, nothing will.  Photos courtesy of my built in camera from my Macbook.  Handy little feature that I’ve never used til just now.

 What is crazier, airplane blogging or hair salon blogging?  haha!

Moving On….
I received this book, The Snark Handbook: Insult Edition from Skyhorse Publishing and if you need any help with Snarky Comebacks, this is the book for you.

Some gems here

Can you imagine making one of these snarky wedding toasts?

I realize this book may not be for everyone, but if you treat it with a sense of humor and light-heartedness, it does have some funny stuff.  Or shall I say snarky stuff. 

From my earlier post about being a Stevia Fan and Cooking and Baking with Stevia, thanks for filling me in on if you like the sweet stuff.  And if you cook or bake with it, how you handle the substitutions for real sugar since it can be a little tricky to calculate. 

Snack/Dessert: Vegan Banana Wraps with Nut Butter
Yet another thing to make with ripe bananas.  If you need ripe-banana recipe ideas, I have a whole post of ideas.

Vegan Banana Wraps with Nut Butter

1. Do you get a laugh from books like the one I mentioned?  Does that work with your sense of humor?
I posted about my sense of humor and that it’s on the witty and dry side.  And I enjoy sarcastic humor. Not taking things too seriously and being able to laugh is something really important to me!

2. Best Snarky Comeback you have in your repertoire?
Many times snarky or snappy comebacks are the type of thing you think of later on that day or the following day after someone said something to you that was a little off or a little rude. 

Sometimes I don’t have the snarky comeback right on the tip of my tongue but as I replay the event mentally, I can come up with 17. 

Then again, I am quick on my feet and could come up with something snarky if I had to.  Unfortunately, snarky with the way my brain and big mouth works, can quickly turn into ohmygod I can’t believe she said that, so I usually just refrain.  And it may be a blessing in disguise that I didn’t come up with anything snappy or snarky on the spot.

3. Care to share any snarky or snappy comebacks, or insults, that someone has said to you that left you a little peeved?  Or left you with your jaw on the floor?
I have had so many.  One that comes to mind is when I was 8 months pregnant with Skylar and on the beach in Aruba.  A woman told me I looked like I had a little “beer belly” hanging out of my bikini.  I’ve written more about it hereIncluding pregnancy pictures.

I told her I was 8 months pregnant!  She was shocked and truly claimed she had no idea. 

I have replayed the list of snarky comments I could have said to her in my mind so many times over the years because her comment just stuck with me.  I look at it by my saying nothing, I kept it classy. 

See you later with some new, and dry, hair pictures!

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