It’s In The Mail

I had a busy day!  It started off by mailing a package to the winner

Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls went in the box

I wanted to include other cookie dough versions like…

No Bake Toffee & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

and White Chocolate & Mango Cookie Dough Bites

But because they contain dairy (toffee bits and white chocolate) and I don’t know if the winner is vegan or not, I didn’t include the other cookie dough bite versions.

But I did include some supplements like Amazing Grass samples and one of my favorite vegan candy snack bars, a Twilight Bar

The errand-fest continued after leaving the post office by going to:

the bank

the hardware store

Trader Joe’s

And then I got my workout in.

The weather has been sunny, but cool and windy here.   That hasn’t stopped me from a few nice outdoor runs and some 20 minute at-h0me streamlined workouts.

Because of my photography and food styling workshop on Saturday as well as working seven days a week at my job, I didn’t have a chance to batch cook for the week as I would have liked, but I quickly threw together something that I knew we could get a couple meals out.

One Pot, Vegan, Gluten Free Mac-n-Cheeze


Big thanks to the Pure2Raw Ladies for helping with this recipe because planned leftovers are my friend.CIMG8116

From my last post on Forgotten Food, thanks for letting me know if you tend to forget about food, or not. Sounds like most of you keep pretty close tabs on what you have laying around and hate to waste perishables as much as I do.

And I’m glad you like to keep your cupboards and refrigerators neat and organized, too!

The chocolate kale chips in that post got quite a few comments so maybe I will plan to recreate those.

In the meantime, how about this chocolate for dessert:  No Bake Vegan “Peppermint Patties”


1. What was the last thing you mailed?

Usually it’s bills for me.  Today I mailed a check for my life insurance policy premium that was due.  Exciting, I know.

I much prefer mailing something fun to someone!

2. What was the last thing you received in the mail that made you happy?

I would say the kale chips that had been a bit forgotten about.

Other than the kale chips, the Horseradish Mustard I got in the mail last week was really tasty and made me happy.

And also my Lightroom 3 software I ordered has been so fun to play around with.  I use it every day, multiple times per day.  Yes, there is a learning curve but if you’ve outgrown iPhoto or Picnik, I really like LR 3 for photo editing.

3. Any signs of spring in the air for you?

Yes, there are here but every time I think spring/summer is well on it’s way, we get a cold snap and I am running the heat again.  They are saying 80F or 82F by Friday.  Currently, high 60s here.  But super windy so it doesn’t feel anywhere near 70.  At least the flowers don’t mind the wind.

Enjoy your day!

43 comments on “It’s In The Mail”

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  2. Mmmm, thanks for the reminder about the mac and cheese!!! I love that dish!

  3. Sweet package, I’ve gotta try Twilight bars. Lots of running around for you, wow! Probably not fun with gas prices, eh?

    1. Absentee voter ballot.
    2. Good questions, magazines I guess.
    3. Yeah, the weather is actually pretty decent here – in the 60s, but sunny and nice.

  4. I think the last thing I mailed was a stack of bills. No fun! Pretty much the only thing I mail is bills or Netflix though.

    It is ALMOST 60, that’s the closest to Spring so far!

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  6. I LOVE getting and mailng packages! My mom used to send me the BEST care packages when I was in college- and always put the biggest smile on my face.

  7. I can’t remember the last thing I mailed so sad lol :( Love the vegan mac and cheese. Those little balls must taste like heaven yum :D

  8. You make the best desserts ever!!!!

  9. I’m a new reader and I needed to say how much I adore your photos! Holy cow, so amazing! :) And I also love your blog, you seem very sweet and real!

  10. I just posted about my mail yesterday! :) haha. I got a fabulously huge chocolate egg… love my momma ;)

  11. that vegan mac anc cheese sounds and looks DELICIOUS! I have never had arrowroot! what does it taste like? I am definately making this after my competition I am having a love affair with quinoa but want to make it taste even more delicious with lots of flavors and spices such as this recipe!

    The sweet Julie (juliegolean) sent me a bday card that was so sweet and some $$ to dunkin donuts! it was the best!

  12. the vegan mac n cheese almost looks like risotto. I’m not vegan but considering the ingredients list, it’d be worth a try.
    can’t wait to see your version of the chocolate kale chips!

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