I Fell

I wish this was an April Fool’s joke.  It’s not.

Friday, mid-afternoon, I started my run like any other day.  I was by myself, I was about a 1/2 mile from my house and the weather was perfect.  Sunny, blue skies, 80F, and just a delightful day and I was so excited to rock a great run.

I ran past a well-dressed, 70ish year old woman and I watched her take a plastic bottle of Fleishmann’s vodka from her purse and chug it on the street corner like I would chug water.  I see homeless people drink on the streets daily in my neighborhood, but this one shocked me.  I literally stopped dead in my tracks with my jaw on the floor.  But she sealed up the vodka and put it back in her purse and I carried on my run.

Deep in thought about what I had just witnessed, I did not notice a bump in the sidewalk.  I guess I was “in the zone”.  A little too well.

The toe of my left shoe hit a raised portion of the sidewalk and I went flying.  It was another slow motion type moment, but this time it was me, and not the caramel sauce that went flying out of my cupboards and shattered.

I hit the ground really hard and skinned my shin and knee.  And my knee is pretty swollen.

I tried to break my fall with my palms and eroded the skin of my left palm.

But it’s my right hand that has a gash missing about the size of a golf ball and it hurts and stings, and it’s a weeping, bloody mess.  The picture is too awful to post.

Hand and skin injuries take forever to heal because we’re always washing our hands.  I may need a skin graft.  Kidding.  I hope.

The worst of it though is that I somehow landed or rolled onto the top of my left glute and my glute muscle has been throbbing and is extremely sore.  I am stiff and it hurts to walk and put pressure or bear much weight on it.  And the pain radiates down the back of my left leg and calf muscles too.  Pretty much my left side is a mess.

I found some Arnica in my cupboard and have been using that.

I hate pain pills but if I liked them, today would have been a good day to familiarize myself with them. But I truly despise them and won’t take them.

But, all in all, I am “fine”. Bruised, beat up, but I am fine.

I want to recognize a few of my friends who are truly going through some horrific times and maybe you can send some healing vibes, prayers, and good thoughts their way:

Eden’s dad

Susan’s arm

Janetha’s mom, aka Momma B

Falling just makes me want to eat chocolate.

Two options: 

Raw Vegan Coconut Oil Chocolate


Chocolate Covered Oreo Balls

Both chocolate options rock.

From my last post, Five Fun Friday Facts, I’m glad you enjoyed my factoids and tibdits and it was fun hearing yours, too!


1. Have you ever fallen or had any sports-related injuries?

I have had a ton!  I have always been a jock and have broken and sprained all the toes in my feet, broken and sprained fingers, sprained my ankles and knees.  I’ve had stress fractures in my shins, feet, and ankles, and have had two knee surgeries.  Much of it is due to high school basketball injuries, some volleyball, and some track injuries.  I grew up on a court of some sort, and trainer’s tape, looks of death from my coaches, and slap on the butt and a “get back out there” was just par for the course.

I was also plowed into when I was about 10 years old by a 300 pound man on a ski slope.  He sent me head first into a tree and I ended up in the hospital with a concussion.  I lived to tell the tale, though.

And as a kid, I had more falling-off-bicycle stories, pogo stick falls, and trampoline falls than you can shake a pogo stick at.

I went water skiing when I was about 8 or so and hit the wake wrong and my ski flew off and ended up hitting me in my back really hard and knocking the wind out of me while I was floating in the lake.

When I was learning to surf about 10 years ago, I also had a nasty fall that involved the fin of the surfboard puncturing my shin pretty nicely.

So yes, I am no stranger to physical activity and with that comes…injuries.

But the human body is remarkable and I always heal.  And I always get back up on the horse, so to speak.

2. Do you take pain pills?

I hate them!   I had a natural childbirth and would rather be in pain than take pain pills.  The side effects are horrible for me.  I think I am probably “allergic” to them I react so violently to them.

3. Did you play or have an April Fool’s Jokes played on you?

I didn’t.  I didn’t need any “jokes”.  Real life kicked me in the butt yesterday, but hey, it happens.  Tomorrow’s a new day and I am fine.

Have a great weekend!


97 comments on “I Fell”

  1. I know this a comment on an old post, but I want to commiserate. I fell yesterday, take out te comment about the lady with the vodka and almost all else is the same. My left hand matches your photo. I SO didn’t remember road rash hurting this ad as a child. Hoping you are 100% now and that I will be soon. Comically, as I told my aster about the event she said “OMG, I know exactly where you fell. I was at that store Sunday (day before I fell) and the edges if the sidewalk were all painted neon orange. Likely due to be replaced because they are a trip hazard”. Groan. Apparently I’m blind and clutzy.

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  5. I hope you are feeling better! I am a sports related clutz too! As of late I’ve had a dislocated rib and a mild concussion….both from crossfit related activities!

    In the past there may of be an incident where I jumped off a road bike in the hills of Sausolito rather than fly off a cliff into the ocean (I wasn’t actually going into the ocean, but I was visualizing that in my head. Note to self. do not take first time riders up into steep hills!) and of course my many running related injuries!

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  7. It is a good introduction of vacuum cleaner for me ,thank you very much.

    I am so sorry, oh my gosh your knee is so swollen!

    take care lady! and no pain meds to boot. You’re an animal!

    the second I am in pain I get sick to my stomach and I hate that so when I get to that point (and I am stubborn to a point) I go and find the tylenol.

    It’s hardest when I have a killer headache and have to be at work.
    take care

    ps your blog changes are SO helpful for leaving comment.


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  11. I wondered for awhile if your overshare was getting to be a bit much and my suspicion has been confirmed.

  12. Oh my gosh I hope you feel better! That does not look like fun! Please get some rest!

  13. Hope you are healing and have some extra resting time available to you. If you have any fresh Aloe in the house (or in the neighbourhood) that is great for healing wounds.

  14. I’m sorry.

  15. Oooh I so sorry to hear that you fell! I actually fell really bad a few weeks ago from tripping on the tennis court. My knee was completely skinned (it was a pain to take a shower!) and my palms got all weird and purple. It happens to all of us at some point or another! Yes, I take pain killers and such but not very often; usually just for really bad head aches because I’m afraid I’ll throw up from a bad migraine. Personally I don’t like april fools’ jokes; I always feel bad for the person on the receiving end unless it’s funny and harmless like putting raw pasta in the toe of someone’s shoe (it happened to my teacher haha)

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  17. Oh NOOO. You poor thing. My sister in law is an avid runner, and she has a tendency to trip. She fell hard one time and had similar injuries. Very scraped up, bruised, especially her hands, and she hit her lip. It was awful. I am so sorry and hope you feel better soon.

  18. So sorry about the fall Averie – your knee looked pretty bad. Hope you got some ice on it. I’m thinking about you over here in Nashville and hope you’re feeling better today. Take some hot baths this week after all the inflammation has gone down – it will help speed up the muscle healing.

    I have busted on my palms before like that – it was back in my running days, and I did it twice in a month. Could not work (massage therapy) for about 8 weeks and still have scars. It wasn’t fun. Again, I’m so sorry. I hope you ate both the raw chocolate and the chocolate covered Oreos. :)

  19. I am so so sorry. Falling is the WORST! The last time I remember falling was a long time ago, though I am so clutsy that I am sure there is a more recent time that I am forgetting. But this one stung: I live in NYC and don’t drive, so shopping trips to the store require lots of lugging. So, I gave in and bought one of those carts – the ones old ladies push around, and homeless people and stuff. I was breaking in my new “wheels” and on the way home, as I was crossing the street with a giant cart full of groceries, the wheels hit a bump and I literally went FLYING over the cart and landed HARD. I picked myself (and my stuff up) and walked home in agony. The minute I walked in the door I started bawling. There is just something about falling that makes you want to cry.

  20. so sorry you got injured! I”m a total klutz and I burn myself, bag myself, etc frequently. arnica does help for bruises. too bad the pain meds make you worse, that’s no fun. but ice can do wonders and it’s allergy-free.

  21. Hahahah – have i ever had a sports-related injury?!? Um, yes. And always get them in a totally lame embarrassing way too. So sorry about your fall – that looks like a really bad one! I hope you won’t have any lasting damage from it! (Unlike that 70-yr-old woman swigging vodka…)

  22. Oh no!!! You poor thing :( I hope you’re right-handed since that seems to be the hand that got hit harder! Hope it doesn’t hurt to type … I’d be lost without your posts! Love them so much! :)

    I’ll say some prayers that you heal up super soon.

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