Cupboard space is at an absolute premium in my urban San Diego kitchen. 

Baking ingredients in cupboardStuffed much?

So when I went to “push” a bag of sugar back into the cupboard, it “pushed out” a jar of caramel sauce.

It was one of those in slow motion moments.

Broken jar of Carmel Sauce on floor

And it just went splat and shattered when it hit the travertine floor.

Overhead of broke jar with caramel sauce oozing everywhere

The first words out of my mouth were, “Oh Fu*k!” “Oh Fudge!” .  And I don’t mean vegan fudge.

Nothing quite like cleaning sticky caramel sauce with shards of glass embedded in it off the floor. And then hauling out the broom, dustpan, mop, and vacuum and cleaning the floors 17 times just to make sure I got all teeny tiny glass shards cleaned up.

Because I swear, this glass was like dust.

Glass dust shards

Just beautiful, dusty, razor shards.  Everywhere.  Countertops, the floor, it just multiplied.

Close up of glass dust shardsI uttered many choice words during the hour long cleanup session.  Just what I had planned on during my busy day, of course.

In the end, I was not as upset that I wasted a perfectly good hour.  I was not upset that I had to clean sticky, gooey, runny caramel with glass shards embedded in it and use an entire roll of paper towels in the process.

No, I was quite ticked that a perfectly great jar of caramel sauce was wasted!  Good thing TJ’s and the grocery store is my second home and I can pick up another jar soon.

Broken Caramel Sauce Jar on floor

You may want to know that I was putting away the sugar because I was making a Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat Cake

Microwave Blueberry Banana Oat CakeAn hour later, I finally got my oat cake.


From my last post about Quitting the Gym, I am so glad the post resonated with so many of you.  Thanks for the awesome comments!  Some of you really derive benefit from your gym memberships and that’s great.

For others, not so much.  It was refreshing to hear just how many of you have also quit going to the gym, or would like to quit your gym membership and do other things like walks or runs outdoors, or yoga.   

And for me, it was time to move on from the gym and get my workouts accomplished other ways.  And in much more efficient ways.  Life changes, our needs and desires change, and it’s important to stay flexible and roll with the punches of life.  I’d rather do yoga at home than lift and grunt in the gym these days.


1. Do you swear?

Yes, I have a potty mouth and although I try not to write swear words on my blog, in real life, yes, I do swear.  Good thing I was the only one home while dealing with broken glass, sticky caramel sauce, and a few F-bombs dropped.

2. Have you ever had a kitchen disaster?  Any spills, breaks, cracks, leaks, dropping things, burning things, fires, etc?

I have had plenty.

Setting off the smoke detector by accidentally burning tofu in the oven that I swear went from raw to charred in the span of 4 minutes.   My house stunk like burnt food (carbony/charcoaley) + decomposing soybeans (tofu) for days.  It was nasty.

Thankfully the Mango Ginger Maple Tofu turned out, in the end.

Stacked Mango Ginger Maple Tofu in container

Then there was the time last summer when I had a gallon of hot, sugared, brewed tea in a glass jar waiting to cool off because I make my own komboucha at home.

Two jars of Homemade KombuchaWell, the jar cracked and a gallon of hot, sugary tea went all over my countertops, into 5 kitchen drawers with utensils, silverware, pots and pans, dish towels, you name it.  Pretty much every single gadget, utensil and daily-use items in 5 very full kitchen drawers were soaked in sugary tea.  Not to mention it was all over the floors.

The immediate cleanup took about 3 hours, but for months later, I was finding sweet tea droplets on handles of spatulas and on the sides of drawers.  It was a nightmare! Since then, I only use tempered glass.  I know Jessica has even had exploding Pyrex all over her oven so glass isn’t foolproof.

And then there was the time I almost burnt Roasted Coconut & Ginger Peanut Butter Carrots

Roasted Coconut & Ginger Peanut Butter CarrotsNothing quite like the smell of charred peanut butter.  Good thing I caught these just in time and that Scott likes well-done food.

What are some of your kitchen disasters?

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