Happily Sitting It Out

 This weekend, many fellow bloggers, hundreds of them, are at the Healthy Living Summit which is now in it’s third year.

I vividly remember the first one.  I had just started blogging a few months prior to it and I remember thinking, Wow, there is this whole, huge community out there.

And these people actually meet up.  In person.

And have massive conferences. 

I was so in awe of it all!

Last fall I went to Food Buzz in San Francisco

And I have posted about going on trips, workshops, conferences, and conventions and my thoughts on them

But because I was just recently on two photography-themed trips:

First, to Mexico City for an amazing photography adventure…

…that had the side bonus of being a life-path affirming trip.  <–Some of my deepest thoughts to date on a plant-based diet in that post

After Mexico, I was home for 36 hours and moved into our new houseWow.

And then a couple week later, I was off to Boulder, Colorado for Food & Light

It was a fabulous food photography workshop.

I learned so much and recapped what I learned here

But July and August were whirlwind months!  The busiest of my adult life.

Therefore, going to the HLS was not in the cards from a financial, time management, or even a desire standpoint.  I admit it, no desire to travel this weekend.

I am looking forward to finding some calm in my life and that involves saying home and not traveling.   At least for awhile anyway.

So with that said, I hope all your HLS go’ers have a blast.  Without me.  I’m sitting this one out.

I need to stop and smell some roses in my own backyard this weekend.

And I doubt I will be going to Food Buzz Festival in San Fran in November, 2011

I’d rather allocate my resources (financial, time, and energy) to photography-related pursuits if photography ever will become more of a career path.

Conferences like this women’s only photography conference are more up my alley than just strictly blogging conferences.

Another thing that’s up my alley:

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (No-Bake, Vegan, GF, can add protein powder)

These are so easy.  And you can tweak the recipe to suit what you have on hand.  I never would buy ingredients just to put in energy or granola bars.  Use what you have one and no-bake up a batch in about 10 minutes.

From my last post about meetups and friends, yes, it was great seeing my friend and I hope all of you have some fun meetups and get togethers with your friends planned, soon.


1. Are you attending the HLS or any other conference/convention/workshop that’s coming up?

No and nothing planned.  Yet.

2. Have you ever attended a conference/convention/workshop?  What kind was it?  Was it blogging related?

I have been to so many types of conferences from yoga conferences to tattoo conventions to blogging conferences to photography workshops.

I love learning, growing, meeting new people that have the same interests that I do and sharing that camaraderie and being able to bond easily because of our common interest, whether that’s a love of photography, blogging, yoga, or tattoos, it’s great being able to connect with others in real life at these events.

3. Have you ever felt good about not attending an event?

Travel (for any reason) and conferences (for any reason from professional to personal to a mixture or blend of both) are a major commitment on all levels.

One must consider:

Travel & hotel expenses

Time away from work/lost wages from missed work

Time away from spouses/family members/significant others

The energy it takes to go and do these things and really focus, put yourself out there, and challenge yourself to take in everything you possibly can while you’re there so you feel like you really “get your money’s worth”

…All of those things need to be taken into serious consideration.

Therefore, we all need to choose the events that truly matter to us and that we think we’ll derive maximum benefit and enjoyment from.  If time and money were no object, sure, I’d go to HLS.  But for me personally and my life goals and interests, I weighed the pros and cons and sat this one out.

And there’s nothing wrong with not attending something until the timing is optimal based on your personal situation, for whatever the reason.

I find it’s better to wait until the timing is optimal than try to force yourself to attend a conference or go on a trip that isn’t ideal or that’s too much of a stretch.

I talk to lots of bloggers who are not attending something and they are disappointed when they start reading the flurry of conference-related posts and sure, sometimes we really want to attend an event and we just can’t swing it financially.

But how awful would it feel to be sitting in a conference hall, listening to a speaker while thinking to yourself, I am missing work, I am not getting paid, I just put X hundred or thousand(s) of dollars on my credit card to travel to be here and I have gone into some debt to be here.  <–That sounds horrible!  I’d rather wait until the trip or event was more comfortable.

For those of you in that boat, just think of how awesome the conference you do go on will be when the timing is right for you.   <– Look at it as glass half full.  Not half empty.

I actually feel great about not being at HLS (in previous years I had wished I was there) and am happy to read the many recaps I’ve seen thus far.  From the comforts of my desk.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Haha, well I am most certain not happy to be sitting out on HLS this year considering what’s keeping me home! But at the same time, I can’t be bitter about it. My actual health comes before any “healthy living” conference. I’ve only been to two blogging conferences and what I loved most about them is meeting and hanging out with my blog friends, not the sessions or big events. So with that in mind, I think any future blogging related travels may just be to visit the friends and not attend the big expensive events. But you never know, I had fun the first two times around :)

    • I thought of you when I posted this and Susan, I am sooo sorry you’re sitting it out this year :(

      “I think any future blogging related travels may just be to visit the friends and not attend the big expensive events.”–
      If I could find a way to do that, that would be ideal! And for me too seeing a half dozen people, MAX, at one time is ideal. Not the 75 ppl I have always wanted to meet, all at once.. Overwhelming and I feel like I miss out and dont enjoy the experience fully.

  2. It’s so hard to decide what to go to and what not to go to. I chose to skip Big Summer Potluck this year. Just too much going on personally and I couldn’t swing it. Did I regret it? I don’t know… maybe a little… but sometimes having the comfort to be at peace with your decisions is the best confidence booster. Great post :)

    • Ok I hadnt even heard of the Big Summer Potluck til I just googled it!

      I see that Penny de los Santos was speaking and Shauna, too. I went to Mexico City w/ Penny (linked in my post ironically!)

      There are so many events and half of them I find out AFTER the fact or so close to the actual event there is no way I can swing it on any level and make the event in time.

  3. I have never attended a conference before, although it looks like a lot of fun! The financial aspect pretty much means I’ll go to it if it’s in my town. But other than that, probably not! Plus if I read enough blogs of people who went there, it’s always like I was there myself!

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