KitchenAid Stand 5-Quart Stand Mixer Giveaway!


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I’ve partnered with 6 of my friends and we’re bringing you the opportunity to win a KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer in Ice

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway!

This giveaway is valued at $349 and I know will make someone very, very happy.

I love my KitchenAid Stand Mixer and use it almost every day from bread kneading to cookie making to cracker making. It makes life so much easier, and I couldn’t have written my cookbook without it.

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KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway!

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Open to US Residents only. We will use Rafflecopter to select a winner on 5/20/13 and contact the winner via email. That person will have 48 hours to respond to the email. After 48 hours we will select a new winner.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer Giveaway!

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  1. I think Banana Bread would be great to make. I can always tell that my husband wants banana bread when he puts a banana in the fridge. HAha

  2. My list of recipes I want to make is continuously growing! But I have to say the first thing I would make is Macarons!! I have yet to attempt this intimidating pastry and I am excited to try! A kitchenaid would be the perfect tool to whip my egg whites (:

  3. I made bread or yeast dough for something every weekend, sometimes twice a week. I have a 4.5 qt. but would love a bigger one!!

  4. The first thing I would make is a batch of chocolate chip cookies! Then I would finally get around to making homemade bread :)

  5. I would make something with pb and chocolate of course! I probably wouldn’t leave my kitchen for days if I won this mixer!!

  6. Hi! Love the blog… your treats are always so tasty.

    If I were to win the mixer, the first thing that I would make is a delicious batch of gluten-free scones. I have been getting tests to diagnose for Celiac’s Disease for the past few weeks, so I have been trying to incorporate more gluten free foods into my diet.

    I love a delicious scone for breakfast with some early grey tea! :)

  7. A dream machine of every home baker.. succha irresistible giveaway.. I would use them to knead fondant..

  8. I would make a Hummingbird cake with that beauty of a machine! That Tiffany blue is too die for!

  9. This will sound so weird but our house burned down so we are rebuilding and the color of this beautiful mixer matches the new granite counter tops. So colorful!

  10. This robin’s egg blue is the exact color I plan on making up my future bakery in! Along with smooth sun bleached wood and white porcelain fixtures :) Ooooh so many things would be made with this stand mixer. Let’s start with a batch of soft, poofy cinnamon rolls… YUM!

  11. I would finally be able to help out with the Church Bake Sale..I would make all kinds of baked goods: cookies, Cakes, Pies….it would be Heaven….

  12. Love the almost seafoam color, and would most likely be making a big batch of icing for a birthday cake, and/or bread/pizza dough.

  13. This is awesome! My mom really wants one of these, so I would give it to her if I won it and make cookies with her!

  14. I would make your soft buttery one hour pretzels! And then something PB and Chocolate, of course!

  15. It’s my dream to own a Kitchen Aid … so I would love to win. Congrats on the cookbook. I look forward to checking it out. PB rocks!

  16. i’m not italian, but pizzelles in this beautiful, new mixer would be such a treat to make!!!!

  17. If I won this Kitchen Aid mixer, I would make dough for an almond and apricot galette! Or some of my homemade brownies to share with friends! :)

  18. I love baking and cooking and this would make my baking even easier! Making my kids birthday cakes and other treats.

  19. Bread because I’ve always wanted to use the kneading hook that comes with the kitchen aid mixer.

  20. These look amazing! I would make bread. I have been wanting to make bread for ages but so many recipes call for using a stand mixer!

  21. Love aKitchenAids!! Could do SO much with it. Would love to get to keep experimenting with gluten free doughs, which would be so much easier with one!

  22. I would make an Angel Food Cake – just like my mother used to make! Mom, now 91, was such a good cook in her day and made really great meals but it’s the Angel Food Cake with fresh strawberries that I remember most!

  23. I would make bread! I love making bread but it would be so much easier with a Kitchenaid Mixer! Plus I would buy the wheat grinder attachment so I could grind my own wheat!! Oh man I want to win this so badly!!

  24. I’m about to move into a new place with my boyfriend and am hoping to get a Kitchenaid sometime soon – and this one is my favorite color!! I’ll be making lots of chocolate chip cookies.

  25. I will make bread. I will pop in that dough hook and away I go! Fresh baked goodness of sourdough bread. I already smell the aroma filling the house.

  26. first thing I would make with this is some dough! I’ve been dying to make my own dough at home.

    or possibly some cupcakes. because, Cupcakes!

  27. My most-wanted kitchen appliance item, in my favorite color? IT MUST BE MINE!

    I would probably make a gorgeous cake with it first. Maybe some vegan cupcakes.

  28. Wow, such a pretty color. Thanks for the chance to win..


    {Pattie’s passion}

    I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!

  29. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I guess I would be making my birthday cake in June when I turn the big 4-0. GULP. :/

  30. I would make my favorite comfort cookie: Fannie Farmer’s chocolate chip cookie dough with white chocolate chips. Then I would proceed to make everything on my never ending Pinterest board!

  31. I would bake everyday all day, but I think the first thing I would make would be macaroons or a mousse! I just hate whipping the egg whites, its takes FOREVER!

  32. I’d love one of these to make so much. Cakes, biscuits, slices love baking!! This colour is my fav too!! It’s sooo pretty :)

  33. Healthy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Miracle Cookies..hehe, seriously, cookies of some sort

  34. I have been wanting a stand mixer for so long now but have not been able to afford it, so winning one would be absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Then I’ll be able to make my bread without worrying about kneading it myself ;-)

  35. No idea how I would decide what to make first but what a difference it would make to actually have the opportunity after just reading all the yummy recipes and always thinking, “if I only had a mixer…”.

  36. I would make my new favorite recipe: lemon olive oil cake! You need to really whip up the eggs and sugar and my arms get tired (but my biceps get toned!) from doing it…

  37. This would look great on a counter and it would be ready and waiting to whip up a batch of cookie bars!!

  38. I would put it in my new apartment and use it to make cupcakes and cakes. Nothing gets me more excited or motivated than a shiny new toy!

  39. I would do a lot more cakes/cupcakes than I have been making lately… As I think my hand mixer is dying :(

  40. The first thing I would make surprisingly would be shredded chicken! I have heard it is a cinch to do with a Kitchenaid and I HATE shredding chicken!

  41. Hmmm. If I got this I don’t think I would stop baking! My first thing to make though would be macarons (the French ones). :)

  42. Definitely a banana bread dough, I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of these to make my weekly baking easier.

  43. I’ve always wanted one of these. I’ve bought a few of these for bridal showers and had to carry them back to my house via public transport. All that work for other ppl. I’m so selfless. ha! I’d love to finally have one of my own!

  44. Yum! I want to make a GIANT batch of cinnamon frosting for my dad’s oatmeal cookie birthday surprise!

  45. I would make those healthy chocolate chip cookies from the blog today! Except that I don’t need a mixer to make them, but I would use it just because its so darned pretty!

  46. Awesome giveaway! The first thing I’ll make is the New York Times chocolate chip cookies!

  47. My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, and I’d use my new kitchenaid to make his cake!

  48. I’ve been wanting one of these soo bad! That color is gorgeous too! I make either coconut milk or peanut butter caramel twix bars. That reminds me…I want some super delicious miracle cookies!

  49. I have been wanting to make more breads, but they take so much effort sometimes that I NEED a mixer to do so. This would be fantastic for it, and I would make plenty of loafs to share :)

  50. I would make a double batch of Sourdough bread from our yummy starter! Then, I would make brownies with lots of nuts. :)

  51. I want to make some icing. I have a poor hand mixer that is starting to drag when it is asked to do a little work. I want to make some icing that is fluffy and yummy. I definitely would make some cookies–probably a few different kinds. Every one loves cookies.

  52. I would love a KitchenAid stand mixer -it has always been on my kitchen wishlist! I would probably make bread or cookies first.. so hard to decide!

  53. I’ve never owned a stand mixer and have always wanted one, so I think I’d make pie filling for my first go at one.

  54. I would make a bread that needed to be kneaded. No knead bread is good but I want to make more types of bread.

  55. Wouldn’t that be nice to win?! ;)
    I’ve always thought those stand mixers were the bees knees – maybe it would magically turn me into someone that would want to whip up a cake lickety split!

  56. What I would make….that is not easy AND…one reason why I need this. Averie has these incredible, delectable goodies- I just have to do. My old mixer was on a transformer in Germany….so she has her momments=(
    The color is way cool. These mixers are great, I know, all metal. My daughter has one…I got mixer envy

  57. of course I commented before reading (just too excited). I would make gluten free bread for my husband!

  58. I would make something out of my new Bread Bible book…or maybe some tart dough for some yummy lemon or fresh fruit tarts…

  59. I would make my famous German Chocolat Cake ( use sauerkraut and black beans), my family loves it!

  60. i’d make bread! been dying to make some, but it’s so difficult when so many recipes call for one of these! :(

  61. I love to make cakes and cupcakes for my friends and coworkers – a new Kitchenaid mixer would make that job even more delightful! That’s what I would do :)

  62. Oh dear, first? I think I’d make some coconut 7 minute frosting (and the cake to dollop it on!)!

  63. I’d make everything. Literally. I currently make everything from scratch so a stand mixer would definitely make that more fun! :)

  64. Double Chocolate Cake- it’s my most popular request! Looove this mixer! I dream about mixers like these :)

  65. Oh my gosh, I would be thrilled to win! I just adore that color. I would whip up a batch of cookies right away, and then get right onto making some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese buttercream frosting! Thanks so much!

  66. I am looking forward to starting a small business selling “sweet stuff” so I would definitely use it to make cupcakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, and of course all the other necessary uses in the kitchen while cooking dinner for friends and family!!

  67. I would make bread and cinnamon rolls a mixer would make my baking so much easier thnx for the giveaway

  68. The first thing I would make is gluten free cookies!! It would be a dream to own one:-) Thank You!

  69. I’d love to win one of these! I need one to help with my baking and bread making! Having a KitchenAid Stand Mixer would be awesome! :-)

  70. The one I have is an old hand me down and the on/off switch is broken so I would LOVE a new one. I would make pasta using homemade sweet potato flour and perhaps a delicious cake (I have a few birthdays coming up that I need to make cakes for).

  71. OH there are sooo many wonderful possibilities to do with this.. have always wanted one of these:)

  72. The first thing I’d make is a double batch of chocolate chips cookies for the fireman down the street. My kids make them something once a month, this mixer would be a big help!

  73. I would make chocolate cake and chocolate buttercream filling, I would have to. but then i would make breads, rolls, cakes, cookies, and anything else possible, because I love to cook and bake

  74. I’d obviously make cookies but I’d also like to venture out into bread. Homemade pasta using the pasta roller attachment is also up for consideration. :)

  75. Sweeeeeeet! I want to make cooooookies. Been craving big, fat, buttery ones all week!

  76. Oh the possibilities! I would probably make some of your peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies – I have been eying those for a while now.

  77. I’d make bread first… never tried it before but I think if I were to win the KitchenAid mixer I’d have to try a new baking project. Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. I would not make something healthy! Haha! Probably cookies with lots of add ins or cupakes with homemade frosting.

  79. Love to win this :) Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful prize. Will bake some cakes and cookies for my kids.

  80. I would definitely make cookies…my mom makes these tasty chocolate with chocolate chips that are fantastic!

  81. I’d make a cake and frosting, there are many recipes I’ve wanted to try but don’t feel like standing with a hand mixer for 10 minutes to whip things!

  82. I would like to think I would make a delicious and healthy bread but the brownie addict in me would probably prevail!

  83. I’d love to have my own stand mixer! I just have a hand mixer now and I’d love to have one to make cookies and tons of other delicious food and baked goods!

  84. Wow that is a really nice looking mixer. Nothing that I have ever had before and I do want to try mixing in that thing!

  85. What a beautiful mixer! I would make a batch of fluffy sugar cookies! The texture is just never right when you try to mix them by hand, and I’d love to try some fun icing too! :-)

  86. I love that color…I got mine back in the day when it was either white, black, or pewter.

  87. I would make delicious no-bake protein balls/cookies. I try to make by hand but without a mixer like this, it is SO messy!

  88. I would break out my great grandfathers recipe book and try to figures out how to bake. I have yet to make a lemon meringue pie that set and wasn’t runny.

  89. How beautiful! I’m about to graduate college and move into a place with more than a bite-size kitchen, so this would be perfect!!
    The first thing I would make is a chocolate cake to celebrate graduating with my friends–cakes rise so much more when made in a mixer, versus by hand!

  90. Such a gorgeous color! I’d love to have one of these at school so I can bake as much as I do at home :) the first thing I’d make is cinnamon rolls – been craving them for weeks! :)

  91. I would start baking more. Probably just plain old chocolate chip cookies to start with – I miss homemade treats but I have arthritis in my wrists that just isn’t up to stirring by hand anymore.

  92. Love that color! I would bake more cookies for sure! I bake so much but until your blog I was never a cookie baker mine always turned out flat! I can bake pastries, pies, cakes whatever and now…finally now I can bake cookies! Thanks!

  93. I was talking about stand mixers with my sister just the other day! She wants a bigger one, and I was hoping to get her old one :) I’d make double batches of our favorite cookie recipes so there’ll always be some dough waiting in the freezer.

  94. The first thing I would make would be challah! I’ve tried before but it’s so hard to do with just a hand mixer! Having a Kitchen Aid mixer is my dream!

  95. AH this color! SO BEAUTIFUL! Perfect in my kitchen! :)

    I would make cookies, breads, frostings, yumminess galore! All I have right now is hand-mixer.