I’m Going to Food Buzz! Are You Going?

Hi Friends!  All I can say is TGIF baby!  Wow, what a week.  But by Friday, I say that most weeks so I guess not too much different this week than most others.  It’s been an interesting week to say the least.  One never knows how life is going to play out and this week has been no exception.

I mentioned that I was going to be taking a trip in this post but unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances, I did not go on that trip. 

However, there’s a major silver lining because although I was not able to go on the trip I thought I was going on, I am now officially registered for the Food Buzz Festival in San Francisco, Nov 5-7.  That’s two weeks from today!


I booked my hotel and air, and I am beyond excited to meet up with a mere 350 other bloggers, many whom are truly wonderful friends and cannot wait to meet everyone in the flesh, in person; connect online photos and names with real voices and laughs. 

From yesterday’s post about whether you’ve figured out what to feed yourself, or your kids, most of you said you’re definitely working on it and are closer now to finding what works for you than you used to be, which is awesome.  Life is a journey, as long as you’re making progress on your journey that’s truly all that matters.  I hope everyone finds their food groove!

And it was interesting to read that even though many of you don’t have kids, you’re equally as appalled as I am that parents seem to be so confused about how to instill and foster healthy eating habits in their kids.   All I can do is do my best with Skylar and let everyone else do their best with their kids.

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Dessert: Vegan White Chocolate Chocolate-Peanut Butter Center Cups
Yes you can make Vegan White Chocolate.   And you don’t have to make the peanut butter in the center chocolatey, but really, why wouldn’t you want to?  Everything is better with chocolate I think.

 “Tuxedo” Cups with Chocolate PB Centers

1. Are you Going to Food Buzz?
If you are going, and you’re not yet on the Master Email List that Janetha was gracious enough to organize, email me or just leave a comment on this post telling me you want to be on the list and I will add your name to the master list.

2. If you’re not going and you are a food blogger, why aren’t you going?
I would assume this comes down to finances, which is totally understandable, obviously.  Plane tickets and hotel rooms aren’t cheap and the economy sucks.

However, last year I really didn’t know how big of an event this was.  So when I didn’t pre-register (and I was still newer to blogging and not quite as hip to things) I didn’t realize what I really was missing.  And if you don’t pre-register, it’s very hard to get a spot and you get waitlisted.

However, just today, I got an email from Food Buzz saying that they have open spots so if you’re on the waitlist or you want to go, now’s your chance!

So last year it was a cascade of events for me of not knowing this was a big deal, not being pre-registered, then not wanting to deal with the waiting list, so I wrote it off and swore that I would go this year.

Then this year came and I almost didn’t go again because I had this other trip planned.  But when that fell through, since I was already pre-registered for Food Buzz this year as sort of a hedging-my-bets move that I made a month ago, I scrambled, completed my registration, and am going.  Whew!

3. Have you ever been to a convention or large meetup for your industry/job/hobby?  What was it and what was the best part?
In my prior life, I’ve had plenty of sales jobs and have been to various industry trade shows and conventions.  And I’ve been to some yoga retreats and classes that are huge.  Like 250+ people in the room.

The best part is simply connecting with others who share my passion, learning from others, connecting faces and names, but just basically drinking the same kool-aid and having the instant camaraderie that comes from all living parallel lives as it pertains to why we’re at the convention or meetup.  Making new friends and memories, it’s all wonderful.  

4. If you’re a food blogger, did you go to Food Buzz last year?  Or the Healthy Living Summits?  Or any of the other festivals or conventions?  I know there have been some on the east coast that I haven’t paid much attention to, because of proximity.   What’s your best memory?  Tips, Do’s & Don’ts, Anything else you want to share?

5. Weekend plans?
I have to work and now am about to get a workout session in, go to the grocery store, and get my errands done.  It’s dreary, chilly, and gross here so not really a great day to be in and out of the car, but duty calls.   Enjoy your Friday!

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